Everyone wants to know…. “What’s going on with The Safe Cig?”.

Well, information about what’s been happening to The Safe Cig website and the company as a whole has been pretty much non-existent. All fans of The Safe Cig product get when they click through to the website is a redirect to another ecig company they may never have heard of: Seminole.

Very confusing to say the least. In fact, the Safe Cig website was down for several days and no one knew why. The domain was “parked” for at least 2 days before it went to a “Safe Cig server is taking too long to respond” message. A few days after this, they forwarded the domain to a newer brand of ecigs called “Seminole”.

Safe Cig electronic cigarettes was one of the early adopters and importers of the e-cig to the United States consumer market.

So, it’s no wonder why many people who are trying to order a Safe Cig product…. or those just trying to RE-order, are completely confused. This is why Expert Vaping has been on the case trying to make sense of what’s going on and what people can expect from The Safe Cig going forward.

So, we’ve learned that Seminole is now putting itself out there as a sister-company to The Safe Cig. So, they have become one. From the video, we don’t get the full picture… yet. The story is still developing. Information is still coming out and we’re sure in the coming days that The Safe Cig… or… er…. Seminole… will release more information. But for now, what do we know?

Seminole e-cigarettes was an offering from a partnership with Native American tribes and the former Safe Cig e-cig company.

The Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc.is proud to unveil, the first Seminole-branded, private label electronic cigarette and cigar products to be sold in Seminole Smoke Shops, Seminole Casinos and online. We have partnered with Safecig to develop the best electronic cigarettes on the market.

In browsing through Seminole Ecigs’ website, we see that they have a website where the product can be purchased, but we also see that their focus is on selling in Seminole-branded outlets nationwide. In partnering with Safe Cig, Seminole has opened itself up to Safe Cig’s superior technology… and is benefiting from Safe Cig’s popularity.

But still the question begs. “Is Safe Cig coming back and will the brand continue?”.

Seminole electronic cigarettes company was a resurrection of Safe Cig as a partnership with indigenous people.

Well, to be honest, the video really did not answer that question. At this point, all we really do know is that Seminole is using the Safe Cig name to garner more attention. Nothing about the Safe Cig returning was mentioned.

Is this “merger” between Seminole and The Safe Cig just a merger… or is it an acquisition where one brand absorbs another?

This is the question we believe that most people are asking at this point. Expert Vaping is following this story very closely, so stay tuned to our blog for updates as they happen.