I just got this! Our Smok G-Priv review is more of a preview because I have not had too much of a chance to get to know it yet. It is a touch screen style mod capable of 220 watts and temperature control vaping.

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The G-Priv follows in the footsteps of the Smok H-Priv. The H-Priv is a fantastic mod with an innovative fire bar that you will also find on the new G-Priv. The biggest difference is that the G-Priv has a touch screen to access and modify all of the functions. The touch screen is designed to be ‘shock proof’ and ‘shatter proof’.

3 Smok G-Priv 220 watt touchscreen mod power supply in silver, gold and red.

I do like to recommend vape mods that are upgradeable. With the new restirctions going into effect especially in the US, upgradeable vape mods are you conduit to be able to continue to access new vapor technologies.

Smok has been on a major roll offering fantastic new vape mods. The new Smok X Cube Ultra mod is a masterpiece, the H-Priv is very popular. Smok firmware is excellent and accessible. We are seeing some of the best mods in the business coming from Smoktech.

Smok G-Priv Review

I checked with the Smoktech people before publishing the Smok G-Priv review and found out that the G-priv is slated to be sold as a kit in conjunction with the TFV8 tank, the Big Baby version to be exact. The Smok TFV8 vape tank is the cream of the crop of tanks. I have been using the G-Priv with the TFV8 Baby Beast and it has been awesome so far.

What are some of the specifics of the G-Priv vape mod? It is a 220 watt TC mod. It operates with two 18650 batteries. It is a very solidly build mod. They have designed the large 2.4″ screen to stand up to extreme wear and tear. Shock proof and shatter proof according to Smok.  I dropped it a couple of times during the Smok G-Priv review, on purpose this time, and not a scratch. The problem with a lot of touch screen mods is the fragile nature of touch screens. Smok has made the G-Prive screen very tough.

Smok G-Priv 220 watt touch screen mod power supply with lock button diagram.

The carbon fiber battery panel reduces the overall weight of the device. Once the two batteries are aboard, however, the G-Priv does feel fairly hefty. If you want a mini-mod check out the Smok O-Sub. The G-Priv is a powerful device. It has a square shape and might be a bit much for someone with smaller hands. And if you get sweaty hands, like me, it can get a little slippery on a hot day. Overall I do like the form and feel. It’s a handful bt it is also a 220 watt device that can take your vaping a lot of different directions on your command.

G-Priv Lock

There is a single button lock on the G-Priv that is very convenient and handy. I like having the single button lock-out vs having to hit the fire bar three to five times in order to lock it out. That’s a plus for me. The G-Priv has all of the latest battery safety features and protection features. The G-Priv has balanced charging so you can charge your batteries through the USB port.

The USB port is also how you will access future firmware upgrades from Smoktech.

Smok G-Priv Review — Vape Mod Functions

You can access all of the G-Priv functions on the touch screen. Let me run over a few of them for our Smok G-Priv review. The menu screen shows four options. There is VW variable wattage mode. TC temperature control vaping mode. Puff count and settings. Let’s start with the variable wattage mode.

In variable wattage mode you can set the power anywhere from 1 watt up to 220 watts in 1 watt increments. You can adjust wattage by touching the plus or minus button on the screen or you use your finger on the slide bar to select your preferred wattage. It is very quick and easy to change you power setting! Next, there is a section in the VW settings called “Effects”. In the effects setting you can choose Minimum, Soft, Normal, Hard or Max.

Smok G-Priv 220 watt mod power supply specifications and TFV8 Big Baby reservoir tank capacity.

The effects feature determines the initial power output when you first hit the fire bar. For example if you have you power set at 75 watts and choose minimum effect, the initial power output will be much lower than your setting and gradually work up to 75 watts over a second or two. The effect is a slow warm up. Using normal effect the initial power delivery will simply match your setting. With hard or max, her initial power output will be higher to deliver a stronger hit.

I like a strong hit right off the bat. As I am vaping this for the Smok G-Priv review, I find myself enjoying the “hard” effect. I know a lot of people like an initial soft hit with a ramp up in vapor production. For those folks the “Soft” effect may be perfect. The ability to customize your vaping experience is a major plus.

Temp Control Vaping With The G-Priv

The G-Priv allows you to enjoy temperature control vaping with nickel, titanium and stainless steel. You can also adjust the TCR to temperature coefficient of resistance. The G-Priv is a vape mod with upgradeable software so perhaps down the road there will be a software upgrade to expand the temp control functions. For now, offering Ni200, To and SS options cover the preferred temp control vaping options of 95% of vapers.

Just like in VW mode, you can control the initial hit during temp control. When you bring up the temp control on the touch screen, you will see a “Pre-Heat” feature. In that pre-heat selection you can choose an initial wattage to warm up your coil. For example, if you have a Ni200 coil and are vaping at 375F you can use the pre-heat feature to send an initial burst of 90 watts to the coils to ensure that the heat ramps up very quickly.

Smok G-Priv touchscreen with two 18650 batteries and dual battery life indicator icons.

The pre-heat feature on the Smok G-Priv gives you the power to control the initial hit when you are temperature control vaping. This is a fantastic feature. You can’t set up an entire firing profile with the G-Priv at this time, but the vaping effects and pre-heat feature compensate for that.

G-Priv Mod Puff Count Setting

Next up for my Smok G-Priv review I want to touch on the “Max Puff” feature. What this does is allows you to set a maximum number of puffs. Basically this is a way to control how much you are vaping. For example, perhaps at the beginning of a day you will set your max puffs to 200. Once you reach the 200 puff mark the G-Priv will let you know that you have reached your limit.

Smok G-Priv 220 Watt touch screen mod power supply.

When you set a Max Puff count, you will see the count on the screen. When you reach the maximum number of puffs, the mod will no longer fire. When you try and fire the device, a notice will appear on the screen telling you that you have reached the limit. If you want to keep vaping anyway all you have to do is turn off the puff count feature.

Is this a useful feature? If you are trying to cut down or control your nicotine intake, then this is a great feature to have. This feature simply allows you to track your your vaping habit.

Where To Buy The Smok G-Priv

At the time of the publication of our Smok G-Priv review we do not know if this device will be available for sale in the US. Even though it has just been released, Smok may have quietly launched the G-Priv prior to August 8 for a broad scale product release in October. Failing that, Smok may have filed a PMTA to have this device approved by the FDA. So I cannot tell you right now if this device will be legally sold in the US. If you do see someone selling them right now, I would be concerned about it being counterfeit.

Smok G-Priv power supply mod in range of colors including, orange black, green black, black, red white, 7-color, black red, black gold, black silver, black purple, red, and army green camouflage.

If you are outside the US in a country that does not have such harsh restrictions, there will be no boundaries impeding you from buying this mod. We will work to identify the legitimate distributors that offer authentic product. Once we identify we will have a link here for you.

If you are a interested in buying this device direct from Smok or if you want a bulk order for your vape shop feel free to contact Janet at SmokTech. Here is her email address  –  [email protected]

Stay Tuned!

In the meantime if you need a mod now then the new Smok X-Cube Ultra is absolutely worth a look. The Ultra is a fantastic device and it will be near the top of our best vape mods of the year.