In every field of innovation we cherish our ultimate exemplars of ground breaking design. Car enthusiasts long for a Roadrunner, a 57 Chevy a Model T or any number of classics. Aviation aficionados recall the brilliance of the first flight at Kitty Hawk or the durability of the DC 3. The list goes on. When it comes to vaping, the original Halo Triton is bound for a place in industry lore. Now, we have the new Halo Triton 2 as a follow up to one of vaping’s most successful designs.

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Now, my opening description of the Triton may seem a little over the top! But the fact is that the Triton was the vehicle that led to the discovery of vaping for many smokers. You see, a few years ago when vaping really took off everyone started making advanced mods and many of them are great. But long before it was mainstream, Halo was pioneering the evolution of e-liquid manufacturing and delivering rock solid vaping products like the G6 and the Triton.

Halo Triton 2 starter kit in includes power supply, coil, tank and comes in blue, pink, black, red, gray and chameleon colors.

Veteran vapers that have been around for a while will all know about the Triton. Those that have come more recent to vaping will have had all of their attention consumed by the imported products from Kanger, Aspire, Innokin and others. Those companies make great stuff but in the enthusiasm for imports all too often the products offered by great American companies like Halo have been ignored. Well, we are not ignoring the US brands and if you have a few minutes I’d like to tell you about the Halo Triton 2.

NOTE: Halo Triton and Triton 2 components are NOT compatible.

Halo Triton 2

This is the Halo Triton 2. This device has a classic look but with modern features that are incorporated and deployed in a manner that makes better vaping simple. That’s it. This is simple to use. It’s all about the ease of access to awesome vapor.

There are so many vapor products now and the choices are plentiful. So where does the Halo Triton 2 fit into the batting order. Well, if you are a rebuilder or if you like high powered TC mods then the Triton 2 is not for you. If you want huge subohm vape clouds that can be seen from space, then the Triton may not be for you although the Triton 2 is subohm capable. So let me tell you where I think the Triton 2 will make an important contribution to vaping.

Halo Triton 2 sub ohm vape pen in red stands out from the cloud.

The majority of new vaping products are geared toward advanced vaping and ever bigger vape clouds. The new vape mods today are amazing! But poll after poll shows us that many of you still prefer mouth to lung, MTL, vaping. Even staunch cloud chasers are looking for an MTL vape for work and travel. There have been so few new products for MTL vapers that the Triton 2 is a most welcome addition to the family of vaping products.

What Is MTL Vaping? Triton 2 Coil Options.

Just to make sure that we are all on the same page, I want to quickly go over the Halo Triton II coil options and to try and clear up the different vaping styles that you can enjoy. The vaping style you prefer, either MTL or DL, are both related to your choice of atomizer coil and drip tip. Let’s walk through it.

Halo Triton II Coils. Large Juice Flow Ports. Three Available Resistance Options.MTL stands for mouth to lung. MTL vaping is when you draw the vapor into your mouth first, and then inhale. This is similar to how you smoke. MTL vape coils work with e-liquids with at least 50% PG blends. Many new vapers start out with MTL vaping products because it is familiar. Like I mentioned earlier, many experienced vapers still prefer MTL as well. The Halo Triton 2 may fit the bill for many of you out there.

Halo Triton 2 vape coil unit delivers the perfect amount of heat.

The other form of vaping is DL, or direct lung. Direct lung vaping is when you draw the vapor directly into your lungs. Typically, DL vaping involved using subohm atomizer coils or TC coils with high VG e-liquids. You can get subohm coils for the Triton 2 if you wish so DL is an option if you wish. But you should choose the right type of e-liquid for DL vaping vs MTL vaping.

PG and VG E-Liquids

For MTL vaping you should ideally choose a 50/5o or 70/30 – VG/PG e-liquid with an appropriate nicotine strength. As a rough baseline a pack per day smoker will be looking at a nicotine level of about 1.8% or 18 mg. With subohm DL vaping you are going to be inhaling more vapor. For that reason, you will require less nicotine. VG e-liquids are generally offered with 3 mg or 6 mg levels.

The Halo Triton kit comes with 2 standard drip tips and 1 wide bore drip tip. The standard drip tipes are for MTL vaping and the wide bore drip tip is for DL vaping.

Halo Triton coils come with three atomizer options. There is a 1.5 ohm option, a 1.2 ohm option and a 0.75 option. You can MTL vape with a PG e-liquid with all of these coils. As mentioned, the 0.75 is also capable of DL vaping if you want. If you decide to DL vape with the 0.75 ohm option, make sure that you choose a VG e-juice. If you are going to be MTL vaping, go with a 70/30 or 50/50 PG/VG e-juice blend. By the way, when you buy the Halo Triton 2, Halo Cigs is going to throw in a 30 ml bottle of their world famous e-liquid. Learn more about Halo E-Juice here.

Halo Triton 2 Review

The Halo Triton 2 comes in eight different color options. There is black, stainless steel, blue, pink, purple, silver, red and iridescence. Iridescence is a Halo specialty with a blend of neon style colors. The price of the kit is $45 but it is important to remember that you are getting double of everything here. The Halo Triton II starter kit comes with:

  • 2x Triton II 700 mAh Batteries
  • 2x Triton II Glass Tanks (2ml)
  • 3x Triton II Coil Heads (.75 ohm)
  • 2x Standard Mouthpieces
  • Wide Bore Mouthpiece
  • USB Adapter
  • Wall Charger
  • Instruction Manual

So you get two complete Halo Triton 2 electronic cigarettes. You can ensure that you always have a fresh, charged battery ready to go or you can keep one as a spare. For $45 you get everything listed above and a 30 ml bottle of e-juice. This is a very good buy folks, you can clearly see that. The 700 mAh batteries are 92 mm in length. A 900 mAh battery available if you are interested. The batteries have a 15 second cut off to help ensure safe operation.

Halo E Cig Triton 2 vape reservoir tank makes e-juice bloom.

The Triton II tank has a 2 ml capacity and comes with the aforementioned three coil options. The Triton 2 tank comes with wide bore and standard drip tips. If you are an MTL vaper or new vaper, you will prefer the standard drip tips and I would also recommend that you pick up some extra coils. My favorite are the 1.2 ohm vertical coils!

A pack of coils is only $11 and for MTL vapers I think you will love the 1.2 ohm vertical coil. When I was vaping with these coils during the Halo Triton II review, I was wowed by the vaping enjoyment. Yes, I also liked the 0.75 but for me and satisfying my MTL craving, the 1.2 ohms were the champs.

Why Buy Halo? Halo Cigs Coupon

I went through all of the usual tests during the Halo Triton 2 review process and was obviously very pleased with this product. I fully recommend it and we have talked about which segment of vapers might be mots likely to enjoy the Triton 2. Also started out by mentioning Halo’s history in this industry. That history and Halo’s staunch record of advocacy is another reason to buy Halo Cigs devices and Halo E-Liquids.

Look, when the FDA regulations came down Halo and parent company NicoPure was the first to step up to the plate and take them on. If you believe that you have the right as an adult to access the broadest range of products then support a company that is fighting for those rights. Halo is putting its money where its mouth is and climbing into the ring. Let’s have their back.

Halo Triton 2 sub ohm vape pen in blue rises from the smoke.

I was impressed and happy with the value being offered by the Halo Triton 2. Now I am going to tell you how to get even more bang for your buck! One, we have a Halo Cigs coupon code that you can use. But, I’m not going to tell you what out is just to be mean. Kidding! Our Halo Cigs coupon code is Expert Vaping5 and it will save you 5% off of any Halo Purchase including Halo and Evo e-liquids.

The Halo Cigs coupon is step one of saving money. Yes, 5% is not a big chunk but it is something. It saves you a few bucks that’s for sure. You can add on to the savings by signing up for the Halo Rewards program. You will earn Halo points and you can redeems those points for products. And you add the coupon and the Halo points and it makes a 15% overall savings over time.

Last Word On The Halo Triton II

So that’s about it! I know this review was not the usual format but at the end of the day, the fact is that the Halo Triton 2 review testing was all A plus. The Triton 2 works incredibly well. It is very reliable and makes for fantastic vaping. We expected that it would be. We did a full Halo Triton review here on Expert Vaping years ago and it remains a highly recommended product. The Triton 2 is likewise a product that we are happy to recommend.

I do like the fact that the Triton 2 is a new option for MTL vapers. MTL vapers are a segment of the vaping community that deserves more attention. The Triton 2 is a great choice for new vapers because it is so easy to use. This new vaping product from an American vape brand fills a need. The Halo Triton II is a winner.