Thanksgiving is always a time when I count my lucky stars for everything in my life, and evapor is consistently on that list. It may seem funny or trivial, but I think of the impact that electronic cigarettes have made on my life and I can’t help but include it. Along with a heaping helping of turkey and stuffing, I know this Thanksgiving will be void of something that used to be unthinkable: traditional tobacco smoke. So when we all sit down and gather around, it is one less thing that my well-meaning family can complain about.

In fact, if I take a step back and think about it, evapor really has brought my family together. Where we used to be separated into a few smokers and majority of non-smokers, now nobody is out buying a pack of tobacco cigarettes before the table is set. I’ve successfully converted those who didn’t quit into electronic cigarette users, also known as vapers around here. The change has been monumental and I know that it will continue to be so as long as eliquid is free flowing and the industry keeps moving forward.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Expert Vaping.

That will of course be part of the discussion this year, especially with FDA regulations on ecigs seemingly finalized and into the homestretch of acceptance. My uncle will grill me about what could be happening next, and all eyes will be on me as the family’s expert in the field. This is the same uncle who was finally able to find the right ecig that worked for him just last year, and not much later he was onto evapor for good. Gone is all that hacking coughing we were so accustomed to. Now he wants to make sure nothing he buys is going away either.

eVapor Better Than Pumpkin Pie

Some users say flavors of e-juice taste better than pumpkin pie.

Blasphemy some might tell you, especially those who love their pumpkin pie. We have a couple of those in my family, even though I myself prefer pecan.

But it’s true, vapor really is better than pumpkin pie. It’s better than pecan pie too, or any other dessert. Why?

Well I can actually taste my thanksgiving dinner this year instead of having numbed down my taste buds with years of tobacco cigarette smoking. And after I’m done shoveling so much savory and sweet goodness, I don’t have to ruin it with smoke.

I can vape a smooth light flavor, or I can add another round of dessert with the more flavorful eliquid, the one that I carry with me when I want to soothe my sweet tooth cravings. White Cloud even has a season pumpkin “pi” flavor!

The Fumi Vape e-juice Pumpkin Pie liquid flavor.

It’s also a heck of a lot cheaper than traditional tobacco cigarettes, especially this weekend with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. I can be thankful that this year I’ve saved literally thousands of dollars by reaching for my evapor products instead of Big Tobacco’s junk. It just keeps getting better too, as more ecig brands put out even better products and keep prices competitive. Not to look past Thanksgiving, but with Christmas right around the corner I feel better knowing I have a little bit more to spend on presents for the little ones in my family, all due to making the switch to vapor.

I also know that no matter what the weather forecast for turkey day, and as of this writing it is slated to be somewhere between cold and “bitterly cold”, I don’t need to freeze outdoors. I can vape and get my nicotine fix without putting on my gloves, scarf, and all my other winter clothes. Even those little ones won’t notice because there is no smell and vapor dissipates incredibly quickly. So I can step away into another room and vape away without setting any sort of example for the next generation.

The truth is that all of us have so much to be thankful for, and that’s what makes Thanksgiving such an important holiday. It’s a time to step back and remember all that we have. Most of the year we end up focusing on the things we don’t have, the places we want to get to but haven’t yet. While it is important to set goals and try to reach them, this day is about the things we DO have. It’s the important things, hopefully. It’s about health, family, and friends, the things that really make life worth living.

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But don’t forget to be thankful for evapor. Because if you are a smoker and have made the switch (and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?), this Thanksgiving be sure to give a nod to your electronic cigarette, in whatever shape and form it happens to be. It has made a huge difference in so many lives. I know it’s made a monumental one in mine.

Happy Thanksgiving!