In probably the largest survey ever conducted the subject, former claims that vaping does not help smokers were disproved by overwhelming data. An astounding 90 per cent of vapers reported that they used ecigs to completely give up smoking. Many anti-vaping groups and public officials are trying to make the case that vaping does not help smokers. Well the data tells a drastically different story. This survey was completed by CASAA, the Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association. The survey involved the participation of 20,000 respondent vapers. This is ten times the size of most of the surveys that we have seen to date.

The results are based on responses from ecig users and gaping enthusiasts. These results are not representative of the general public. But it is representative of the people who currently vape regularly. Of all the responses, only 5% of formers smokers who now vape still continue to smoke. They rarely smoke but they have still not made a 100% switch from smoke to vapor. In fact 75% of vapers who still smoke actually smoke less than 5 cigarettes per day.

In a study conducted by the Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association the overwhelming data proved that vaping is a powerful aid in helping smokers give up their cigarettes.

CASAA Surveyed 20,000 Vapers

90% – Used eCigs To Totally Give Up Tobacco

5% – Still Occasionally Smoke But Smoke Much Less (Most Less Than 5 Cigarettes Per Day)

99% – Would Go Back To Smoking If Not For Vaping

The end result is that everyone who took part in the survey has either quit or dramatically reduced their exposure to deadly tobacco smoke. Some may contest this survey but they would be wise to start accepting facts and discontinue their harsh, unfounded and unproductive stance of electronic cigarettes. Even the data of anti-vaping groups shows a connection between tobacco harm reduction and ecigs.

Recently, the CDC released extensive findings that likewise showed that people who are quitting smoking are turning to ecigs. The CDC is no fan of vaping, in fact they dislike vaping immensely. Despite their own bias and reluctance to confront the truth about ecigs, the CDC’s own vaping data shows that ecigs help smokers. The CDC found that more than 50% of people that have quit smoking in the last year used ecigs.

It is clear that vaping helps smokers give up their cigarettes, but even data collected in a study conducted by CASAA proves e-cigs are a useful anti-smoking aid.

The data from opponents and proponents alike is clear. Ecigs are helping smokers. There are, of course, officials trying to claim that ecigs are as dangerous as cigarettes but the most comprehensive study to date has exposed the ridiculousness of trying to say that ecigs are as bad as smoking. Public Health England claims that vaping is at least 95% safer than cigarettes. It is not a close call.

I think the thing that struck me the most about the CASAA survey was this. 99% of respondents said that if not for ecigs they would be back smoking cigarettes. This makes it crystal clear that any limitations or attacks on vaping will only perpetuate the harm of smoking. So while anti-vaping groups are well-funded and well-connected, they would be well advised to think about what they are doing and the potential harm of regulating ecigs into virtual oblivion.