From the heart of vape royalty, this top vape brand is well known for producing some of the most user-friendly technology in the industry. As such, we decided a Smok TFV12 Prince review was warranted to cover the innovative design, expanded functionality and vapor production of this incredibly popular sub ohm vape tank.

Though its true this atomizer tank has been on the market for some time and largely equipped with many of the Smok vape starter kits, it has become one of my personal favorites over the course of the last few months. As a result, I felt it was important to break down the engineering, build quality and overall structure of the tank to help explain why it may be an outstanding cloud chasing vape tank for even less experienced users.

We take a look at the Smok TFV12 Prince tank to determine if the quality of the vapor production and flavor output combined with a range of vape coil configurations can instantly boost the functionality of advanced box mods. To explain, sometimes experiencing the highest quality vape isn’t necessarily about getting a vape starter kit with optimized components, so much as combining the right components to highlight the necessary aspects of your eliquid. Like all of our articles regarding product testing, this Smok TFV12 Prince review takes an intensive look into one of the bestselling vape tanks on the market to evaluate its attributes and help you decide if it’s the vaping accessory to change your expectations of personal satisfaction according your own preferences.

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Designed As The Crown Jewel — Smok TFV12 Prince Vape Tank Review

Completely, literally, the Smoke TFV12 Prince tank has a regal design from top to bottom. In fact, both the airflow control ring and the top filling section have the design of a machined crown recessed into them. Upon first glance, you may notice that this tank has a chubby center glass reservoir, this is to accommodate for an incredible 5ml of vape juice. Essentially, this is meant to get you through a full day of vaping without refilling the TFV12 Prince tank, which after months of continuous testing (enjoying), I can report it achieves brilliantly.

I feel the need to mention possible leaking and sweating. Every once in a while, I did encounter some moderate leaking if the tank pieces weren’t fit together properly. Although many tanks need only be finger tight according to manufacturer’s specs (so that you can take them apart), I found the Prince needed to be securely screwed together with a bit more mojo and “oomph” in order to seal properly. Plus, there have been times when I removed the tank from my mod to find vape juice had seeped out of the airflow ports and settle between them, which is never something I like to see, but as I said, it wasn’t often and as long as I assembled it with an efficiently tight seal, it didn’t become a repetitive issue.

Now, the things I did like, which quite honestly far outweighed my reservations, started with the vapor production. On a variable wattage mod like the X-Priv or Mig Vapor Target Mini if you’re looking for something more compact, the Smok TFV12 Prince review tank we tested outperformed a massive range of mod-toppers I had been using up to that point. Not to mention, depending on the coil you fit to it, you can vape this tank up to an unbelievable wattage and resistance range. The airflow control ring is full adjustable and is a true bottom draw design, which you can actually see if you look through the port which leads directly the the base of the coil.

Everything fits together nicely, the threads are machined perfectly, it all press fits firmly and it rarely gets hot, even when you’re chain vaping on it (which I am frequently guilty of). I got plenty of delicious flavor even at higher wattages and enjoyed the cloud production at around 65 watts with the quad, octuple and mesh V12 strip coil atomizers. With that in mind, there is a massive amount of options for vape coils that work with the Smok TFV12 Prince and having a wide selection for better customization and personalization is an attribute you don’t often see on this scale for even the best comparable vape tanks.


  • 5ml vape juice tank capacity
  • Sub ohm atomizer range 0.12 ohm decuple, 0.15 ohm sextuple, 0.4 ohm quadruple coils
  • Adjustable airflow control ring on the base for bottom draw
  • Top filling sub ohm vape tank accessible through swivel cap on the top
  • Everything well engineered, for solid, press-fit, threaded modular configuration

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Smok TFV12 Prince Vape Tank Coupon

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Smok TFV12 Prince Review Conclusion

The massive cloud production, flavor poignancy and seemingly endless atomizer coil configurations is a big win for my money on this tank. Bear in mind, the replacement vape coils are not cheap, but just like any product related to vaping, you get what you pay for and this was evident throughout my Smok TFV12 Prince review. In fact, certain coils like the Smok Strip designs lasted me up to a month before burning out or needing to be replaced, which can end up saving you money in the long run.

As stated, this sub ohm vape tank is top filling via a hidden port that is accessed through the locking swivel cap with a button release. That said, this system, at least on the tank I tested for this Smok TFV12 Prince review is one of the few drawbacks I experienced from this product. On my unit, the cap seemed to fit flush in the closed position, but the swivel seemed to be loose and rickety when I opened it to fill, which hasn’t become an actual problem so far, however I could see the possibility of the metal fatiguing over time and possibly breaking.

In addition, I found that the coils did need to be adequately primed before fitting them into the chimney, simply soaking them just didn’t prepare the new cotton enough and I found myself needing to start at lower wattage initially to break them in effectively to prevent burning them out. Since this vape tank was designed and offered with some of the best vape mods for starter kits from Smok, it is designed for vaping at higher wattage and available coil resistances go all the way down to 0.4 for a robust and fulfilling cloud of vapor in every puff. You get incredible clouds even with the airflow completely open and the vapor remains relatively cool even at higher wattages which is impressive honestly.

For a sub ohm vape tank that is incredibly well-engineered and overall quite solid (you know I dropped it a couple of times, c’mon), my Smok TFV12 Prince review found this atomizer to be an astounding upgrade for almost anyone curious about improving the quality of their vapor. It’s 510 threaded and pairs perfectly with variable wattage mods of all kinds and really highlights both your ejuice flavor, vapor and the care Smok puts into the creation of their products.

Do you love your Smok TFV12 Prince vape tank, have a specific atomizer coil you think outranks the rest? Let us know what you think, send us our feedback on this tank and tell the vaping community whether you agree if this is one of the best vape tanks blowing away the competition. As always, we hope this Smok TFV12 Prince review was valuable in helping you choose the top devices and accessories to help you stay smoke free and makes your next journey into the world of vaping a breath of fresh air.