There is a broad range of effects and techniques to compare for vaping preference including throat hit vs lung hit. Firstly, in order for you understand the secret language of vapers, there are some important terms to include in your vocabulary. There are two primary ways to draw vapor into your lungs using e-cigs. Let’s look at some specific ways that vapers refer to these sensations.

Throat Hit

When people refer to a certain kind of vaping they may say that it delivers a throat hit. This is a sensation in the back of the user’s throat. The vapor produces a tingling warmth as it is inhaled.

To achieve a stronger throat hit look for an e-juice with a higher propylene glycol percentage. The more PG in your liquid the more intense the sensation in your throat and a more flavorful vapor taste.

Lung Hit

A lung hit is a draw of vapor that may make the user’s lungs feel full. The best vaping setup for lung hits is a juice with a high vegetable glycerin content. This is the variety of e-liquid that is produces “clouds”. Clouds are the thick nebulous vapor people perform tricks with.