San Antonio, Texas – This week, Expert Vaping takes you to San Antonio, Texas. Can I get a hee haw! Thank you.

San Antonio boasts the beautiful River Walk, the NBA champion Spurs and the legendary Alamo.

The city also has a number of vape shops but its hard to imagine any being better than ‘Thanks For Vaping‘.

If you are a San Antonio area resident, or regular visitor, wondering about this whole vaping thing, maybe you are thinking about “vapor cigarette stores near me”. If so you are in luck. Thanks for Vaping has two San Antonio locations to serve you.

Thanks For Vaping Locations

Thanks For Vaping is a very successful vape shop based in San Antonio TX.

One location can be found at 7303 San Pedro Ave. #101, 78216.

The other location can be found at 16350 Blanco Road # 117, 78232.

Both San Antonio vape stores are open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Friday and from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Sunday.

When you walk into the shop, or even browse the website, you will feel welcome. Both the staff and the website do a great job of consumer education. The advantages of vaping are made clear and you will have a number of options to choose from. Everyone is different and you can expect a customized shopping experience designed to find the right product for you.

Thanks for vaping carries the Aspire product line that is making waves with vaping veterans and new customers alike. You will find box mods, mechs and eGo style ecigs that are great for beginners. They also carry high quality Seduce Juice and a huge line-up of accessories.

The Aspire CF Max Elite vape mod kit comes with charger, atomizer tank and replacement glass sleeve and coil.

Randy Sterling founded Thanks For Vaping. Randy is a former 2-pack per day smoker who had long searched for a less harmful option. He researched electronic cigarettes and then decided to give them a try. He has been an advocate ever since.

Now Randy is sharing his personal success with as many people as possible through his two popular San Antonio e-cigarette stores. Thanks For Vaping is a one-stop shop and lounge for vapers from all walks of life. They sell the latest starter kits, batteries, e-cig liquid and more.

Interview With Randy From Thanks For Vaping, The Top E-Cigarette Stores In San Antonio

The Founder of Thanks For Vaping, Randy Sterling turned his passion into a successful business.

Expert Vaping recently had a chance to ask Randy a few questions about his observations and experiences operating vape shops in River City.

Expert Vaping: What is the number one question asked by new customers?

Randy: New people ask a lot of question. I suppose that the most common question is how much do e-cigarettes cost?

Expert Vaping: What are experienced vapors looking for in new electronic cigarette products?

Randy: They call them “MODS” but that is a misnomer, because they aren’t ‘modified’, they are actually used just as manufacturer intended. MODs hold larger batteries which last longer between charges, and also give the user a warmer hit and produce a bigger cloud of vapor.

“Cloud chasing” is all the rage now, as e-cig veterans jump on the rebuilding bandwagon. Rebuilding their own atomizers gives them the control over power, which is kind of like souping up your car.

Expert Vaping: Which ecig is your best seller?

Randy: Ego Vision Spinner, which has variable voltage dial to easily change the power to suit your taste.

The Ego Vision variable voltage power mod comes with four options at a 1300 mAh range.

Expert Vaping: What ejuice flavors are the most popular?

Randy: Tiger’s Blood, Atomic Fireball, Cinnamint, and, of course, tobacco and menthol in various styles.

Expert Vaping: Is business on the upswing?

Randy: Absolutely, especially in light of new FDA rules announced recently. The fact that there will be no restrictions on e-cig liquid flavors is huge, great news.

The restriction of sales to minors is something we have already been doing for two years, and our bottles are all child proof and have warning labels. So it’s basically a green light.

Expert Vaping: Where do you see the industry going in the next 5 years?

Randy: Financial analysts say ecigs will over take analog cigarettes (conventional tobacco cigarettes) in 10 years. If so, ecigs could be a $40 billion business in 5 years.

Expert Vaping: What is your main concern about where the industry may be going?

Randy: The main concern is that there is an orchestrated attempt on behalf of Big Tobacco and Big Pharma to discredit liquid nicotine. The news stories that focus on “pundits” supposed experts who predict there will be child deaths by nicotine poisoning are fear mongering at its worst. They have an agenda.

You see, the big tobacco companies are all pushing “disposables” which most people realize don’t do the job. They come to a vapor store, buy some bottles of juice, and a battery that can last all day.

Big Tobacco only knows how to sell a packaged goods from behind the shelf. Big Pharma sells patches and gum from behind the counter. But what MY customers need is consultation to learn how to use the device, and refill it, and replace it.

I tell my staff that we are all kindergartners when it comes to vaping, there is a learning curve, when people get it they fall in love, but we sell it like a cell phone, or an iPad. Education is part of the customer experience.

Small businesses like Thanks For Vaping add a personal touch that big tobacco can't compete with.

Big Tobacco can’t compete with that because their distribution channels don’t operate on that level of customer service. Vaping is going in my direction, and that will make them mad. Thanks For Vaping offers not only the best products but also the education needed to use them. Big money fighting against me is my biggest concern.

Thanks for your time and comments, Randy.

We also want to applaud Thanks For Vaping for offering a 10% discount to all veterans. It’s their way of saying thanks to those that have served.

As Thanks For Vaping and Randy clearly show us, Big Tobacco may have big money, but they will never have big passion. They will also not be able to match the customer experience offered by Randy and his knowledgeable staff at either of his San Antonio vape shops.

Critics claim that e-cigarettes are essentially an extension of tobacco and represent an obstacle in our society’s efforts to reduce tobacco harm. The critics are wrong. Vaping is nothing like tobacco and that is echoed in the sincerity of vape shop owners like Randy and the mission we have here at Expert Vaping.

The term vaping generally refers to small businesses that deal in e-cigarettes to separate their identities from big tobacco.

The truth is that e-cigarettes are perhaps the best ally in the fight against tobacco harm that we have ever encountered. While Big Tobacco has a history of promoting their products at all costs without regard for consequences, vaping is moving forward with a conscience and awareness of the past that guides us all toward a more promising future with a firm target in mind.. reducing the damage that tobacco visits upon millions of people every year.

Patches and gums are great, cold turkey is best but if there is no one size fits all solution to any obstacle and tobacco and smoking is no different. Vaping is another tool, an option, that smokers deserve an opportunity to explore and see if it can make a difference in their lives.