With more people fearing second hand vapor, or really e-cig dangers in general, it is becoming increasingly important to stop the negative associations with electronic cigarettes. For those of us who have been around the industry for a long time, we remember the excitement around e-cigs. The associations back then were positive, even if cautiously so. This was way before the push for the almighty e-cig ban became the norm and we suddenly found ourselves having to defend this lifestyle-changing device.

Now we hear absolutely crazy things in the news, like the one about a couple in England who were banned from adopting a child until they stopped vaping. The importance of diminishing the fears of second hand vapor or other perceived e-cig dangers is increasing and it something we can all take a part in. Here are three of our favorite methods of combating negative associations with e-cigs, and hopefully playing a role in slowing the movement of one e-cig ban after another.

Stopping Myths About E-Cig Dangers

There is a great deal of misinformation being thrown around in opposition to the practice, when you hear false information being passed off as fact, it's important to educate people and redirect the myth and and lies surrounding e-cigs.

Tell your friends and family about the myths of e-cig dangers.

This is an easy one, especially since some of them will be hanging around your second hand vapor if they so choose. Your friends and family are your inner circle.

They are the people you spend the most time with and generally those who you have the most influence over. These are also the people that have likely seen you grapple with cigarettes as you have tried to make that change in your life.

So don’t just vape around them, talk to them! Make sure they understand what an electronic cigarette is and alleviate any fears they have of e-cig dangers. This group of people not only will wind up supporting you, but they are the most likely candidates to become spokespeople for e-cigs themselves. They’ve seen the positive impact e-cigs have had in your life and they will want to shed light on the issue to others as well.

Be discreet, when needed

While its important to vape responsibly, especially when it comes to making people uncomfortable, it can be equally as crucial to recognize the opportunity as a teaching moment to explain that vaping and smoking share nothing in common.

E-cig ban or not, it is wise for vapers to understand that some people do have deep seeded fear about second hand vapor and other so-called e-cig dangers. If you are around people you don’t know and don’t automatically trust what you are saying is right, it might be best to be discreet about e-cigs. You can’t win over people in a day, and by releasing mammoth vapor into the air you could simply scare people. This is when being understated in your e-cig use is a positive then. Put some space between yourself and others when vaping and even enter a smoking area if possible.

While this may lead to some people thinking you are smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette, it also will show some respect for people’s concerns. This one isn’t about stopping negative associations about vaping, but rather about vapers themselves. This gives people the opportunity to ask some questions the next time the see someone vaping, rather than being put off by the topic in general.

Be proud otherwise!

There is no reason to feel shame for vaping, for many of us not only is it an enjoyable hobby, but necessary barrier between us and cigarettes.

When that stranger does ask you about your e-cig and how it differs from traditional tobacco cigarettes, be proud! Tell them everything you love about your e-cig and how it has changed your life. Explain to them, in a polite manner, why you think the concept of an e-cig ban is misplaced and how fears of e-cig dangers are overplayed. Most people can get behind the idea that the way the media portrays things isn’t always entirely accurate.

In this day and age, with the internet being a primary source of information and especially “alternate” source information, people are more receptive. The good thing about all of the nonstop news people get these days is that they now have to think about what to accept and what not to. Personal stories carry far more weight than some misconstrued news report, so you can play a huge part in stopping negative associations of e-cigs and creating some positive ones. Just be honest and be proud about being a vaper!

The easiest way to correct lies and myths about vaping is to possess the facts yourself, educate yourself on the details so that you are able to disseminate the truth when asked about your e-cigarette use.

These are just three ways in which each person who uses electronic cigarettes can make in impact in the movement as a whole. What began as a grassroots revolution to give people an alternative to tobacco cigarettes has become a full-fledged industry. But with that growth comes challenges and primary among them is how the image of e-cigarettes and its users is being shaped.

The media will always talk about e-cig dangers. It’s good copy. We need to get the truth out there. We can all play our part in this and combat some of the negativity out there, making the world more vapor-friendly and that much better for everyone. After all, if people knew the truth about ecigarettes, we would all be better off and just might save more lives.

Happy Vaping!