Vaping is having a moment of throwback devices in both design and technology, with many companies referencing older, simpler times for their newest products. Typically, mech mods don’t give us a lot of material to cover for full vape reviews and we usually just end up using them for a while, deciding they work fine, then take them home and treasure them or just set them aside to gather dust. That said, this Teslacigs Invader IV review was inspired, like some of our other investigations, by the simple addition of an innovative upgrade.

First, it’s important to take some time out to discuss the Tesla Invader 2/3 mod which was able to function as either a dual battery vape mod, or triple battery device. While this wasn’t as valuable to users looking for more power and longer usage in a compact design, it was able to expand the functionality and raise the overall wattage of a simple vaping design. However, there was some criticism, as with the Tesla Invader IV that the maximum voltage did not reach the overall capability provided by the batteries and that there was a chip limiting the peak performance possibility of the device.

That said, since this latest incarnation is able to reach an impressive 280 watts, there isn’t much wiggle room in terms of top voltage output that can’t be achieved with this device. Our Teslacigs Invader IV review found the potentiometer dial to deliver powerful plumes of intense vapor even at the 3 volt minimum. As such, it was important to us to discover whether one of the most cutting edge mechanical mods was worth the cost in terms of its overall adaptability, ease of use and build quality, to help match potential users with a high voltage vape that suits their needs and interests.

Putting the “Joy” in Joystick — Teslacigs Invader IV Review

While it’s true the voltage input is slightly higher than the actual output available, it’s fairly marginal, which proves that Tesla made an effort to correct the regulation of the chipset from the earlier model. Honestly, we had trouble comfortably vaping the 8 volt maximum more than one pull at a time and as expected this performance range depleted the applied vape juice to the Invader RDA in the kit fairly quickly. Although we do fit our own preferred tanks to mods we’re reviewing so that we can create a baseline gauge of performance based on our past experiences, we felt it important to give the Tesla deck a thorough testing because it’s part of this vape starter kit and we always like to compare new RDAs to our personal favorites.

Bear in mind, it’s truly rare when even the top RDA vape tanks cover new ground and really shows us something fresh and exciting, but weren’t disappointed when the Invader IV RDA was a fairly standard dripper since it comes with a build kit to get started and is specifically designed to optimize the performance of the included vape tank. In addition, the Teslacigs Invader IV review kit we received included two 20700 vape batteries, just one of three configurations that this mech mod is capable of being powered by. You can also use your 18650 batteries or 21-700 size, which gives you plenty of options for long durations of high voltage vaping.

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Like many unregulated mods with potentiometers especially from Tesla, the voltage range is marked by five roman numerals to help users find their sweet spot. With a range of I, II, III, IV, and V you are able to select a comfortable range in any increments with the numerals marking roughly 1.6v increments. One aspect we thought was a nice addition throughout our Teslacigs Invader IV review, was the LED light strip along the size between the fire button and potentiometer. This light bar indicated the charge health of the vape batteries with color coding in Blue, Green and Red to let us know where we were at during our vape sessions and roughly how much vaping each member of the team would get out of it during regular usage.

The body of the Tesla Invader IV mod is made of a lightweight aluminum that has an anodized or sandblasted finish which prevents fingerprints (in addition to the fact that there is no screen). As this mech mod has a 53 amp maximum output and there is no screen for adjustments, Tesla has integrated a range of crucial protections to ensure the safety of their users including low voltage alert, overheat protection, over current protection, over puffing (overheat) protection, reverse connection (polarity) protection, and atomizer short circuit protection. Though some of this may sound excessive to some users, those who have experience using unregulated mech mods and calculating ohm’s law coefficients will either find them unnecessary, or immensely valuable as we did.


  • Tesla Invader IV mod has adjustable potentiometer dial capable of cranking out 3v-8v or max 280 watts
  • Powered by either dual 20700 (included), 21-700, or 18650 vape batteries
  • Invader IV RDA tank comes with coils and cotton for your first build and has adjustable airflow control
  • Three color LED strip indicator measures battery strength in Blue, Green and Red
  • Matching mech mod and drip tank available in black, orange, red blue and silver

Teslacigs Invader IV Review Wrap Up

Again, there isn’t much to say about potentiometer mechanical mods that hasn’t been covered in almost every other vape review of unregulated devices we’ve conducted already. However, a mechanical vape kit that comes with literally everything you need to get started including, coils, cotton, and even 20700 vape batteries, that has the ability to use a range of other materials you may already own is valuable. Keep in mind, when you invest your hard earned money on any high performance vape mods and tanks with rebuildable heads or that only used pre-made atomizer coils, you know you’re going to have to hunt down and purchase specific equipment or accessories.

Reflexively, I’m always happy to find vape devices and kits that allow users more personalization and preference in terms of fine tuning, especially in the way of atomizer application and build outs. Now, it’s important to discuss the nuance of potentiometer functionality, mostly because they adjust mechanically rather than digitally and provide limited options for power output and accuracy. However, dialing in a range of robust voltage levels during this Teslacigs Invader IV review, like most aspects of vaping, simply requires trial and error. After calculating specific wattage, voltage and resistance coefficients based on the specifications of the included atomizer coils and our build out of the RDA, I was able to find a comfortably satisfying range well under the 280 watt cap that I found enjoyable with the materials provided in the kit.

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I always think back to getting presents on my birthdays or holidays and the items that required batteries or accessories to function that we didn’t have on hand accompanied by that burning anticipation to get started right away and having everything except a bottle of vape juice included can be crucial to how you enjoy the top performing box mod starter kits. Additionally, it can form an indelible memory or experience that you then associate with the usage of that item for the entire duration in which you use it. Clearly, Tesla took this into account and had the foresight to include everything you need to get this incredible mech mod up to speed and cranking out vapor as soon as you build it up.

There is no question that this advanced vape kit is for experienced users and novices with limited hands-on aptitude with calculating coefficients abiding with Ohm’s law should be cautious, but for those who are well versed in the realm of RDAs, dripping and maximum voltage devices, this mechanical wonder may be ideal for your next major vaping upgrade. Our Teslacigs Invader IV review determined this to be a wonderfully solid device for advanced vapers who value simplicity and enjoy variable voltage vaping with a lightweight portable setup. The size and weight of the mod may not be “invasive”, but the amount of vapor production this little mech vape kit pumps out will surround you.