Vaping is a worldwide movement and ecig innovators can likewise be found all over our planet. Australia’s emerging leading electronic cigarette brand is based on the Gold Coast and proud to be Australian. Expert Vaping decided that is was time to do a full Social-Lites Premium Kit electronic cigarette review.

Normally, we cover the best ecig companies in the US and UK. Borders, however, do not confine Ecigarette technology. As a consumer in the age of e-commerce, the world is your market place.

Before getting started, we want to share just a quick word on the state of the ecig industry in Australia. As it stands currently, Australian ecigarette companies are not allowed to directly sell any evapor product that contains nicotine. The government in Australia classifies nicotine as a poison and as a result, companies can’t sell ecigs with nicotine.

australia bans the sale of products containing nicotine though this ban only seems to be enforced on e-cig brands such as social lites

For reasons that defy, well, reason, you can easily buy cigarettes in Australia. You can easily buy nicotine gums or other NRTs (nicotine replacement therapies). This classification is being selectively enforced against electronic cigarettes at the expense of Australian jobs and, more surprisingly, at the expense of Australian smokers who deserve access to an alternative.

Smokers and vapers in Australia can still access nicotine by ordering from overseas evapor companies if they order in individual quantities. So, Australians do have the ability to buy a smoking alternative product that deals with nicotine cravings but the catch is that they have to order small quantities at a time from non-Australian ecig brands. Not anymore.

Social-Lites ecigs now offer Australian smokers the opportunity to buy a full line-up of vaping products from a proud, Australian ecig company. They are able to do this thanks to accepting orders through their UK website and shipping ecigarettes, refill cartridges, eliquids and accessories direct to Australian consumers from overseas.

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Expert Vaping has been aware of Social-Lites for a couple years now and Paul, our founder, had actually tried them and found them to be a very good product. Now that Social-Lites is offering a full line of evapor products with nicotine, we decided to really put them to the test with a full Expert Vaping Social-Lites electronic cigarette review.

We ordered the Social-Lites Premium Starter Kit, the Express Kit and they also sent us an Advanced Kit. The Premium Kit and the Express Kit are both quality cigalike products, meaning that they look and operate like a cigarette, and the Advanced Kit is a mod style ecig.

social lites now offers a full range of products including multiple starter kits

We put our focus on the Social-Lites Premium Starter Kit because it comes with the most product and a portable charger case. A portable charger case is really a great idea and enables you to recharge your ecig batteries anytime, anywhere. The portable charger case doubles as a carry case for batteries and cartridges. It also looks like a pack of cigarettes, which can add to making vaping mimic your smoking habit.

The Social-Lites Premium Starter Kit comes with:

  • Two 180 mAh Social-Lites ecig batteries with a 4.2 V output
  • Two battery chargers
  • Social-Lites 1200 mAh portable charger pack
  • 5 Social-Lites cartridges

The price of the Premium Kit is $69.00 Australian dollars or £36.75 tax included. The kits comes very nicely packaged in a gift box. When we opened the Social-Lites Premium kit we were impressed by the evident sturdiness and quality. This is not cheaply made stuff. The portable charger case is one of the more solid PCCs that we have tested.

Social-Lites makes a very good first impression.

Batter And Charging Performance

the social lites kits come with a portable charger that resembles a pack of cigarettes and is great for the vaper on the go

The Social-Lites ecig batteries are 180 mAh and charge up quickly. The quick charging time tells us right away that the quality is there. Cheap ecigs use lower grade lithium that equates to slow charging times and inconsistent output.

Social-Lites batteries have a very consistent performance. The 4.2 V output also provide great, consistent vapor.

The battery life is excellent. We tested extensively over several weeks and the numbers don’t lie. A fully charged Social-Lites ecig battery will give you 175 to 200 puffs. That is an excellent showing and frankly surprising.

When we do a puff count, it is based on real, human puffs. We are talking about the type of deep drags that you are likely to use when actually vaping as opposed to puffing for the sake of puffing and inflating the count. Based on our more stringent criteria, we can say that 175 to 200 puffs stacks up very next next to the very best cigalikes.

This is a high quality ecig battery and you can charge those batteries several times using the Social-Lites portable charger case.

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The Social-Lites portable charger case is very solidly built. It is the size of a pack of cigarettes so you can easily carry it with you and charge your ecig batteries while on the go. It is a very attractive case, too. The eagle emblem on the pack has a signature glowing, yellow eye. Looks very cool.

The portable charger pack holds 1200 mAh of charge so you can fully charge your Social-Lites ecig batteries at least five times. There are two power indicators on the side of the pack. One indicator shows you the amount of charge in your portable pack and the other indicator light shows you the status of the battery that you are currently charging.

When you are away from home and your ecig battery dies, having a charger right there is such a valuable asset. It can literally help you avoid a smoking replapse.

Overall, two thumbs up for both Social-Lites batteries and the Social-Lites charger case.

Refill Cartridge Performance

social lites cartridges come in a variety flavors with a nice throat hit and strong flavor

Social-Lites refill cartridges with nicotine are available from Social-Lite’s UK website and can be shipped anywhere including Australia!

Your can order any of the following ecig flavors:

  • Tobacco Red – a strong tobacco flavor
  • Tobacco Gold – a milder tobacco flavor
  • Tobacco SL1 – tobacco flavor with caramel sweetness
  • Menthol
  • Coffee Latte
  • Vanilla
  • Cherry
  • Peach Schnapps
  • Pina Colada

There are varying nicotine levels to select from including zero if you prefer non-nicotine vaping. The highest nicotine level is 24 mg.

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Social-Lites cartridges use a VG based eliquid so you get thick, smooth vapor. The throat hit is not what you will get from a mod but there is still a decent throat hit. The nicotine satisfaction is very good.

The flavors themselves are very good. The flavor and vapor are both consistent and that is something that we definitely like to see. The cheap ecigs are very inconsistent because they use inferior materials. Social-Lites is a higher end performer and they do not skimp on materials.

Social-Lites eliquid ingredients are sourced from high quality manufacturers in Europe and the nicotine is from Germany.

With the good quality VG based eliquid and a classy looking glossy black design, Social-Lites does remind us of Blu Cigs. Social-Lites is what Blu Cigs should have been. Where Blu lacks in battery life, cartridge life and satisfaction, Social-Lites excels. Very nice vaping.

social lites has excellent battery life and cartridge length that completely tops blu cigs in every way

Social-Lites puffs like a cigarette, it has a natural draw and is very smooth. If you have any issues with PG eliquid blends Social-Lites would be a good option because the VG blend is less harsh and still produces satisfying vapor.

The Social-Lites cartomizers will give you anywhere from 225 to 250 puffs. That is actually outstanding. This was another pleasant surprise the emerged from our ecig review testing process. These refill cartridges give you more puffs per cartridge than 99% of competitors.

With tax, a 5-pack of Social-Lites cartomizers sells for $11.00 Australian dollars or £5.50. That’s a very good value.

You can also buy black refill cartridges for Social-Lites electronic cigarettes as well as mini-ecig tanks with a 1 ml capacity.

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Shipping and Customer Service Performance

Social-Lites has a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. These guys are committed to customer service and if you have any problems you can call and they will work to sort it out to your satisfaction.

There is free shipping on orders over $200 Aus. or £100. This actually works great for people who like to order enough supplies to last for a month or two. Orders are typically processed and shipped within two business days.

Review Wrap-Up

social lites is an excellent brand that will go a long way in helping australians kick their smoking habits

To recap our Social-Lites electronic cigarette review summary, we give these products two thumbs up. Social-Lites has earned our Expert Vaping recommendation. The vapor is very nice and satisfying. The battery and cartridge life meet the standards established by the best ecig brands.

We really liked the portable charger case. It is very durable which which is important because sometimes things can happen and it would be disappointing if you accidentally drop your charger case and it quits working. That won’t happen with the Social-Lites portable charger case. It is very sturdy and works very well. Plus, the glowing eagle eye in the Social-Lites emblem looks cool.

This is a proud Australian company that is working to set itself apart from the competition and they have done so.

Social-Lites has an Express Starter kit that comes with two batteries, a USB charger, two cartridges and a carry case. It is about half the price so if you want to try Social-Lites before committing to a larger purchase the Express Kit is an option. Overall though, considering the value you get from the portable charger pack and the additional cartridges it is a better choice to go with the Premium Kit.

The Advanced Starter Kit is a mod ecig that we will be testing in the future. If you buy the Advanced Kit and want eliquid with nicotine, that’s easy just order you eliquid from Social-Lites’ UK website.

If you have tried Social-Lites and have something to say about our review or want to leave your review, you can do so on our Social-Lites consumer ecig reviews page. Your contributions are highly values, in fact your contributions and the consumer ratings chart are really the heart of Expert Vaping.