Sometimes the best policy in life is to just keep it simple. The new Green Smoke starter kit choices do just that. Rather than sorting through umpteen different ecig starter kits, Green Smoke eVapor has reduced the number of kit configurations to three. Three choices that give you clear cut options making things much less complicated and streamlining your shopping experience.

The state of vaping today is a bit on the wild side! Ecig companies are trying to outdo each other with more products and more complicated products. It’s become a bit of a rat race. For new vapers it can be very confusing and for experienced vapers the whole thing can become tiresome. Sometimes you just want the best vapor without the hassle. Green Smoke is simplifying things. The very best ecigarettes offered in three different ecig starter kits.

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Each Green Smoke starter kit option is designed to meet the needs of your individual budget and lifestyle. You are still getting the best cigalike (cigarette style) electronic cigarette in the world but the choices have been simplified for your convenience. There is a Green Smoke starter kit to match your budget and lifestyle.

Green Smoke starter kits are perfect for beginners and experienced vapers alike. Beginners can enjoy the most satisfying vapor with the easy to use two piece design. Many experienced vapers are turning away from complex mods and turning to Green Smoke because of that simplicity. The vaping revolution is moving so fast that it seems to be a rush to buy the next fancy mod with more buttons and features than the star ship Enterprise! Well Green Smoke is different because you can enjoy superior vapor in an easy to use cigalike design. This means greater versatility, ease of use and portability.

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes represent the best of both worlds. Incredible vapor in a familiar cigarette style design. To enjoy the phenomenal quality of Green Smoke eVapor, all you have to do is attach a cartomizer cartridge to your fully charged Green Smoke battery and that’s it. No messy refills, no hassle with wattage or voltage setting, none of that. Just simple enjoyment of rich, satisfying vapor from the best ecig.

The Green Smoke basic kit comes with two e-cig units, two chargers and five cartridge refills.

At Expert Vaping we talk a lot about Green Smoke. We have tested Green Smoke ecigs thoroughly. Take a look at our Green Smoke reviews. We have tested these products multiple times putting them through intensive real world testing. Trust me, we have tested a lot of ecigarette brands and none of them measure up to Green Smoke. The vapor is amazing. It is hard to believe that a cigalike can produce so much vapor. The flavors and satisfaction are simply the best you will find.

Green Smoke FlavorMax cartomizers wipe the floor with anything you will ever find being sold in a retail or convenience store. Yes, the vapor, satisfaction and flavors are vastly superior but more than that the consistency truly stands out. Very few ecig refill cartridges maintain both flavor and vapor for long. Green Smoke is the exception. The flavor and vapor last for the entire life cycle of the cartridge.By the way, also the longest last refill cartridges.

Best new e cigarette kits

Green Smoke offers a level of quality and value that is unmatched. There is no mystery as to why this vape brand is so successful having sold almost 40 million products. We have had hundreds of personal testimonials sent to us here at Expert Vaping from people who have tried many ecigs but found Green Smoke to be the best. Many of these testimonials can be seen on our Green Smoke consumer reviews page.

We think it is a great move by Green Smoke eVapor to streamline the consumer experience. The three Green Smoke starter kit offerings are perfect for a wide range of budget and personal considerations. Buying any Green Smoke starter kit saves you 48% vs buying each component separately. These are simply three fantastic electronic cigarette starter kits.

All Green Smoke starter kits have a 30 day money back guarantee, free shipping and Green Smoke ecig batteries have a 1 year warranty. There is really no risk when you try Green Smoke. In fact, if you send it back they will pick up the tab for shipping. You literally have nothing to lose when you try Green Smoke.

Green Smoke Essentials Kit

The Green Smoke Essentials kit is perfect for anyone looking for a low cost option to try Green Smoke before making a full commitment. In other words, the Essentials Kit lets you take Green Smoke for a test drive! You will get a Green Smoke battery, a USB charger and two FlavorMax cartomizer cartridges. The total price is $18.49.

The Green Smoke Essentials kit feature an e-cig unit, USB charging module and replacement vapor cartridges for the cartomizer.

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You can order additional Green Smoke cartridges direct from the Green Smoke website. Use coupon code Expert Vaping5 for future purchases of refill cartridges.

Green Smoke Express Kit

The Green Smoke Express Kit comes with two ecig batteries, a 5-pack of FlavorMax cartomizers, a USB charger, wall charger and a carry case. This is a full ecig starter kit that sells for less than $50. Using our coupon code Expert Vaping15 will save you 15% off of that price. Factor in the free shipping and the value just gets better and better. Overall, the Express Kit is perfect for someone who has a budget but does not want to compromise on quality. With Green Smoke you will get the best quality and ultimately that will translate into the best value.

The Green Smoke Express e-cig kit contains two e-cig units, charger, replacement cartridge refills and a carrying case.

With this kit, you will get one short battery and one long battery. The longer battery will last longer than the short battery but both have exceptional longevity and durability. The Express Kit is a great way to get started with Green Smoke while keeping your costs down.

Best e liquid variety
Best e liquid variety

Green Smoke Pro Kit

This is the kit to get. It is the most popular Green Smoke starter kit and the best value. You get three ecig battery chargers, including a very handy car charger, three Green Smoke batteries, and two packs of Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges. Plus a carry case! The extra battery is an added luxury that may come in very handy. With three batteries, you can always have a fully charged battery on standby. With this kit, you will be set for a long time to come.

Green Smoke's Pro starter kit contains three e-cig devices, two chargers, two boxes of refill cartridges and a carrying case.

When it comes to ordering Green Smoke refill cartridges, we recommend signing up for the Auto-Ship program. You will enjoy discounted prices making Green Smoke not only the best ecig, but also the best long-term value in the business.

Comparing Green Smoke Starter Kit Choices

The Green Smoke starter kit comparison chart shows the change in value from one kit to the next, with the Pro Kit containing the most value for the investment.

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