As soon as this little hot rod mod fires up you hear, “Hello Master, I’m Your New Warrior”. While that may be enticing for some and creepy for others, our Smok I-Priv review definitely covered some new ground in the future of vaping with the application of AI voice recognition technology to customize your preferences on the fly without taking your eyes off the road or having to bury your face in an OLED screen.

Although this isn’t the first advanced vape mod starter kit to implement voice operated adjustment, we’re seeing significant improvements from the iJoy Avenger kit not only because this one actually responds to you, but in terms of what kinds of customization is possible as well as a handful of extra options. Bear in mind, there are some functions here we found incredibly useful for hands-free operation (especially here in California where the law prohibits drivers to do anything that requires shifting their focus from the road while driving). However, there are others which seem superfluous and “extra”, that we simply didn’t need.

That said, if you order a full meal at a restaurant that comes with vegetables, but you don’t want vegetables, you don’t eat them. Essentially, the crucial functions you want the best adjustable vape mods to access can be voice activated and changed, and the ones you don’t need, you simply don’t have to use. Now, it’s not truly hands free as we discovered during the course of our Smok I-Priv review, there are still plenty of functions that require the hand operation of the user, including presetting parameters for voice operated adjustments of wattage and temperature control or TCR functions. There is a bit more severe of a learning curve here for users without any experience with adjustable box mods, but once you get the I-Priv starter kit dialed in, it works just as well as any other Smok kit we’ve tested with a few snazzy features we didn’t expect.

If you and Siri or Alexa have a fairly close relationship and you’ve embraced technology in total, you’ll have an instant appreciation for the options and abilities of this futuristic vape mod starter kit. It’s not like Dick Tracy’s watch, it’s not the photo enhancing computer from Blade Runner and it definitely isn’t the Star Trek Enterprise, but does it allow you to make some important shifts in the output of your vapor just by speaking into this armored battleaxe? No doubt. We had a more thorough conversation with the Smok I-Priv kit to see truly what it was capable of.

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Your Wish Is My Command (If I know that command) — Smok I-Priv Review

Remember the tv show “I Dream of Genie”? It’s okay if you don’t, it was about this guy who finds a bottle and when he polishes it finds a genie who will do his bidding, it’s not all that complicated, think Aladdin, only instead of Robin Williams in a weird blue blob, you get a beautiful blond who grants more than three wishes. Well, the Smok I-Priv isn’t that at all. What it is though, is a pre-programmable device capable of adjusting itself to your preferences based on set voice commands like “Higher Power”, “Wattage Mode” and “Lock Device”.

While some of these seem self-explanatory, settings like higher power can increase in increments set to your preferences in five or ten watts at a time up to 230w which places it in the same category as newer top of the line vape mods like the Innokin Proton kit. To explain, imagine you’re on the move, you can’t shift your focus and you suddenly want to increase your wattage from 55w to 65w without staring at your mod and playing with buttons. If you have it set to ten-watt increments, saying “higher power” will let you jump to the next tier.

In addition, you can also switch to the temperature control mode, turn the I-Priv on or off, lock it and unlock it, change the voice (which ranges from feminine British accent, to immensely annoying space age robotic to a male tone) or switch on and change colors of the LED light on the base of the device (which may be helpful if you’re vaping while hunting aliens, we actually took to calling it “party mode” because it reminded someone of those weird DJ lights that spin around in bright colors). One of the unique aspects we went through bouts of enjoying and hating during our Smok I-Priv review was the fact that you not only talk to this device, it talks back like any other responsive AI platform you’d find on your smart devices, but again only using pre-programmed voice commands.

We could see this device benefitting greatly from an expansive firmware update where you’re able to set your own command preferences, but honestly, it’s fine the way it is for simple functions. The one thing we truly did not expect that kind of took us aback was the included battery adapter sleeve for the inner compartment that allows users to power the I-Priv kit with 21-700, 2700 or 18650 vape batteries (in the adapter). This means users have a range of power options for this device that allows them to use almost any vape battery they already have in their collection meant for use with the best higher wattage box mods which is something I’ve been wishing for a long time.


  • Voice control and response in three different voices (female, male and robot) can be toggled on or off
  • Adjustable wattage up to 230w, temperature control for Ti, SS, and Ni atomizer coils
  • I-Priv starter kit comes with the TFV12 Prince vape tank and two 0.15ohm coils
  • Available in black, red, purple, green, blue, gold, and rainbow
  • Powered by dual 21-700, 2700 or 18650 batteries with adapter sleeve

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Smok I-Priv Review Conclusion

Maybe we just expect too much from our devices these days, keep in mind, Apple, Google and other startups or big corporations have pumped millions of dollars into AI research to achieve the simple functions they have like telling us which airplanes are flying overhead, what the weather is in Barcelona or directions to all the vape shops nearby. We take for granted that vape companies are doing their best to adapt new technology as it becomes popular and familiar while doing their own research into how it can best be utilized for vaping. The first introduction to AI vaping after all the Bluetooth apps was the Avenger, then the I-Priv and who knows, we may have vape mods that respond to our thoughts or notify us when we’re almost out of vape juice, or even create a calendar for regulating how often we use them (I’m an admitted chain vaper).

The truth is, I enjoyed using this unit during our Smok I-Priv review, not all the time, but there are truly valuable improvements that I feel simply can’t be overlooked. Uniquely, the ability to change wattage, which, while most vapers have their sweet spot, I have a few, and I love the curve settings that cutting-edge box mods like the compact Vaporesso Armour offer (which is appropriate considering the I-Priv looks like suit of armor) only with much higher max wattage output. If you’re like me and you don’t just vape constantly but are endlessly searching for the sweet spot for that day, that hour that moment in time but you’re a busy vaper on the go, the I-Priv starter kit may be quite useful to you.

I’m already a big fan of the TFV12 Prince vape tank which comes standard with the kit and together they really do make an attractive pairing for anyone interested in giving voice activated vaping a try. Will the technology improve? Of course it will, but how much difference did people notice between those that bought the iPhone 5 and the iPhone SE years later? Sure, there were little twists, power improvements and upgrades, but would you really feel like you were missing out on them if you hadn’t experienced an earlier version? Without people using these functions, giving feedback, testing them and offering suggestions for how they can be improved that research may go to waste and abandoned and I for one would be intrigued to have a fully functional vape mod dialing in the best performance for my RDA tank and mod pairing automatically, mostly because I hate math.

Truth be told, we’re only at the cusp of an unknown future for technology especially regarding vaping, and until we embrace these new developments, there is the potential for innovation to be abandoned. Discovering the best vape mods and tanks requires trial and error and everyday vaping from those with experience interested in helping to secure a future for it. Plus, without the ability for your mod to think for itself, there is almost no potential for it to go crazy like the computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey and you can still address it as HAL before giving it commands:

“HAL, raise power to 231 watts.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that Dave.”