When we began our South Beach Smoke Air review it took some time and some extended testing but we finally finished our testing and assessment of this new device. The South Beach Air is an ecig tank system with a refillable tank that attaches to an ecigarette battery. That means that you can use any eliquid and not rely on pre-filled ecig cartomizer cartridges.

The Air starter kit is very affordable with a price tag of $29.99. Factor in Expert Vaping’s South Beach Smoke coupon code and you can save a few bucks off of that price making it even more attractive as far as being an affordable option.

In fact you can use our South Beach Smoke coupon code to save on any purchase from South Beach, that includes literally thousands of eliquid flavor options (thousands because South Beach allows you to design your own eliquid recipes!).

the sbs air is very small and easy to take with you on the go or to vape in secret

So, what do you get when the South Beach Air kit arrives at your door? You get:

  • 1 – 350 mAh South Beach Smoke ecig battery
  • Refillable ecig tank (1 ml capacity)
  • USB ecig battery charger
  • Wall charger

The Air electronic cigarette arrives in a clear plastic case that looks great and is easy to access. The packaging and presentation are top notch. Not surprising as South Beach is part of the VaporFi family. VaporFi is a leading electronic cigarette innovator.

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The first impression that the Air ecig gives is a futuristic, lustrous appearance. It is a very attractive product that will certainly start a conversation. When you actually hold it in your hands, the compact size really hits you.

The Air is only 4 inches in length making it very portable. The engineering is solid and all threading and attachments assemble with ease.

The Air comes with a silver cap that covers the tip. This way, you can always cover the tip and throw the air in your pocket without worry of leaks or germs. Or, that’s the theory anyway.

It looks great, seems well designed so how does it work? We’ll get into that in the next section.

South Beach Smoke Air Battery And Charging Performance

the airs 350 mah battery is a great meeting point between the large mod batteries and small cigalikes

This is not our first experience with South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes. We thoroughly tested the South Beach Smoke Deluxe vape kit for a previous ecigarette review. The testing data revealed a very solid performer that excelled in delivering a satisfying vaping experience at a great value.

Expert Vaping readers contributed their own ecig reviews of South Beach products and the results have been very positive. There have been some customer service concerns but generally the ratings in that area are high as well.

Those reviews were for South Beach cig-a-likes. Many ecig brands are looking toward eGo style mods because ecig tank systems have become very popular.

The problem is that most eGo style ecigarettes and mods are bulky and lack true, practical portability. This is where the South Beach Smoke Air battery distinguishes itself from larger vaporizer mod batteries.

The 350 mAh Air battery is larger than a cig-a-like giving you a bit more battery life. At the same time, it is much more compact than a typical 650 mAh or 900 mAh mod battery. It is basically like a hybrid ecig.

The Air allows you to utilize a tank system while keeping it nice and compact.

Charging the Air battery is effortless. Just screw the battery in to the charger and when the light turns green, it is fully charged.

The Air ecig battery is activated by pressing the power button five times. This is a standard feature that prevents accidental activations of the battery.

The 350 mAh size means that you will probably need to recharge at some point during the day so it is handy to keep the USB charger on you or, better yet, pick up a second battery for $14.99.

If you want a battery with more staying power, there are 650 mAh and a 900 mAh battery options available. Keep in mind, however, that going with a larger battery will mean a larger sized battery as well.

South Beach Smoke Air: Refill Tank Performance

the airs tank holds 1ml of liquid so you will likely need to keep your e-juice with you on the go

The South Beach Smoke Air ecigarette tank has a 1 ml capacity, which is on par with the amount of eliquid found in a typical ecigarette refill cartridge. Tank systems tend to burn through eliquid more quickly than cig-a-likes so you will probably have to carry an eliquid supply with you when you are on the go.

Filling the tank is easy as South Beach eliquids have a needle tip that allows you to avoid accidentally putting any eliquid directly on the atomizer.

The wickless tank is an interesting innovation. We were eager to try it out and we had high hopes. The problem was the fact that three of the four thanks that we tried did not work.

The kit comes with only one tank and each additional tank sells for $9.99. The tanks do not have a replaceable atomizer option so you have to buy the entire tank whenever an atomizer burns out.

Disappointingly, there is not a sufficient boundary between the threaded tip and the tank. The result of this is leaks. Unfortunately this tank does have leaking issues. The cap contains the leak so as long as you have the cap on eliquid will not leak in to your pocket but it is always a disappointment to unscrew the cap and have eliquid pour out.

This is messy and annoying. Taking the Air out of your pocket and removing the cap only to have eliquid leak out on your hands is obviously a problem.

When the tank and atomizer do work, the vapor is okay but given the overall issues that we had with the tanks we have to report to you that the South Beach Smoke Air may not be your best option.

There is a saving grace here is South Beach Smoke eliquid. This is top quality USA made eliquid and there are 120 flavors to choose from. There are 5 nicotine levels to choose from including a zero nicotine option if you are looking for non-nicotine vaping.

When you choose a flavor, you will also be given the option of choosing the strength of that flavor. You can choose Single Shot, Double Shot or Triple shot. Want a lemon flavor with lots of zest, the triple shot will give you zest plus! Want a more standard lemon flavor then go with the single shot. The choices are yours.

That’s the tip of the iceberg. You can actually design your own eliquid recipe using any existing south Beach Smoke e-juice flavor. That means that is you want to blend a clove flavor with a desert flavor…. You can. The options are limitless. Using the South Beach Smoke custom eliquid builder is a lot of fun. They will blend your specific request right away and get it shipped promptly.

Shipping and Customer Service Performance

sbs shipping average 5 to 7 business days in the continental us but may take up to 2 weeks in hawaii and alaska

South Beach Smoke is based in Wood Dale, Illinois. You can reach customer service directly from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm EST.

Outside of those hours, you can e-mail customer service and expect a reply in short order.

The shipping is fast and efficient. Shipping is free on orders over $100.00. You can expect to receive your South Beach order in 5 to 7 business days. South Beach will e-mail you a tracking number so you can keep tabs on your order.

Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii may take up to two weeks.

South Beach Smoke has an incentive program that you can join and take advantage of future savings as well as a lifetime warranty on your e-cigarette. Joining the program will give you instant access to discounts on cartridges and e-liquid.

Review Wrap-Up

The South Beach Smoke Air is compact and inexpensive. It looks sleek and futuristic and fits on the palm of your hand. Unfortunately, it just does not perform to standard.

The faulty tanks were a red flag and disrupted testing. The leaks were a serious concern. When everything is in order the performance is below average. The Air requires a number of bugs to be worked out before we could recommend it.

The pro side of the equation is that it is small and inexpensive.

The real pro side of the equation is South Beach Smoke eliquid. It is yummy, has great throat hit and satisfaction. While the Air may not be the best choice, South Beach Smoke eliquid will not disappoint.

the air really fell flat during its tests with faulty tanks and leaks in the system

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