Determining the best cheap eliquid brands is not an easy task. While many vapers see the opportunity for simply selecting vape flavors and nicotine levels, there are a number of variables that have to be considered in addition. Most importantly, you want to consider the question of vape juice quality and the criteria for the integrity of your eliquid depends on a range of factors.

Measuring the quality of vape juice is pivotal on aspects such as where it was produced, ingredients sourced and whether everything is combined in a lab-safe environment. Thus, not all ejuices for electronic cigarettes are created equally. There are some that stand tall high above above the competition. In fact, many vapers will notice the differences almost as soon as they take the first puff. A cheap eliquid will not deliver the consistentcy of a premium vape juice made with integrity and care. One puff of low quality eliquid will have decent flavor and throat hit, but the next may taste like cotton and have no vapor followed by excellent nicotine satisfaction or no potency at all. In this way vape juice quality can be a rather important factor in ensuring you get the best vaping experience possible from start to finish.

In addition, it’s likely that a sour or disappointing vaping experience is likely to drive users back to tobacco. Obviously, this is the last thing anyone wants. Reflexively, the entire nature of vaping is to help smokers successfully utilize ecigarettes as a smoking alternative to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco.

Often times the problem comes down to the simple art of blending the VG, PG, nicotine and flavoring. To explain, an unevenly blended vape juice will frequently have an uneven vapor or flavor production. Typically, this happens when vape flavors are amateurishly blended in an unsanitary, non-laboratory grade facility. In fact, you may already know that the best eliquid brands use professional laboratory processes and high quality ingredients certified and inspected by the FDA. Cheap ejuice created outside these set parameters usually does not meet our standards for quality or experience, nor should it meet yours.

Cheap e-liquid vendors may be producing their products in unsafe or unsanitary conditions.

Is Cheap eLiquid Safe To Use?

To be clear, when talking about cheap vape juice, we are not usually talking about the price tag. In fact, the best premium eliquid does not necessarily have the biggest price tag. To explain, you may purchase a fancy $40 bottle from a vape juice brand with elegant packaging and design on the outside that still doesn’t deliver the best flavor or vapor production of those closer to $20 or under.

Typically, cheap ejuice equates to low quality products that make certain sacrifices that don’t cut into the company’s bottom line, they cut into your enjoyment. Often, they can even be more expensive than actual high quality vape flavors. These low quality brands are haphazardly assembled in an effort to cash in on the popular ecig trends of the moment. In addition, many of these cheap vape brands are not concerned about quality and they may utilize vape juice recipes that include extra ingredients for either flavoring or vaporization that raise a red flag that they were not blended by professionals.

Why Cheap eJuice Isn’t Always Worth Your Money

It is a safe bet that any ecig testing that has returned results of impurities or byproducts from the contents of the vape juice are likely manufactured or at least distributed by a cheap ecigarette company just looking to make some fast money. Frequently, opponents use these results to exaggerate vaping health risks in order to paint the entire ecig industry in a bad light. The fact is, these results and these brands, are not typical at all, but sadly they are the popular electronic cigarettes you seem to see everywhere you go.

Unfortunately, some of these ejuice recipes are put together haphazardly in someone’s garage, then simply poured into a vape juice bottle and shipped out to unsuspecting consumers who think they’re just getting a great deal. Not to mention, the vaping experience provided by these brands is usually disappointing and risks souring people on vaping indefinitely and right back to smoking tobacco.

Certainly, many of these brands eventually fade away as the FDA takes a full accounting of their ingredients and their operation. However, these low quality brands rarely disclose exactly how they create their vape juice flavors or what’s in them precisely. Meanwhile, it is absolutely crucial that consumers educate themselves and make clear, informed choices regarding the products they intentionally put in their body.

When purchasing e-liquid look for the USP verified dietary supplement stamp of quality certifying a well-manufactured brand.

How To Spot a Premium Vape Juice brand

Make sure that you are only using eliquids that are blended with food grade ingredients. Typically, this includes the flavors, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. One way of identifying high-grade ingredients is to look for a USP Grade label.

Look for the USP grade verification on the label. USP stands for United States Pharmacopeia, essentially classifying the ingredients according to standards set by regulatory bodies. In detail, the USP is an official authority when it comes to measuring the quality for pharmaceuticals, supplements, over the counter medicines and general health and beauty consumer goods.

In fact, USP authority is recognized in more than 130 nations all over the world specifically because they hold each industry they work in to a standard of quality that so many entities agree is responsible as well as effective. Inspecting labeling is just one way consumers can protect themselves against cheap eliquid that may not be made with safety as their first priority. Additionally, it will ensure you that the ingredients you are putting into your body have no hidden additives with unwanted effects or byproducts.

Blending Vape Juice — Integrity vs Affordability

Once you have established a vape juice is made of quality ingredients, the next thing to consider is how the eliquid recipes are being mixed together. Any manufacturer who wants to be considered the best vape juice brand will often have no problem sharing the process of how they make vape juice and their laboratory conditions. For this reason, if they aren’t forthcoming about their manufacturing process, do not provide necessary information about the ingredients or blending, it goes without saying you may be wise to be cautious about buying a vape company’s products.

Although the FDA has not as yet officially approved vape juice, they have of course, approved of all standard ingredients (other than nicotine which is deemed a “tobacco” product) as generally safe for consumption. For example, both vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, for instance, are FDA approved food additives. In addition, companies that use FDA approved ejuice ingredients and/or USP approved ingredients will intentionally disclose these facts to potential customers in an effort to build trust.

This is without mentioning that the Food and Drug Administration also sets standards for laboratory facilities to ensure safe production practices. Choosing premium eliquid brands who blend their vape flavors with high standards for laboratory processing will help you protect yourself from those with hidden dangers.

Our Top Picks of Best eLiquid Brands For Quality

Premium vape juice meets all the high quality standards that we have outlined so far and demonstrated a level of integrity and surety in the vaping industry. Specifically, we choose each vape brand and flavor for our vape juice reviews based on this set criteria, though from time to time we do cover popular products that may not follow our guidelines as a way of providing a service to those who select products based on recommendation and brand recognition that we feel they may need more information about to protect themselves. Ultimately, the best cheap eliquids for each user with differ based on what they value. However, it’s crucial to us that you always get the quality you deserve in the flavors you love with the satisfaction and fulfillment to help you remain tobacco free.

We put together a few of our favorite vape juice brands to give you a better idea of a few companies we feel are creating outstanding vape products that are both enjoyable and most importantly, trustworthy.

Hot Juice

Among the top vape juice brands making the highest quality vape flavors on the market, Hot Juice is consistently known for providing the vaping community with unbelievably delicious products that don’t disappoint. With an incredible line of 60 flavors, they make an affordable eliquid that instantly drums up memories of actual dining experiences with a range of varieties including delectable desserts, candy, cereal, coffee, tobacco and menthol flavored vape juice that will dance lightly on your taste buds while delivering fulfilling doses of nicotine. As one of the top premium ejuice brands we can’t get enough of, we were astounded at how affordable Hot Juice products were initially, but we figured, why question it when you can get a better vape juice for less money.

With immensely satisfying flavors like Crispy Churro, Bam Bam Crunch, and Swedish Gummies, every Hot Juice flavor seems to fill your cravings for your favorite flavors. They took the idea of making cheap vape juice and raised the bar by making the best quality eliquid products available for less. It’s truly the best of both worlds all in a convenient bottle delivered directly to your doorstep.

All of their top shelf vape juices are available in 30ml at $19.95 or 100ml bottles for $29.95 at nicotine levels of 0mg, 3mg, 11mg, 18mg or 24mg in a 70/30 VG/PG blends. In addition to nicotine, these guys offer affordable CBD vape juice options in some of their most popular vape flavors in 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg or the incredibly potent 5000mg option by volume. If you’ve been wondering where to try vaping CBD, Hot Juice is a perfect place to start.

Hot Juice is one vape juice brand that prides itself on using locally sourced premium ingredients in a laboratory safe environment and they get it all to you at an affordable price. Few ejuice brands are able to deliver this level of amazing quality at cheap eliquid prices. In fact, we’d be hard pressed to name one of the top of our heads that even comes close to competing with Hot Juice, and honestly, we don’t really need to.


Mig vapor makes among the best cheap eliquids available including Pina colada, rolling stoned, blueberry custard and berry beach

Mig Vapor

Although Mig Vapor is mostly well known for offering some of the best portable vaporizers and mods available, they are one of the biggest and most well respected brands that makes their own eliquid as well. With their own line of delicious cheap vape juice flavors, their in-house brand Vimanna has been largely celebrated for creating some of the top vape flavors and blends. Each of their standard taste sensations can be combined for custom vape flavors that won’t break the bank while bringing you all the flavors you love in a bottle of eliquid made just for you.

It’s a kind of DIY vape juice factory built into their website that lets users effectively design their own preferences from the ground up. At the end of the day, you’re the only one who knows what your vape juice should taste like to satisfy your needs and with Mig Vapor you get exactly what you want without having to adhere to the predesigned flavors created by the company. The sky’s the limit for flavorful clouds of tasty vapor when you use the Vimanna vapor bar custom DIY ejuice maker built right into the Mig Vapor website.

Take a taste of something unique, all your own, without having to build a laboratory in your garage, let real chemists do the tough calculations while you enjoy the the outstanding taste of affordable ejuice that’s only limited by your imagination. Custom eliquid bottles start at $10.95 for a 15ml bottle up to $39.95 for a 120ml which, honestly is an incredibly cheap bottle of ejuice, especially for a blend to your preferences. Check it out for yourself, make your own vape juice without the hassle of buying a ton of ingredients and supplies direct from Mig Vapor.


The Apollo line of e-liquids for vaping come in a range of refreshingly tasty flavors including kiwi, orange, strawberry, apple and avocado.

Apollo eCigs

Apollo eCigs is well known for making some of the top vape mods and ecigarettes, but don’t overlook their high quality eliquids. In fact, they have earned a place as one of the best vape brands due to their consistent ability to offer outstanding flavored vape juice in addition to their line of best-selling vape mods.

Apollo ecigs uses USP grade ingredients and operates its very own laboratory blending facility. In addition, they pride themselves on all their ingredients being manufactured in the USA. They adhere to strict protocols in their blending process as well as employing professional chemists to staff the facility. This creates an environment in which every product they create is made with the utmost care before it ever reaches a bottle.

While they are famous for offering premium cheap eliquid in their own brand, they offer many popular vape varieties on their website specifically to allow customers to make price comparisons before they ever make a purchase. Apollo ecigs offers over 29 flavors in a range of effective nicotine levels all at an affordable price. In fact, they offer a five pack of 10ml bottles at your own preferences for $21.95, which allows you to try a range of flavors at an incredibly low cost.

Halo Cigs makes among the best quality cheap vape juice in flavors like Malibu, Tribeca, Kringle's Curse and Belgian Cocoa

Halo Cigs

Halo Cigs is certainly among the best cheap eliquid manufacturers operating in the industry. As with our other top picks, Halo Cigs uses the top quality USP grade ingredients and blends their vape juice recipes in a professional FEMA-grade laboratory facility. You can expect to receive pure, unadulterated streams of tasty vapor from every puff of their products.

Each of their 55 flavors delivers the same amazing taste and enjoyment which includes an array of tobacco and menthol flavors for those who having recently made the decision of switching to vaping and are looking for simple, yet familiar flavors. Additionally, there are 5 nicotine levels to choose from including 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg as well as 35mg or 50mg for their nicotine salt juice.  A 10 ml bottle costs only $7.99 and their 30 ml bottles start at just $21.99 which are available in a standard blend or a high VG vape juice in a 70/30 blend. Halo Cigs is a prime example of how some of the best tasting and effective liquids aren’t necessarily the most expensive.

Our Halo ecig and eliquid reviews confirmed that they consistently produce an evenly blended and consistently satisfying vape juice product. Both the vapor production and satisfaction are as incredible as the flavors. Subsequent reader ejuice reviews have confirmed that Halo eliquid is among the finest quality available at prices that won’t take a bite out of your wallet.

As outlined by their own practices, Halo Premium eLiquid is all about setting a high bar for purity. It’s a testament to both their production standards as well as the basis of what their company seeks to achieve across the vaping industry. As a result, their immaculately clean and thorough blend of premium ingredients equates to an excellent vaping every time.

These are four of the best vape juice brands that we recommend. They represent the best ejuice that the vaping industry has to offer. Additionally, all of the brands on our top vape juice brand list have been thoroughly reviewed and vetted as well as determined to meet our incredibly stringent standards for both quality and value. There’s no need to be hesitant about your next vaping purchase when you select a product from one of these trusted companies. Feel free to share your own tips and recommendations for finding and choosing the best cheap ejuice, as vapers ourselves, we always like to know about products people love.

Happy Vaping!