As the popularity of compact devices grows designed specifically for use with nicotine salt vape juice, it’s rare that we see something new since they’re all engineered for a relatively similar performance. However, conducting our thorough Smok Novo pod mod review proved that whenever you think you’ve seen it all, vape companies pull out all the stops to truly offer something for everyone.

Since the introduction of the original Juul nic salt vape system, there has been a great deal of “buzz” surrounding the higher levels of nicotine in a much mellower form than the liquids of the past. Although it experienced almost immediate popularity initially, the criticism that Juul Pods were only offered in a singularly soaring dosage of nicotine led to much of the industry creating refillable pod vape kits in response. In fact, the technology for vaping nic salt has evolved so quickly, that most of the Juul alternatives like the Mig Vapor Trap Pod vape kit have far surpassed the original in terms of functionality, customization, performance and value as well.

To a large degree, this is due to the ability of Juul alternative pod mods which come standard with refillable vape cartridges that can be used with any nicotine salt ejuice. Essentially, this gives users a broad range of nicotine strength levels and infinitely more delicious flavor options while still getting the benefits of the dosage they need. This Smok Novo pod mod review took a deeper draw and a closer look into this new vape starter kit from one of the most popular names in vaping to determine whether this setup further serves to set them apart from the competition or is just another creation implementing the same technology they have come to be known for.

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Stealing the Crown Juuls — Smok Novo Pod Mod Review

While there are plenty of incredibly satisfying aspects of the Smok Novo kit, I feel the need to discuss some of the drawbacks initially and get them out of the way simply because the positive aspects are so numerous. First off, this is not your typical nic salt pod mod based mostly on the design which is a bit more robust than the simple cig-a-like sized pen systems or even the top ecigarette starter kits we’ve seen in many of the devices which are obviously marketed predominantly as alternatives to Juul (but still manage to look suspiciously similar). Even with a 450mAh built-in USB rechargeable battery, it’s impressively lightweight, portable and yet feels solid and durable.

In fact, there’s very little to break or fail since the outer construction is made of more than simple plastic making it ideal for a long-term vaping investment that will last you for extended sessions of use throughout a full day of vaping without recharging. That said, because of the battery size, it pumps out a fulfilling charge of vapor between 10-16 watts for a full day before needing to be plugged in. In addition, one of my favorite attributes during our Smok Novo pod mod review was the ability to use it as a pass through while its plugged in. It was one of the few criticisms I had about my first Aspire Breeze mod (which I loved).

This means you never have to worry about not being able to use your Smok Novo even if the battery is almost completely drained. It has an integrated LED light that gives you charging status as well which changes from red when low, to blue when charged and then shuts off when it’s full. The pods themselves are unbelievably easy to fill via a side silicone flap and hold 2ml of vape juice each, plus the kit comes with two and they can be refilled a handful of times before you need to replace them, which ends up saving you a ton of money. We figure they fire at around 1.2ohm of resistance which may not be that exciting for users interested in experiencing sub ohm vapor production, but as a direct lung device with massive airflow, this all in one vape mod speaks to users like me who are looking for small ecigarettes ideal for travel or a night on the town that still retain similar functionality to my powerful variable wattage box mods that are meant to be used as DL vaping devices. For a palm-sized vape mod with optimum draw for both DL and MTL vaping, the Kanger Cupti is an easy recommendation for all levels of vaper.

My personal assessment throughout the Smok Novo Pod Mod Review found that the vape cartridge did not leak and though the wattage does seem to wane as the battery discharges, both the flavor intensity and vapor production was incredibly satisfying to the last puff. Additionally, it doesn’t take long to reach a full charge if you don’t use it as a passthrough and the vape battery powers up in total in about an hour (which quite honestly seems faster than my smartphone). Combine all of these attributes to the fact that this starter nic salt vape kit is insanely affordable and it’s tough to find anything comparable that provides the same level of satisfaction in every cloud.


  • Built in 450mAh USB rechargeable vape battery unit fires between 10-16 watts
  • Kit includes two 1.2ohm refillable vape catridges with 2ml vape juice capacity
  • LED charge indicator light glows red at low charge, blue at high charge and turns off at full
  • 1 hour full charge time, can be used as a passthrough while plugged in
  • Available in chrome and black cobra, prism rainbow cobra, prism blue cobra, green cobra, auto pink cobra, royal blue cobra, and red cobra

Smok Novo Pod Mod Review Conclusion

While this may seem like more of the same old all in one pod mod, the airflow is a significant difference that can’t be ignored. When you consider that much of the compact pocket nic salt mods available are designed with former smokers in mind who want to preserve the same old ritual and sensations while vaping, the Smok Novo kit definitely introduces something brave and unique. As much of the vaping community favors the previous Smok brand pod vape system the Infinix, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t really implement or reinvent the idea of what these pocket mods are capable of.

To explain, for experienced vapers who want something small that sticks more to the feeling of direct lung vaping and doesn’t seem to be designed to act like a smoking device, this kit isn’t just well engineered, it’s important. If we are truly dedicated to help people make smoking ancient history, introducing devices that don’t simply act and reproduce the same act are integral to moving vaping technology forward while many nic salt vapes seem to be going in the opposite direction. Direct lung vaping may not create that familiar action or ritual of smoking, but that’s primarily because many vapers are attempting to move as far away from it as possible and breaking their addiction to not only nicotine but the agitation created by inhaling carcinogens and I found this device to be perfect for that throughout this Smok Novo pod mod review.

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Once you’ve decided to dedicate yourself totally to living a smoke free (not Smok free obviously) and eventually a nicotine free life, devices that are easy to use, compact, mobile and modular which are able to produce outstanding vapor and flavor production can be valuable tools in shedding your bond with tobacco forever. For some of us, vaping eventually becomes about changing the way we not only think about getting our nicotine, but the actions and what it means on a physiological level. When you hear people say, “there’s nothing quite like a real cigarette” they’re not just being nostalgic, the pain and damage is part of what they’re addicted to.

Reflexively, a vape starter kit like this one divides the physical association as well as the action and creates a new sensation that can be equally as satisfying without the thousands of harmful chemicals the body becomes accustomed to. My overall analysis for this Smok Novo pod mod review is that the unit may not function like most of the popular nic salt and top eliquid vape pens available, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In the end it may help to break users of their addiction to a harmful process that continues to feed a behavior and changing the way we think about everyday practices in our lives isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in fact, our futures may depend on it.