What happens when a group of electronic cigarette pioneers get together and design a new e-cig product? The answer is Atlantic Cigs.

Founded by people who were there when an industry was born! This exciting new ecig company has incorporated years of industry experience and evolution into a new electronic cigarette brand that has everyone who’s tried it, talking about it. Which is why we’re doing this Atlantic Cigs e-cigarette review!

In the past year alone, we have seen remarkable progress from the Atlantic Cigs e-cigarette brand. They have gone from a cig-a-like product with five ecig cartridge flavors to adding the Atlantic Cigs Nautilus Mod e-cigarette, the lightest weight easiest to use mod that we have seen, the Portal which is like a universal e-cigarette cartridge and 37 new e-liquid flavors with more expected soon! Our first impression review of Atlantic Cigs,

What You Get In The Atlantic Cigs Ocean E-cig Starter Kit

atlantic cigs founders were there at the conception of the e-cig business

  • 2 electronic cigarette batteries
  • USB Charger
  • Wall Charger
  • Car Charger
  • 8 E-Cig Refill Cartridges
  • Portal E-Cigarette Mini-Tank
  • 1 – 10ml Bottle Of E-Liquid Of Your Choice

Battery And Charging Performance

As for ecig battery life, the performance here is was not quite at the level that we would like to see. They utilize a high quality battery that charges very quickly but we were only able to get 100 to 150 puffs out of a fully charged battery. That’s not horrible, it is better than what you will get out of the cheap, low quality e-cigs populating convenience store shelves but it was not on par with the best e-cigarette brands.

Some of the top e-cigs are getting 200 to 300 puffs out of a fully charged battery and this is what we need to see to be more enthusiastic about this product. We are enthusiastic about the brand overall, but the cig-a-like model that you get with the Ocean starter kit could use some improvement.

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Of course we would like to see a much better battery performance but the saving grace is that the battery does provide the power needed to generate a decent throat kick. The quick re-charge time is also a plus. That being said, we suggest Atlantic consider an extended battery option.

Refill Cartridge Performance

atlantic cartridges offer a strong throat hit and usually last around 100 puffs though the flavor begins to drop off around 50

Once we attached the cartomizer to the battery and began testing the vaping performance we were impressed by the flavor and the strong to medium throat hit. The cartomizer cartridge is well packaged and well made.

The better companies, like Atlantic, use quality materials and it is reflected in product performance. In this case you get great flavor and vapor. The only downside is that the flavor drops off after about 50 puffs and the e-cig cartridge itself only last for 100 to 125 puffs. I tested it over an extended period of time and I usually got about 110 puffs. We would like to see a number more in the 200 puff range and with more flavor consistency.

One plus is that the cartomizer and Atlantic e-cig battery are very well matched so that when the cartridge expires the battery expires at the same time. Basically, whenever a fully charged battery and new cartridge has the same lifespan so you won’t have to mix and match by putting a new e-cig cartridge on a half charged battery or vice versa.

I have to say that the flavors are excellent. The taste is bold and apparent with each puff. I enjoyed the Gibraltar Traditional. All of the flavors are strong and the satisfaction level is also strong.

E liquid with good throat hit
Best liquid variety

The throat kick and nicotine satisfaction is actually so strong that if you usually enjoy a 24 mg nicotine level then we think you will find that an 18 mg level with an Atlantic cartomizer will give you the same sensation.

While we praise the quality, solid to medium throat hit and excellent flavor we do like to see the top ten brands produce cartomizers that deliver more puffs per cartomizer and longer lasting flavor.

In addition, we noted that the Atlantic cartomizer is rather loud. in fact it is probably the loudest I have used which is generally not a problem unless you are trying to vape in a quiet movie theater or something. The air vents are located where the ecig battery and refill cartridge meet as opposed to electronic cigarette designs where the vent is located at the bottom of the battery.

the atlantic mini portal tanks last longer and have more consistent flavor that the standard cartomizers

We are happy to note that when you buy the Atlantic Ocean starter kit Atlantic now includes a mini-tank called the Portal and a 10 ml bottle of e-liquid. You choose the flavor and nicotine strength of the bottle of e-liquid, that gives you 38 options and access to some fantastic flavors.

We did not test the Portal mini-e-cig tanks but they do hold slightly more e-liquid that a cartomizer and they should give your more puffs and more consistent flavor. The advantage of a tank is the fact that it uses a wick that is directly saturated with e-liquid versus a cartridge, which relies of e-liquid stored in a polyphil reservoir that inadvertently impacts the e-liquid blend so sometimes you might taste the VG or PG.

The mini-tanks are also made of high quality components and easy to use. Just twist off the cap, drop in your e-liquid, replace the cap and attach to the battery.

The Portal is one of the reasons that our overall view of Atlantic is high. They are an up and comer and if you buy you will see that they are an innovative group of people.

Shipping and Customer Service Performance

atlantic ships within just a few days and has remarkable customer service

Atlantic Cigs shipping time was very quick and within a couple of days our electronic cigarette starter kit and e liquids arrived at our office door. When we took note of the packaging, we immediately suspected that we were in for a treat.

One thing we look for right off the bat is the packaging. If a company has involved its own design and cares about what they are offering consumers, packaging is an indicator. The packaging can be simply described as clean. The look is clean, the white base and attractive colors highlight a logo that obviously was crafted with great care. Instantly we could see the care and thoughtfulness that went into developing a high quality electronic cigarette.

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Our first impressions matched our expectations when we opened the box and got a chance to take a closer look. Atlantic e-cigarettes look and feel like a cigarette. It is very nice and light yet solid. it has a great feel and is well labeled. The cartomizers have a screw on cap that ensures freshness and it attaches to the battery very easily as the engineering is excellent.

Unfortunately, once we started using the Atlantic Cigs e-cigarette, everything with the function was not so peachy but there were a few saving graces that we will get into as you read our electronic cigarette review.

Review Wrap-Up

atlantic is a very progressive company that truly takes its customers wants and needs to heart

The Atlantic Ocean e-cigarette starter kit has a few areas in need of attention. We would like to see both the ecig batteries and cartridges last longer. We can’t give them a full two thumbs up. There are many positives and if you want to try the Ocean Starter kit we think you will enjoy the flavors and the throat kick.

Atlantic Cigs is a very progressive e-cigarette brand that is on track for great things. They are a friendly group of people that cares a lot about customer satisfaction. They have added a number of new products and we are looking forward to more. Atlantic Cigs customer service is very responsive to online inquiries. You can expect a quick reply to any concern or comment that you have. The overall shopping and customer experience is excellent. We rate the customer service very highly.

Atlantic Cigs warranty matches the leading industry standard. Namely a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. That being said, Atlantic takes their warranty one step further offering free shipping on any replacement parts. Their industry experience is obvious. Atlantic is also actually offering free e-cigarettes. In fact, you can get a free Ocean starter kit if you buy five packs of refill cartridges.

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Use Atlantic Cigs e-cig coupon ACFREEOCEAN to get the deal. If you buy just one 8-pack of Atlantic Cigs refill cartridges you can get a Wave e-cig starter kit for free.

The Atlantic Cigs Wave ecig starter kit is the same product you get with the Ocean kit except that it comes with one battery, one USB charger and two single cartomizers.

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Other Products Offered By Atlantic Cigs

atlantic cigs offers a number of different products and e-cig flavors

Atlantic Cigs offers starter kit options and cartridge options at very competitive prices. In fact, they are a tremendous value when you factor in the quality. Some of your options include:

  • The Nautilus E-cigarette Starter Kit…..$59.99 (2 650 mAh Batteries, 2 USB Chargers, 2 Clearomizer Tanks, 1 10 ml Bottle Of E-Liquid And 1 Carry Case)
  • Wave Starter Kit ….. $21.99 (Comes with 1 battery, a USB charger and 2 cartomizers)
  • Portal Universal E-cig Mini Tank – Pack Of 3 For $25.99
  • Rechargeable Battery. $19.99
  • USB/Car Charger ….. $22.99
  • Cartridges – 8 Pack … $19.99
  • Cartridges – 40 Pack .. $89.99
  • Disposable Electronic Cigarettes … 10 pack for $24.99