With the rapid rise in nicotine salt vaping, the top vape brands have been in a hurry to offer all-in-one pod mods capable of supplying users with fulfilling vapor in a wave of incredible Juul alternatives. That said, not every company has been in such a hurry, our Smok Rolo Badge Review looks at the latest nic salt pod system that improves on existing technology to create one of the most satisfying compact vape mods available.

If it looks familiar, it’s no coincidence, the Rolo Badge pod mod has been largely seen as essentially basing their design on the Suorin Drop Pod System with the most notable adjustment being flipping the vape cartridges positioning to the wider end which is meant to make it appear capable of accommodating more vape juice. However, many are surprised to learn that the Rolo Badge pods hold exactly the same amount of nic salt juice as the Drop, just with a different design.

That said, we felt it was important to take a more detailed look at this popular pod mod vape to determine whether the Smok brand had actually improved upon the existing design and technology beyond just moving the mouthpiece and vape cartridge placement. As a result, our Smok Rolo Badge review put our collective experience to the proverbial test, especially since one member of our vape testing team loves their Aspire Breeze so dearly. Follow along as we make a closer inspection of this immensely popular pod vape system to see if we can separate our co-worker from his security blanket and try to get him to acknowledge the Rolo Badge as an outstanding nicotine salt vape system.

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Good to the Last Drop, Drip, Breeze, Juul, Whatever — Smok Rolo Badge Review

First, we took inventory of the attributes this all-in-one vape mod was touting right out of the box. Each Rolo pod replaceable and refillable which gives this device an instant advantage over prefilled vape cartridge units like the Juul ecig or Phix vape pen which limit users to flavor and nicotine level options. While comparable devices with similar functionality like the Mig Vapor Trap Pod mini ecig provide the ability to refill vape cartridges, not all have the same sizeable 2ml capacity.

Additionally, the Smok Rolo Badge pods have 1.2-ohm atomizer coils, which may not appeal to users who love the vapor production from more popular sub ohm pod mods. That said, one of the most appealing parts of this pod mod is its size, for a small nic salt vape mod that hides in plain sight, it looks more like a makeup compact or a key fob for a luxury sports car than anything remotely vaping related. While this is especially true for the chrome versions with metallic finishes, it’s worth mentioning that they collect fingerprints like Sherlock Holmes and the “painted series” which has a rubberized coating is not only more durable but doesn’t scuff or scratch as easily.

Incredibly, for an above ohm compact device powered by a modest 250 mAh battery, our testing throughout this Smok Rolo Badge review determined it to produce an incredibly potent amount of vapor. Likewise, it was able to highlight certain aspects of the flavor that we enjoyed immensely. One small critique is the method for filling ejuice on this stealth pod mod, with two rubberized flaps that press fit into a well, it’s crucial to make sure they are flush and pressed in tightly to their slots to ensure that the pod does not leak.

A great deal of negative aspects to the all-in-one and pod vape systems has been issues of leakage, like with pretty much all of them eventually. In fact, our team member did admit that he had experienced some issues of leaking with his breeze as the o rings wear out without notice. That said, the Smok Rolo Badge pods don’t have any gaskets that wear out, like many self-contained mini vape mods, the cartridges are replaceable because the atomizer coil is built in and eventually wears out. Essentially, as long as Smok keeps making pods for the Rolo Badge, it will not become obsolete and you can keep changing nic salt flavors until the battery wears out.


  • Built-in 250 mAh USB rechargeable battery
  • Rolo Badge pods have 2ml nic salt juice capacity
  • Functions at 10w-16watts depending on charge of the battery
  • Auto draw activation with 1.2 ohm atomizer coil
  • Available in a broad spectrum of colors including metallic chrome, gold and rainbow or matte painted blue

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Smok Rolo Badge Review Conclusion

As one of the most compact, handheld nicotine salt pod systems we’ve pressed in our palms, this may be the smallest vape mod at an affordable price. The Smok Rolo Badge costs less than half of comparable devices and the ability to customize your flavors with any salt eliquid you prefer, options that systems like the popular Juul vape kit don’t allow. Both the vapor production and flavor output are satisfying, not astounding, but enjoyable and expected for a device this size with its applicable specs.

The Rolo Badge starter kit comes with two vape cartridges, and a USB cable for recharging the device as well as a needle nose ejuice bottle which definitely helps to fill the unit with liquid as the fill ports are relatively small and the space is filled with cotton with can prevent the full addition of vape juice once it is thoroughly soaked. Honestly, if you’re looking for one of the most durable, portable and stealthy pod mods for nic salt available, our Smok Rolo Badge review found this device to be an outstanding introduction. It will fulfill the needs of former smokers looking for a mouth to lung device and packs a perfectly tight air draw that may produce a more familiar sensation or feeling than even the Juul ecig, which is impressive.

While I’ve enjoyed similar systems of pod vaping, the Rolo Badge is one of the most well designed, feeling constantly secure in your hand due to the configuration of the top being wider than the base. To explain, this means it sits between your fingers like an ice cream cone, you don’t need to put it in a death grip in order to keep it from slipping out of your hands, which is significant because I. Drop. Everything. Just being honest. If you’ve been saying to yourself “all of these pod vapes look pretty much the same”, don’t be fooled, the Smok Rolo Badge stands out among the competition as a discreet vape mod that retains the sensations and rituals that people making the switch to vaping will truly appreciate.

Have experience with pod mod systems or have some insight on this device from personal experience you want to share. Send us some feedback or stories about using this device, we always value input from the Expert Vaping community. We hope this Smok Rolo Badge review was valuable to discovering the best vape starter kit for your needs and it continues to serve as an invaluable research tool to help open the door to your smoke free future.