If you haven’t made the switch to vapor, don’t feel too bad. You aren’t alone. Millions of Americans remain traditional tobacco cigarette smokers. Unfortunately, most of them will die of smoking-related illnesses too. So while you shouldn’t feel bad, you also shouldn’t get so comfortable with being a smoker, since we all know where that inevitably leads. Making the switch to vapor is something that so many have put off, but as more knowledge about electronic cigarettes gets out there, more people are hopping on the vape train.

Not just that, though. As we learn more about ecigs and how they can help, more doctors are hopping on that train too. We’ve seen numerous medical professionals come forward and say that they support vaping. We’ve heard firsthand accounts of Americans going in to their doctors and having them recommend electronic cigarettes, even if they couldn’t do so outside the privacy of their office. While the FDA may be trying to obscure facts and pushing back against eliquid flavors, there appears to be an insurgency at the grass roots level in the medical field and they are telling smokers to switch to vapor.

Everyday more smokers are jumping on the vape train riding into the distance away from their smoking habits.

Across the pond we have seen even greater strides by the medical community. In the United Kingdom, merry ole England, there is less of a filter as to what vaping is really all about. We aren’t quite sure why, maybe it’s because the pharmaceutical companies there don’t have the power they have here, but there is a whole lot more truth going on in the UK.

First it was Public Health England admitting that they believe vaping is 95% safer than smoking, and now we hear from the Royal College of Physicians. A recent report by the organization of medical professionals takes the view that, knowing all that we know, we should be encouraging smokers to make the switch to vapor.

Time Is Now To Switch To Vapor

The Royal College of Physicians recommends smokers switch to vaping and toss out their cigarettes.

It’s really not that complicated to conclude that the time is now to switch to vapor, and so it shouldn’t be surprising that the smart doctors that make up the Royal College of Physicians arrived at that answer. What happens a lot, and is a major mistake here in America, is that vapor is compared to air. Vaping itself is compared to not smoking. It’s a stupendously dumb comparison. You don’t need research to tell you that you are better off not inhaling anything other than air into your lungs.

Shouldn’t that fall into the common sense category? But that isn’t the right way to frame this discussion at all. Millions of smokers that have tried, and failed, to quit smoking will tell you the same thing.

If it was as easy as snuffing out that last traditional tobacco cigarette butt and walking away, smoking rates wouldn’t still be as high as they are. Smoking is incredibly addicting, and so even though we know it’s safer to breathe in air, often the obstacles to get there are just overwhelming. The nicotine withdrawal symptoms can weigh too much for most any smoker to carry alone. Until electronic cigarettes came along, the only tools smokers had were things like nicotine gum and the patch. But those items don’t help most people. Their success rate is in the low single digits. A viable option just wasn’t there.

The statistics on the harmful effects of smoking compared to vaping proves those who switched experienced improved ability while exercising, increased lung capacity, improvement in recurring smoker's cough, gave up cigarettes completely and stuck with their vapes.

We all know this and we know how effective the switch to vapor can be for so many people. But it was like pulling teeth getting officials to admit as much. So even though the Royal College of Physicians takes a potshot at vaping by saying that ecigs, “are not currently made to medicines standards and are probably more hazardous,” we’ll still take it. Even with that criticism, which is really only valid in the poor production standards of cheap ecig brands, at least they are finally telling people to make the switch to vapor. They’ve come forward and said vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking and that more people should be vaping.

Hey, it’s progress! It’s not ideal, but we’ll get there. Nobody ever said the vapor revolution was going to be easy, and it sure hasn’t been. But the grassroots efforts of vapers are paying off. Electronic cigarettes are a mainstay now and they aren’t going anywhere. All that’s left is for more smokers to make the switch to vapor, with all the options for mods and awesome ejuice selections out there, we’re here to help them along in any way we can.

Happy Vaping!