We have some new stuff to talk about! Halo Cigs has unveiled their new Halo Reactor starter kit and new Halo V-type VG eLiquid. It’s always exciting to talk about new vaping products especially when they are coming from a proven, high quality vape brand. In fact, Halo is one of the very best and that is not just us talking, that is the voice of the entire vaping community.

Halo eCigs is one of America’s favorite homegrown electronic cigarette brands. They became a favorite by totally focusing on both quality and quality control. Halo Cigs has been involved in the industry since the beginning. They set the standard for eliquid manufacturing by investing in leading technology and establishing a state of the art lab and using professional chemists to blend the best eliquid under strict standards.

halo has always been an industry leader in ejuice quality and flavor

You probably already know about Halo eLiquids. They are widely regarded as some of the very best in the world. But you may not know that Halo eCigs also makes some very high quality electronic cigarettes. Both the Triton and the G6 are premium quality devices. Now, Halo has moved into the realm of advanced mods with the development and release of the Halo Reactor starter kit.

The Halo Reactor starter kit is a subohm vaping device. That means that the atomizer resistance is less than 1.0 ohms. With that low level of resistance, the atomizer coil draws a lot of power from the battery. What does that mean? Well, that means vapor. Lots and lots of vapor!

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The Halo Reactor tank uses 0.5 ohm coils, which is a very nice resistance for subohm vaping. In conjunction with the Reactor mod, you will enjoy a very easy to use, fully customizable subohm vaping experience. So if you want more vapor and want to take your vaping to another level, the Halo Reactor starter kit is perfect for you.

Halo Reactor Starter Kit

the halo reactor comes in an array of neutral and vibrant colors

The Halo Reactor starter kit is a subohm mod with 50 watt capability and it just looks awesome. The Reactor subohm tank is huge. It holds 5 ml of ejuice and features a 0.5 ohm atomizer.

The wattage is fully adjustable so you can customize your vapor clouds. As mentioned, it is capable of 50 watts or 2 Volts up to a powerful 10 Volts.

This is a gorgeous mod that is comfortable to hold and easy to use. It is reminiscent of the iStick mods. There are some key differences that make the Reactor mod a better choice than the iSticks. First, the price is better.

You can get the Reactor mod itself for less than $40. Plus you will be buying directly from a leading American eCig Brand vs buying an imported product from a distributor or retailer. Anytime you can get the best product directly from a home grown company that’s a big deal to me.

If you buy an iStick or some other mod from a vape shop that’s fine but let’s say something goes wrong. It’s the real world, stuff happens. Trying to get a warranty or replacement on an imported product is like pulling teeth. Or, more accurately, like being forced to endure having your teeth pulled. The vape shop is going to tell you to contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer is across an ocean and good luck trying to get someone on the line who speaks English. This awkward scenario happens to folks every day. I say avoid that hassle.

buying directly from halo helps support an strong american company that promotes higher standards

When you buy direct from Halo Cigs you are buying directly from an American company that has an amazing track record for outstanding customer service. If you ever have an issue, you call a toll free number and the problem gets handled just like that. If you prefer, you can use email or take advantage of the live chat feature on Halo’s website.

So if you want a high quality mod the good news here is that you do not have to buy an overpriced import mod from a vape shop. You can buy direct from an American company like Halo eCigs and get the best quality mod at a better price. On top of that, you will get better customer service from American customer service reps. The Halo Reactor starter kit is a perfect example of how you can really get the best value and best experience for your money.

The Halo Reactor mod comes in four different color choices. You can choose from a stainless steel finish, blue, black or the ever popular pink! The LED screen has fantastic contrast and is reliably simple to read. The 4400 mAh battery gives you a very long battery life. You recharge the mod battery through a USB port and the Halo Reactor mod can be used in pass through mode meaning that you can use it while it is charging.

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This compact 50 watt mod is 510 threaded so it is compatible with all of the best ecig tanks. With the Halo Reactor starter kit, you are going to get the Halo Reactor subohm tank. Now this tank is sweet. It has a polished stainless steel finish and a 5 ml ejuice capacity. The adjustable airflow feature The 0.5 ohm coils install effortlessly.

You can buy 5-packs of replacement Halo Reactor coils for $13.99.That is a very good price for subohm coils. Halo always delivers products with long-term value in mind and they have done so again. The Halo Reactor starter kit offers you serious value.

I want to quickly touch on the Halo Reactor atomizer coils. Depending on how much you vape, you will have to change the coils every one to three weeks. Changing coils is very easy. The old coil easily screws out and you simply thread the new coil in place. Just thread it in until you feel resistance and you are done. No need at all to make it too tight.

the halo reactor kit is a very cost effective kit that comes ready to vape right out of the box

When you reattach the base to the tank, it’s the same thing. Thread it into place nice and easy. There is no need to make it too tight. The Halo Reactor tank is beautifully engineered and everything assembles exactly as designed. It is made to be convenient and easy to use.

All in all, the Halo Reactor subohm mod kit comes fully loaded with everything you need to start vaping right out of the box. You get the mod, the Reactor tank, battery charger, a glass and stainless steel wide-bore drip tip and 30 ml of Halo V-type eliquid. The cost of the entire Halo Reactor starter kit is $69.99. If your use our Halo Cigs coupon code Expert Vaping5 and taken advantage of the Halo Points rewards program, you can save even more.

Look, this is an exceptional value for real. Just compare it to what else is available in similar products. Take the Kanger Subox kit for example. The Subox is about the same price as the Halo Reactor starter kit. Number one, the Subox is made by a Chinese company and imported for distribution. Number two, the Subox does not come with a battery so add another $12 in expense to buy a battery. Number three, the Subox does not come with any ejuice so add another $20 for ejuice.

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Add it up and you are getting a lot more for a lot less with the Halo Reactor starter kit. You are getting at least 40% more in value just by buying from an American ecigarette company! If that is not a win-win then I have no idea what is.

Halo V-type eLiquid

halo v-type e-juice is a must have for any cloud chaser

If you are going to try subohm vaping then you are going to need some of the brand new Halo V-type VG eLiquid. With a 70% vegetable glycerin (VG) composition, Halo V-type ejuice is perfect for the huge vapor clouds that you know you want.

For years now Halo has been making some of the best eliquid on this planet. Most of you already know that and for those of you who do not know about Halo eLiquid give me a moment of your time to tell you about what makes this particular ejuice stand out.

Halo eLiquid is distinguishable by its quality, flavor and vapor. While so many ejuices are blended in the back rooms of shop by guys who I would not want making me a peanut butter sandwich never mind something that I will inhale, Halo eLiquid is blended by actual professionals in a state of the art lab.

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In the earliest most formative days of the vaping industry, making eliquid was a helter skelter process and there was a lot of trial and error going on. Emphasis on the error. Well, Halo turned eliquid manufacturing into a genuine science.

Halo invested in a state of the art 100,000 square foot lab in Gainesville, Florida and began making USA made ejuice to the absolute highest standards. Professionals oversee every aspect of manufacturing and quality control. Every batch of ejuice is tracked and tested. Halo uses USP grade ingredients and you will never find diacetyl or impurities in any Halo eLiquid.

This intense focus on quality paid off because Halo eLiquid quickly became the most trusted and most popular brand. While the competition has increased, Halo remains at or near the top of every “Best eLiquid” list on the industry.

Halo eLiquid is known for incredible flavors and satisfying vapor. Now, Halo has added to their family with the release of Halo V-type VG eliquid. V-type ejuice is made for subohm vapers who want not only the he clouds of vapor but also do not want to compromise on quality.

when switching to sub ohm vaping you should lower your nicotine level as you take a much larger hit of vape with each puff

You are going to get a 30 ml bottle of Halo V-type VG elqiuid with your Halo Reactor starter kit. You choose the flavor and nicotine level. Now when you are choosing your nicotine level keep in mind that when you are moving into subohm vaping from standard vaping, you need to take the nicotine level down a few notches.

For example, if you are used to using an ejuice with 18 mg of nicotine, or 1.8%, you should drop that down to 0.6 mg or even 0.3. That seems low but the increase in the amount of vapor means that you will need less nicotine to experience the same level of satisfaction.

One last thing to mention is to remind you about Expert Vaping’s Halo coupon code. Make sure that you use Halo Cigs coupon code Expert Vaping5 to save 5% off of your purchase. We also recommend signing up for the Halo Points rewards program that you should use in conjunction with our Halo coupon. This is going to save you some money.

So try out the new Halo Reactor starter kit and Halo V-type VG eliquid. After you try it, make sure to come back to Expert Vaping and let us know what you think. Leave your review in our Halo Cigs consumer reviews section and help others find that perfect ecig that is going to help us send smoking back to the stone age.

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