You’ve done the tie thing, you’ve done dinners and power tools and it was all great but this Fathers Day it’s time to think outside the box and present your dad with a most important gift and we are going to help you by talking about the best e-cigarette for Fathers Day 2014!

If your father is a smoker, then you really need to ‘untie’ your thinking this Fathers Day, and yes that pun was on purpose. Seriously, many of our fathers and grandfathers are old school guys and not exactly the first in line to buy some fancy new gadget. They need your help to bring them a new technology that could literally change their lives.

Old school guys are generally skeptics and chances are your dad or granddad look at e-cigarettes as some novelty. Maybe they have even tried cheap ecigs and not been impressed. Well, the reality is that millions of people are changing their lives right now because they have found a smoking alternative that really works.

Fathers day e cigarette sales

Help your fathers and grandfathers discover something new this year. Make Fathers Day 2014 the year that you give your father something life changing and maybe even life saving.

Of course the key is that you get your dad the best ecig, not the cheapest ecig. We admit that cheap e-cigs are the easiest to buy. You see them in gas stations and convenience stores everywhere. The problem is that although these products are great at getting themselves distributed, they are not so great when it comes to quality.

To put it simply, don’t buy gas station e-cigs! We promise you that a reputable brand will perform much better and provide your dad a much better chance of discovering a real alternative to smoking.

Now, you don’t have to necessarily go out and buy the absolute best e-cigarette on the market. Besides, making that claim is very subjective. There are a number of serious contenders for the best e-cigarette on the market and any of them would make a great choice for a Father’s Day gift this year.

All of the companies that we are going to mention have a strong reputation for shipping items quickly. They all also offer a 30-day money back guarantee in case your dad absolutely refuses to even try it! That way you can at least get your money back and get him a tie or a Chia Pet or maybe a wall-mounted singing bass. Hopefully, he will try it and discover that this ecig craze is the real deal and the things actually do work!

The bottom line is that you have nothing to lose. We believe that if your dad tries one of these reputable brands, he will actually enjoy vaping and maybe, after all of these years, finally get rid of his cigarettes.

Without any further ado, lets get into the best e-cigarette for Fathers Day 2014!

We have chosen what we consider to be the six best options. All of these brands are very effective, appropriately priced, offer reasonable long-term costs and are quite simply very enjoyable to use. They are also very easy to use.

 Atlantic Cigs Nautilus Starter Kit

The first company that we are going to talk about is Atlantic Cigs. Atlantic may be a relative new comer but the driving forces behind this brand are true e-cig industry pioneers.

In a very short time Atlantic Cigs have grown their product line substantially. This is not a company that settles for anything, these guys are good.

Atlantic nautilus e cigarette starter kit

The item that we are recommending today is their new mod, the Atlantic Nautilus. This is probably the lightest mod that we have seen on the market.

Atlantic Cigs has introduced a new “twist & click” technology that makes this mod super easy to use.

The Atlantic Cigs Nautilus Starter Kit comes with the following:

  • 2 Atlantic Nautilus 650 mAh batteries in either black or chrome finish
  • 2 Atlantic 1.6 ml tanks
  • 2 battery chargers
  • 1 – 10 ml bottle of Atlantic Premium E-Liquid

You can actually choose from 35 different flavors with 5 different nicotine options. Your dad will enjoy choosing from flavors like Boston Cream, Caribean Café, Kingston Rum and more.

The Nautilus Starter Kit has a price tag of $59.99. Click here to visit the Atlantic Cigs website and use coupon code ACEXPERTVAPING10 to save 10%.

It should also be noted that if you think your dad would be more likely to prefer a cig-a-like model, Atlantic has the Ocean Rechargeable Kit available for the same price.

Halo Triton E-cig Starter Kit

Next up on our list is another mod electronic cigarette made by Halo Cigs. Halo has built its success on quality. They are known for consistently delivering flavor and vapor.

Halo Cigs is also a top manufacturer of USA made e-liquid. Utilizing all top grade materials, you can rest assured that your dad will not be vaping some cheaply made ejuice.

Halo cigs starter kit with subzero menthol e liquid

We think that your dad would love the Halo Triton. It looks very cool and comes in 11 different colors. For a detailed look at the quality of the Triton, check out our Halo e-cig review. Our report and video tell you everything that you need to know.

Halo e-liquids are among the best in the business, many say thee best. The Triton is an ideal way to enjoy vaping at a level no gas station ecig could ever come close to. The Halo Triton Starter Kit costs $64.99 and comes with the following:

  • 2 Halo batteries either 400 mAh or 650 mAh
  • 2 chargers
  • 2 tanks
  • 1 cone
  • 1 black carrying case

Click here to visit Halo Cigs website.

Make sure that you use coupon code Expert Vaping5 to take advantage of a 5% discount.

Apollo eGo Starter Kit

The next mod that we are going to look at is the Apollo eGo. This mod lasts and lasts. The battery and the tank capacity make this an impressive unit. Of course the vapor production and quality are very consistent. Our Apollo ecig review has all of the details and the video shows you exactly how the Apollo eGo works.

Apollo has a lot of great qualities. They use high quality materials, their customer service is excellent and the vaping is very satisfying. On top of all of that, they ship you your order fast.

Apollo endeavor e cig kit

If you wait until the last minute, Apollo is a great choice because chances are it will arrive within 2 days. The shipping is also free so, how can you beat that?

The Apollo eGo Starter Kit sells for $69.95 and comes with all of the following items:

  • 2 Apollo Superior eGo batteries in 8 different color options
  • 2 clearomizer tanks that are super easy to use and refill
  • 2 battery chargers
  • 1 – 10 ml bottle of USA made e-liquid

Apollo e-liquids are made with high-grade ingredients so you do not have to worry about the impurities that are sometimes discovered in cheap e-liquids. A 10 ml bottle sells for only $6.95 and comes in 5 different nicotine levels.

Click here to visit Apollo’s website. It is a great looking site and their live chat feature can help you speak to an actual person to answer any questions that you may have.

Use our Apollo e-cig coupon to save 20% off of your Apollo order. Simply use coupon code Expert Vaping when checking out.

Apollo has cig-a-like starter kit options as well. Use our Apollo E-cig coupon for all of your Apollo purchases.

Green Smoke Ultimate Starter Kit

Green Smoke is a cig-a-like model, which means that it looks, and feels like a cigarette. Many new users prefer cig-a-likes because it very closely mimics smoking. Now, when considering the best cig-a-like brands, it is safe to say that Green Smoke is at the head of the class.

Green Smoke utilizes the highest quality materials in the industry. The quality of the batteries and the conductive materials leads to a consistency that is the envy of most other brands.

Green smoke ultimate starter kit

When we talk about consistency, we are talking about the quality of each puff. Cheap ecigs are made with low quality lithium meaning that on one occasion the battery might muster barely over 2 volts and on the next puff it might go overboard with a 5 volt release.

That would equate to one puff having very little vapor and the next being overwhelmed by vapor. You don’t want either. Green Smoke is silky smooth from the very first puff.

The battery life is outstanding and Green Smoke cartomizers perform brilliantly as you can see in our editor and video reviews. In fact, one cartomizer is the equivalent of more than two packs of tobacco cigarettes. We are talking about savings tons of money in the long run not to mention avoiding about 5000 toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

We recommend the Green Smoke Ultimate Starter Kit. With a price of $129.97, it comes with 10 Green Smoke cartomizers, which is like more than 20 packs of cigarettes. How much do 20 packs of smokes cost? 20 packs cost about $120. Along with the 10 cartomizers, the kit also comes with the following:

  • 3 electronic cigarette batteries
  • 3 chargers
  • 1 carry case
  • 1 pass through ecig that is very convenient for home use

This kit is an extremely excellent value. Click here to visit the Green Smoke website and use coupon code Expert Vaping to save 15% when you order the Ultimate Starter Kit.

For orders under $100, use coupon code DISC5-140. This coupon code will come in very handy when your dad orders cartomizers in the future.

White Cloud Cigarettes Cirrus 3X Starter Kit

Another fantastic cig-a-like is the White Cloud e-cig. White Cloud is always improving its technology and it shows. The quality and performance have set new standards.

This company has also shown a tremendous commitment to bring manufacturing back to America. Recently they have moved their cartridge productions from overseas to their home base in Florida. This brand is driven by the quest for quality.

White cloud cirrus 3 starter kit with charger and e liquid

That quality is best represented by the Cirrus 3X Starter Kit. The Cirrus 3X is perhaps the longest lasting battery available today. If you have watched our video review, you know how well this ecig performs.

It is not just the battery that makes White Cloud stand out in a crowd; the cartridges are also top of the line. Each cartridge lasts the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes. You will see a lot of companies claim to last equally as long but White Cloud is one of the very elite few that actually delivers on that claim.

The Cirrus 3X starter kit sells for $89.95 and comes with:

  • 3 Cirrus 3X batteries
  • 5 cartridges
  • 2 adapters
  • 1 charger

White Cloud cartridges cost only $9.95 for a 5-pack. That is like 10 packs of cigarettes for $9.95. Think about that! There are many flavors and nicotine options to choose from including an especially strong nicotine level for heavier smokers.

Click here to visit White Cloud Cigarettes website.

Use White Cloud coupon code WCKIT15 to save 15% off of your starter kit.

V2 Cigs Fathers Day Kit

Next up on the list is V2 Cigs. V2 has thought of everything including Fathers Day! They have a special Fathers Day kit that will make you dad or grandpa smile. Best of all, the Fathers Day kit includes the new EX series battery.

V2 recently released the new V2 EX batteries. The EX batteries look amazing and work incredibly well. They are the latest generation of battery technology.

V2 e cigarette kit fathers day discount

EX batteries are very powerful despite their compact size. They are reportedly very consistent and long lasting. They recharge very quickly as well.

V2 Cigs is a Florida based company that has been in the industry since its earliest days. They have shown a flair for evolving that is impressive.

They have a range of starter kits available, many of which would make a great gift, but the EX series sets the bar.

We recommend the Fathers Day kit as it utilizes all of V2s latest technology. The price is reasonable considering what you are getting and you can use our V2 Cigs coupon to save. Best of all, your dad will love the style and the function.

The V2 Fathers Day Kit includes:

  • 2 V2 EX batteries
  • 10 V2 cartridges
  • 2 chargers
  • 1 soft carry case

This kit costs $84.95 and ships very quickly. Cartridges for the EX series come in packs of 5 and sell for $14.95.

To visit the V2 website, click right here.

Use our V2 cigs coupon code starterkits to save 10%.

There you have it. Make this Fathers Day something special. We have provided you with six great options. Remember, avoid cheap e-cigs. We hope that you and your dad have a great day. And remember, your dad’s phone works year round!