If you’re unfamiliar with the terms pod mod or nic salt, don’t worry, they’re still relatively new ideas compared to the popular forms of vaping devices and eliquid that’s been available from the beginning. That said, part of this intensive Tesla TPOD starter kit review is meant to serve as an introduction to the class and function of these products to help new users decide if it’s the right direction to focus on for their first investment in vaping supplies and equipment.

While other terminology may seem strange, its likely you have heard of the Juul vape system either from friends, the shelves of your local convenience store or, gulp, in the news. Essentially, nicotine salt solution created a revolution of how users got the stimulant, pioneered by the Juul vape company, they created the new concept of extracting nicotine from tobacco in an innovative way that allows users a higher dosage at a lower intensity and throat hit through their own research. However, since that initial introduction, the Juul brand has done little in the way of expanding upon their products in every way, continuing to offer a single device, limited flavors and one, very sizeable nicotine dosage.

As a result, the biggest names in the vaping industry have been playing catch-up, trying to offer vapers a range of nic salt vape juice options and devices that provide them with more customization, better performance and the ability to select whatever nicotine strength they desire. Teslacigs may not be one of the largest vape brands operating, nor the most well known, but vapers who have watched their growth closely know that they are respected for offering innovative technology that is both stylish, well-engineered and create the optimum vaping performance. The Teslacigs TPOD is perfect representation of that persona, taking everything the world has learned about what users want in an advanced pod system vape mod and making significant improvements combined with their always impressive design and engineering.

Typically, it isn’t our goal to cover every vape device that is released, we just don’t have the resources to buy every pod vape starter kit and spend weeks testing them extensively, but when we have the occasion to give Teslacigs vape mods a try, it’s rare if ever that we are disappointed. With all the buzz surrounding compact all-in-one vape systems and Juul alternatives like the Trap Pod made by Mig Vapor, we not only decided a Tesla TPOD kit review was necessary, we were actually excited about it, so we really took our time with this one. Uniquely, we took this incredibly small vape kit out of the office and on the road of our daily routines to give it a solid assessment and help the Expert Vaping community decide if it was truly one of the best pod mods we’ve encountered so far and worth the not insignificant price tag.

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Space Saving Design with Space Age Technology — Tesla TPOD Starter Kit Review

From square one, there was a lot to cover with the Tesla TPOD beginning with the design and construction of the pod vape cartridge itself. Uniquely, this vape pod system uses a ceramic coil that helps to preserve the flavor of premium vape juices. It uses a 1.2 ohm coil and the airflow built into the pod cartridge has one of the tightest, most restrictive draws we’ve come across in any pod system so far making it an outstanding beginner vape mod for any user making the switch to vaping from smoking tobacco while preserving the ritual and sensations they enjoy. Although this may be quite bit more restrictive than most experienced vapers enjoy, as a mouth to lung device, it is engineered to produce a satisfying feeling and routine that administers a fulfilling amount of both nicotine and vapor in every puff.

The interior chamber of the vape cartridges hold just over 2ml of nic salt ejuice and throughout our Tesla TPOD kit review we found this to be an appropriate amount to carry us through hours of impressive vaping before requiring a refill. Each TPOD refillable vape cartridge has two ports on the bottom covered by a rubber gasket that seemed to seal well and was relative easy to drop liquid into, especially compared to other similar popular pod mods. It slides snugly into the power section, there is no magnetic coupler, but the pod fits securely and sits in place using a built in tab system that locks it into place ensuring it doesn’t separate.

Impressively, Teslacigs has created a ground breaking pod mod system that integrates a sizeable LED screen into the design. While it isn’t adjustable which would be a huge triumph in the world of all-in-one devices on par with some of the best compact portable vape mods, it does display important information like battery health, amps, voltage, puff count and draw duration. It may not seem significant, but it does allow users to see how much nicotine salt juice they’re using by puff for each session as well as each full charge of the battery creating a unit of measurement for how long each full pod lasts.

This was invaluable information throughout our Tesla TPOD kit review since mod pod mod vapes don’t provide any way to measure such things, leaving users in the dark until they get a dry hit or burn a coil without vape juice unintentionally. In addition, the screen shows real time battery charge while its plugged in and this device can be used as a pass through while charging. Put all of this into an ergonomic design that is less likely to slip out of your hands that has durable construction of high quality materials and the TPOD from Teslacigs is about one of the most solid compact vape mods on the market.


  • Replaceable, refillable pod cartridges with 1.2ohm ceramic coils
  • Micro USB rechargeable, built-in 500 mAh battery
  • Auto draw activation with dedicated on/off 5-click power button
  • LED display shows battery health, voltage, amps, and puff counter
  • Pass through capable while plugged in with real time battery charge display
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Tesla TPOD Kit Review Conclusion

Powered by a built-in USB rechargeable 500 mAh battery, the TPOD is ideal for long durations of vaping perfect for breaking your bond with carcinogenic tobacco and the information that displays in real time on the screen makes it more tactile than other pocket sized portable nic salt vape mods without the bulk and overbuilt options of advanced vape kits that require replaceable batteries and other components like atomizer coils. In other words, with fewer components, more options and better performance than the competition, our Tesla TPOD kit review found this to be possibly one of the best MTL compact vape mods for former smokers interested in nicotine salt we’ve ever encountered. Add to that the clean flavor provided by the ceramic coil and it’s the most unique handheld pod starter kit for vaping released so far.

Reasonably priced as far as pod mod devices available, the replacement vape cartridges are incredibly affordable and last for an impressive amount of time before the coil and cotton burn out. The ability to select your own nic salt vape juice makes it not only one of the best vape starter kits at a lower price but ends up saving you even more money long term comparably due to the high price of prefilled vape cartridges for other systems like the Juul Pods in limited flavors and singular nicotine strength. With that strong zinc alloy outer vape battery body, it’s not only durable, but clearly built to last.

If you’ve been in search of an entry level pod mod with expanded options and functionality, the TPOD is definitely a cut above what has been offered thus far. Factoring in the LED screen, substantial comfort and security, durability and customization of nic salt eliquids in a hand-held device and you’d be hard-pressed to find something comparable at this price and size range. As always, it is our hope that is Tesla TPOD kit review was useful in your continued research of the best starter vaping kits for your needs assisting and informing your search for the ideal vape system for your entrance into the world of vaping and turning your back on Big Tobacco forever.

Have experience with the Tesla TPOD or lingering questions we didn’t cover? We always love to hear from you and get the inside scoop on what other members of the vaping community think of the products we review. Send us a message and let us know what you think. Whatever you choose for your first vape kit, know you’ll save some serious paper, when you switch to vapor.