Summer is here! That begs the question, which e-cig liquid will bring a touch of cool to your summertime celebrations? Summer is when we love to enjoy chilled, sweet umbrella drinks. Enjoying that drink gives us a moment to stop and truly take in a summertime moment that we will think back on and smile, even in the depths of winter. Today, we will talk about the best e-cig liquid that captures those very same moments.

We wait all year for the summer time, to feel the warmth and to enjoy some very well deserved time off. And then what do we want, we want to cool off! There are a lot of ways people love to cool off. A dip in a pool is always nice. Finding some shade at the beach. Cliff diving. Well, maybe not cliff diving, but definitely a cool refreshing drink.

Now, you can enjoy the sensations of frosty summer drinks in your e-cig liquid. Vaping has never been cooler!

There is just something about vaping in the summertime! The e-liquid maintains a better viscosity in warm weather and that means more vapor. Battery life is better in warmer weather than in cold and that is another big plus.

Of course there are things to be aware of as well. For one, you don’t want to leave your battery sitting in the sun. In fact, at over 100 degrees lithium ion batteries should only be charged to about 85% capacity. Weird, huh? The best plan of attack is to take the battery off the charger as soon as it indicates a full charge. Don’t leave it in the charger after that point.

the summer heat helps extend vape battery life

The main thing that you want to avoid is leaving a fully charged battery plugged into a charger at high temperatures. Nothing bad will happen if you do but the battery life will probably be much less than normal.

After charging, keep your battery in an e-cigarette case or one of the storage slots in a portable charger case. An e-cigarette case would be a great idea. Also, if you plan on being at the beach all day, a portable charger case is a gnarly idea, dude! Remember the portable charger doubles as a case, so win-win! Just don’t hang ten on your surfboard with your e-cig in your pocket.

You also want to avoid getting any sand in your e-cig. Sand can interfere with conduction not to mention the annoyance of sand getting into the threads of your e-cigarette.

If you are an Expert Vaping regular visitor, then you know how much we talk about the importance of quality. A quality e-cigarette is essential if you are going to make the switch from tobacco and enjoy summer vaping. Gas station e-cigs just don’t cut it. Not even close.

Best E-Liquids

Our criteria for recommending e-cig liquid are uncompromisingly strict. The best e-liquids use pharmaceutical grade ingredients and are professionally blended. Unequal blends are very inconsistent and frankly not worth your hard earned dollars. All of the e-liquids that we will be talking about meet our tough standards.

The best e-liquids are blended and bottled in laboratory facilities by professional chemists adhering to the highest standards. Unfortunately, there are many cheap brands out there that rely on blending factory second supplies in a garage somewhere. The results are not good. The vaping will be very inconsistent and there is no guarantee that you will not be exposed to potential impurities.

Make sure that you look for USP grade ingredients. Read our e-cig reviews to get all of the data on our recommended brands. By relying on the best e-juice vendors in the business you can rest assured that you are not exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.  The vaping will also be far superior.

By the way, if you are wondering about your summer travel plans with your e-liquid you can travel with your e-cigs on an airplane. The TSA rules for travelling with e-cigs and e-liquid are vaper friendly.

That’s enough with the formalities. It’s time to get down to business. Expert Vaping looks at all of the best summertime flavors of the best e-liquids to make your summer as awesome as a day at the beach. Let’s find YOUR flavor!

Atlantic Cigs

Atlantic vapor e-liquid comes in regional flavors that conjure the tastes of local flavor like Washington Redberry and Iceland Menthol.

If you have ever visited the Jersey coast, then you know that the folks from the Garden State know how to make the most of the summertime. You also know when the summer months come the Atlantic will be rockin’ thanks to the vibrant Jersey Shore!

Speaking of the Atlantic Ocean, let’s kick off our search for a summer e-cig liquid with Atlantic Cigs. Atlantic is a new up and comer that has quickly evolved. They began with a high-quality cig-a-like model with a few flavor options. Now, they have developed perhaps the most high-tech, lightweight mod in the market along with 35 e-liquid flavors!

Atlantic must know what it is like to spend a summer near the boardwalk. Ocean City Taffy is one of Atlantic’s premium specialty flavors that captures an essential part of an east Coast summer.

More than a few of Atlantic’s 35 flavors make for an awesome summertime treat. Summer can mean camping in the woods, fishing at the lake but for many of us summer means a hot sun and the beach!

Atlantic has a number of tropical themed flavors that are tailor made for a break from the heat. Atlantic flavors make you think of watching a sunset on the beach while enjoying a delicious Margarita. Atlantic even has a Margarita flavor! Riviera Margarita is a smooth, chill vapor sensation.

Atlantic’s line up of tropical, summer flavors includes:

· Key Largo Lime
· Miami Fusion
· Ocean City Taffy
· Bordeaux Bubbly
· Bermuda Sweet
· Kingston Rum
· Havana Banana
· Cozumel Coconut
· Montego Mix
· Mexico Blackberry
· Bahama Melon

Each of these flavors come in a 10 ml bottle and cost only $8.99 each. Save an additional 10% by using our coupon code – ACERRR10.

Halo Cigs

Halo Purity comes in an impressive selection of flavors including Malibu Tropical Blend and are all made in the USA.

Take in the summer season’s glamorous side when you visit the shores of Malibu. The atmosphere is relaxed and there is always a good chance of a celebrity sighting!

Imagine, you walk into a surf store, sign up for a lesson, catch some waves, and chill on the Malibu pier. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a very effective strategy for experiencing a summer day!

If you are looking for an e-cig liquid that takes a day in Malibu and puts it into a vaping experience, you are in luck. Halo has got your Malibu flavor and more!

Halo Cigs has long been known for making a top quality e-cigarette and making perhaps the best e-liquids out there. They are uncompromising when it comes to quality control. They utilize only the best, USP grade ingredients. Their e-juice blends are consistent. Every puff is as good as the one before.

A small sampling of some of Halo’s premium e-cig liquid flavors that are just perfect for the summer season include:

· Malibu
· Tiki Juice
· Cool Mist
· Sub Zero
· HX3

You can buy a 7 ml bottle of e-juice for only $5.99. A 30 ml bottle is $19.99. There are 5 nicotine levels to choose from.

If you have a Halo tank e-cig, like the Triton for example, or any e-cig tank system for that matter, you can take advantage of Halo’s Premium e-liquids. If you have a G6, Halo e-cig cartridges do come in Malibu flavor, a summertime favorite, and HX3, a new kind of cool.

White Cloud

For a tropical taste that takes you away, try White Cloud's The Lime & The Coconut e-liquid flavor for their Fling e-cigarettes.

Next up we take a look at White Cloud Cigarettes. These guys are good. Check out our White Cloud e-cig review. With a home base in Florida, it is safe to say that they know a thing or two about summertime vaping in the sunshine!

White Cloud’s e-juice is made in the USA in accordance with the highest standards. White Cloud’s refill cartridges are also made in the USA and feature proprietary clear draw technology that makes vaping a breeze. There are more than 20 flavors to choose from.

Thoughts summertime are seldom connected to the taste of tobacco but if you do like tobacco but want a touch of the tropics White Cloud’s Bora Bora may be just what you are looking for.

That’s just the beginning of the White Cloud summertime flavor line-up. Want to see a stellar list of summertime flavor favorites? How about these:

· Lime & Coconut
· Peach Pit
· Iced Berry
· Banana
· Bad Apple
· Strawberry
· Vanilla
· Snap (a minty chocolate treat)

A 5-pack of e-cig refill cartridges sells for $9.95. Considering how smooth these carts are and how long they last this is a very good deal. There are 6 nicotine options to choose from as well including a double-extra strength that has some serious kick.

If you want to simplify your trip to the beach, pick up some Fling disposables. Click here to visit White Cloud.

Apollo E-Cigs

Apollo liquid vapor flavors such as Classic Tobacco are made domestically at their laboratory in California.

Who likes the same thing all the time? Not me! Not you! Variety is the spice of life! I decided to look for an electronic cigarette brand that had a summer vaping variety mix of e-cig liquids. Apollo had exactly that.

We know that Apollo makes an outstanding e-cigarette. Our Apollo e-cig review has all of the details. When it comes to Apollo’s e-liquid the products are outstanding there as well.

Apollo has its own blending facility staffed by professional chemists. They follow strict protocols and they achieve brilliant results. The blends are very smooth and the flavors are fantastic.

Apollo e-juice is made in California with 99% pure lab grade nicotine. They use a 60/40 propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin mixture that is not too mild and not too harsh. It’s just right!

Apollo has summer vaping wrapped up in a special package just for you. The Apollo Exotic Blends E-Liquid pack comes with five 10 ml bottles in the following flavors:

· Watermelon Kiwi
· Melon Cucumber Mint
· Baja Burst
· Cherry Limeade
· Razzle

This is an awesome summer vaping treat. This pack comes in 5 different nicotine levels and sells for $29.75.

V2 Cigs

V2 e-cigarettes offers exclusive flavors such as Cola 18.

What flavors remind us of summer times past? There are a lot to choose from but which ones really stand out? How about good old-fashioned cola? I think V2 has something to fit the bill.

V2 Cigs is a very popular e-cigarette brand. They make a couple of cig-a-like models. Their basic V2 e-cigarette model is a decent product that has helped many people get away from tobacco. Their new product, the EX Series, looks amazing.

V2 also has the flavors to make your summertime vaping sizzle. Exhibit A, V2 Cola flavor!

When we were kids, there was nothing better than a Cola on a hot summer day. Cola and summer go together like Lois and Clark, Bert and Ernie, peas and carrots and salt and lime. Other V2 summer e-cig flavors include:

· Peppermint
· Green Tea Menthol
· Grape
· Cherry

V2 E-Cig refill cartridges prices begin as $9.95 for a 5-pack. EX e-cig refill cartridges cost $14.95 for a 5-pack. You can pick from any of 5 nicotine levels. Use our V2 coupon code, STARTERKITS, to save 10% off of your order.

Blu Cigs

Some single-use e-cigarette companies such as Blu are offering pre-loaded tank systems with an assortment of flavors such as Pina Colada.

“If you like Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain.” This quote is from the great Jimmy Buffet! That’s the singer, not the rich guy. Anyway, I like Pina Coladas, probably more than getting caught in the rain. Pina Coladas are a summertime necessity! Next question, who’s got a Pina Colada flavored e-juice?

Blu Cigs, that’s who! Now, as we discuss in our Blu e-cig review,  Blu Cigs are made more for lighter smokers and they don’t last as long as the best e-cigarette brands but the flavors are good. Not only the Pina Colada but also their other summer flavors as well. Blu’s Peach Schnapps, Cherry Crush and Magnificent Menthol e-cig refill cartridge flavors are all very cool, summer cool!

There are 4 nicotine levels to choose from and a 5 pack of Blu refill cartridges sell for $12.80 each.

You can find Blu Cigs at Wal-Mart, gas stations, convenience stores etc. Accessing all of the flavor options is another matter. You are much better off buying online. You can shop the entire inventory and deal direct with the company. Click here to visit Blu Cigs.


Eversmoke flavor cartridges come in a variety of flavors such as Peach Passion, Coffee Creation and Cool Menthol.

Summer is also the time for passion! Do you remember your first summer crush? Perhaps there was a date at a fair? Sparks flew, no doubt. There must be a vaping sensation that recalls your first summer passions. Maybe Ever Smoke has something for us.

First, you have to admire Eversmoke’s e-cigarette. Expert Vaping’s electronic cigarette review has all of the details. They have a proprietary smooth draw technology that makes their cartomizers among the very best. The draw is effortless and natural, like a real cigarette, except no toxins!

As for their electronic cigarettes, they perform fantastically. Our Ever Smoke review gives you all the details about puff counts, battery life and cartridge life. Their disposables are also among the top performing disposable ecigs you can get. Like the late night TV infomercial guys say, “Wait, there’s more!”

Eversmoke has the passionate flavor that we were looking for to remind us of the passions of our first summer crushes. Peach Passion is a delicious refreshing flavor that has a serious, mysterious side that you cannot help but be drawn to. Peach Passion is passionate indeed!

Other summer flavors available include Cherry Crush, Peppermint Party, and Pina Collada. A 15-pack of Eversmoke e-cig refills sells for $39.99. That translates to only $2.66 per cartridge, each of which is the equivalent of more than a pack of cigarettes.

Feel free to visit Eversmoke’s website. All you have to do is click right here! Just by clicking this link, you will automatically receive a discount when you complete your purchase from Eversmoke.

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke offers flavors such as Watermelon Chill manufactured by Vaporzone.

If you go through an entire summer without watermelon, then your summer will not be complete. You can’t have summer without watermelon! There oughtta be a law.

There must be an e-cigarette brand that fully understands summer vaping. Surely, one of these companies is staffed by persons aware of the absolute summer necessities.

Surely, there must be a watermelon e-cig liquid out there……..somewhere.

Thanks South Beach Smoke! Yes, South Beach has a Deluxe Watermelon flavor to ensure that all summer requirements are met! This flavor is sweet and refreshing, just like the real thing.

More good news, South Beach Smoke has done a phenomenal job of combining quality and value. As our e-cigarette review reveals, South Beach makes a very good e-cig that fits almost any budget.

A 5-pack of e-cig refill cartridges costs $14.99 and comes in any of 5 nicotine options. Besides cartridges, South Beach offers e-cig liquid in 30 ml bottles for only $14.99. Some of the great summer time flavors include:

· Orange Crush
· Grape Escape
· Pomegranate Passion
· Tropical Guava
· Caribbean Coconut
· Blueberry Blast
· Frank’s Lemon Lime
· Orange Mint
· Banana Split
· Tutti Fruti

When you pick a flavor from South Beach, they give you the option of deciding just how strong you want the flavor to be! You can choose single shot, double shot or triple shot.

When you click here, you will be taken directly to South Beach Smoke where you will automatically have a 12% discount applied when you make a purchase.


SmokeTip the most advanced electronic cigarette, comes in a broad assortment of flavors including Clove, Watermelon, and Orange.

Of course its always summer in Hawaii. Making the most of great weather and time off often involves plans for Hawaii. What is more Hawaiian than the pineapple? Pineapples and summer are natural partners. So which e-cig brand has a great pineapple flavor? If you guessed SmokeTip, you would be correct!

SmokeTip’s Pineapple flavor has the sweet and sour sensations of the real deal. Even if you are on the corner of Palm and Parnell in St. Louis, MO, this vape will take you to the shoreline of Waikiki.

SmokeTip cartomizers are available in 4 different nicotine levels and a 10-pack costs $19.95. Save 10% on your order by using coupon code Expert Vaping10.

We’ve talked about a lot of classic summertime flavors. But I think there is something missing. All of the flavors that we have mentioned above have one thing in common. In the summertime, they go far better with ice.

No summer beach party is complete without the ice. The guy or gal who shows up at the party with the bags of ice is always amongst the most popular. Hey, without ice a cooler is just a big plastic box that kind of smells funny.

Green Smoke

Green Smoke offers their flavor shield technology in flavors such as Menthol Ice.

No brand is better at bringing the ice to the party than Green Smoke. Of course we are talking about Green Smoke Menthol Ice!

Green Smoke stands at the top of the heap when it comes to e-cigarette performance. The battery life is excellent, the cartridges are long lasting and amazingly consistent. The flavors are as awesome as a cool Pacific breeze.

Green Smoke cartomizers come in packs of 5 and sell for $16.97. That breaks down to about $3.35 per cartridge, which is very reasonable when you factor in that Green Smoke cartomizers may be the longest lasting and best quality in the game.

If you buy in larger quantities, the price comes way down. This is totally worth it. You don’t have to buy a lot either. For example if you buy 4 packs of green smoke cartridges, the price comes down to less than $3.00 each. If you buy a 16 pack, the price comes down to $2.66 each. Use our Green Smoke coupon code, Expert Vaping5, to save 5%.

If you like to bring the cool to the party, click here to visit Green Smoke.

We have covered the cool vaping flavors that will keep you chilled out during the hot summer days as well as the amazing flavors that will ignite your summer nights! That’s it for our summer vaping guide. All that’s left now is to make the most of everyday this summer! Stay cool, vapers.