Social Lites has become a beacon of opportunity for vapers in Australia. They also serve our vaping brothers and sisters in the UK, but we want to specifically point out their Australian operation because it is just that rare. As some of you know, the Australian government has basically outlawed the selling of nicotine eliquid.

They let their citizens smoke up nicotine filled cigarettes, which contain thousands of chemicals, but vaping with nicotine is a no-go. It’s just that ridiculous down under when it comes to electronic cigarettes, but thankfully there are alternatives.

Filling that gap is Social Lites and they do it by circumventing the dark legal shroud the country’s ecig industry is under. Although one can’t sell nicotine eliquid or cartridges in Australia, they are completely legal to import personally. That opens up the “drop ship” option whereby a company like Social Lites can send you their products from abroad.

This has allowed Social Lites to quickly become a favorite with Aussies and we have seen the brand rise up our consumer rankings just as fast. If you live in Australia or the UK and are looking for an electronic cigarette, look no further than Social Lites, who offer an array of options.

Premium Kit For a Smooth Start

Newer vapers or those who love the convenience of a cig-a-like product will find themselves adoring this starter kit from Social Lites. We gave it an excellent full review here, where we pointed out the consistency of both its batteries and cartridges.

With Australians not able to order from our best overall cig-a-lite since Green Smoke stopped shipping there, this should be at or near the top of your list.

You are going to love the portable charger pack. While a lot of ecig companies are phasing out the portable charger packs, Social-Lites has actually developed a top flight PCC that is going to stand up to wear and tear.

Eliquid Kit For Versatility

The Eliquid Kit from Social Lites is as simple as its name. This is a great way to into trying out the refillable tank system method.

This kit is still relatively new and thus it features some cool features including a magnetic snap-on battery that attaches cleanly to the eliquid tank.

It charges the same way, via a magnetic charger, making it very user friendly. The atomizers are very easy to swap out. Each atomizer should give you 2 to 3 weeks of use which is a pretty darn good performance.

Picking up this kit and some of Social Lites’ eliquid will have you on your way to more vapor production and more options. Ecig tank systems give you more vapor than a cigalike. But if you want huge vapor, check out the Monster Max.

Powerful Monster Max Kit Pre-Order Sale!

If we are talking about vapor production on a massive scale, the new Monster Max Kit is set to take the new crown for Social Lites products.

This is a more advanced system that allows vapers to vary their voltage among other things. In this case, this particular product would fall into the box mod category and Social Lites is currently taking pre-order purchases for the sale price of $129 instead of $159 (Australian dollars).

If you are looking to take that next step for massive clouds of vapor, this offers you that with shipping direct to your Australian doorstep.

Social Lites has impressed us by making a quick mark on the ecigarette scene down under and it continues to do so with these new product releases.

If you don’t live in Australia, the advantages aren’t as huge because there are some excellent brands in the US as well, but if you do then this is your go-to shop. We’ll even make it easier for you by giving you our exclusive 15% off discount coupon, which will apply to the entirety of your first order.

Use Social-Lites coupon code Expert Vaping to save 15%.

Happy Vaping, Mates!