Vaping technology keeps advancing in leaps and bounds. Our Sigelei T150 review will give you the inside scoop about this new advanced touch screen box mod. We were fortunate enough to get a chance to have a sneak peak at this vape mod and we took the opportunity to put it through its paces. So, our question going into the vape review was whether or not the touch screen technology on the Sigelei T150 was an innovation or an unnecessary frill.

I think the world of Sigelei. I did a Sigelei Fuchai mod review a couple weeks ago and it is a fantastic 200 watt mod that is certainly one of the better values in the entire realm of vaping products. Since the review, I know others who have bought the Sigelei Fuchai and they were instantly won over. Despite my high opinion of Sigelei mods, I have to admit that going into this vape mod review I thought that a touch screen mod might be a bit over the top. I had to wonder if touch screen mods are just a gimmick. That said, I put bias aside and went into the Sigelei T150 review with an open mind.

The Sigelei T150 Tc touch screen mod can be set from 5 watts to 150.

For the Sigelei T150 review, we were making our assessments based on a preview item. There may be changes in the Sigelei T150 you buy but the differences will be minor. For example, the Sigelei T150 that I tested had two language settings, English and Chinese. When the product is released on a large scale, I would not be surprised if there were many more languages added. The firmware also appears to be upgradeable as well.

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The Sigelei T150 is a 150 watt mod that operates with dual 18650 batteries. It is compatible with atomizer resistances from 0.2 ohms to 3.0 ohms. The temperature control vaping range is from 200 degrees F to 600 degrees F. You can enjoy vaping with any of the top mod tanks including subohm and temp control Ni200 coils. The Sigelei T150 mod comes in a black, silver and black, and pink and black color choices.

The Sigelei T150 temp controlled mod comes in a variety of colors including black, silver and pink.

If you decide to buy a Sigelei T150 mod, I recommend that after you receive your mod you go to the Sigelei anti-counterfeiting page to ensure that you have an authentic product. Even if you buy it froma vape shop, make sure you get the real deal. There are so many fakes out there these days you have to be careful.

If you buy direct from Direct Vapor, you never have to worry about being ripped off by a fake or clone. Sigelei mods are high quality and very successful. There is always high demand for Sigelei products and they will be copied. Make sure you get a real one!

Sigelei T150 Review

I was going to start the heart of my Sigelie T150 review by talking more about the size of the screen. But, I guess the picture above says it all. The display is huge and very easy to get used to. I know this will inevitably consumer more battery life but in all things there tend to be trade-offs. In any case, with dual 18650 vape batteries the T150 is going to provide long-lasting vaping.

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So what does a touch screen mod do that a regular vape mod doesn’t do? This is where I had my doubts as to the actual usefulness of a touch screen mod. My Sigelei T150 review testing process answered all of my questions. There is definitely a strong place in vaping for touch screen vape mods. Many of the features are not only very useful but even advantageous over standard mods.

The setting for the touch screen of the Sigelei T150 include current time and temperature. Always nice to know the time and the temperature but we already have that on our phones, cars etc etc. Still, on a vape mod, why not?

The Sigelei 150 watt temperature control mod has a locking touch screen that allows you to set the limits of what it's capable of.

For vaping purposes, the touch screen information is large and accessible. This is fantastic. It is so easy to change from variable wattage to temperature control. Changing the temperature of the wattage is also very easy. All you do is touch the screen next to the temperature or wattage read-out to either increase or decrease the setting. As you adjust, you will see the gauge reflect where your chosen setting lies on the range scale.

One of my concerns going into the Sigelei T150 review was if the large touch screen would react to unintentional inputs when I carry it in my pocket. I assumed there would be some kind of lock feature but wondered how effective it would be. I am happy to say that locking the T150 is very easy and effective. The lock button located on the bottom of the screen does the trick. When the lock icon shows an open lock, its open. When the icon shows a closed lock, its locked and requires that you unlock it so no inputs can happen unless you intend them to.

You can go into settings and choose the automatic cut off time duration. Choose from one minute to nine minutes. I you don’t vape during that time, the screen will automatically lock out and go black. After the screen goes black, press the fire button and then you will be able to unlock the T150 and start vaping again!

Using The Sigelei T150 Vape Mod

Touch screen vape mod? So I like it. I don’t know if I’m ready to make a touch screen mod my every day vape but I can absolutely see the additional useful benefits. On top of that, Sigelei mods are proven top flight performers and the T150 certainly carries on Sigelei’s tradition of excellence.

If you are new to vaping, the Sigelei T150 is a more advanced mod. It will work fantastic for standard vaping but if you want to try sub ohm or temperature control vaping, you will need to make sure that you have appropriate settings for respective coil resistances or temperature settings. For subom and temp control vaping, you will also need an appropriate e-juice with an higher VG content. If you ever have any questions feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you get the answers that you are looking for.

The Sigelei T150 touch screen tc power mod comes with standard 510 connection to accommodate most atomizer tanks.

A couple of notes for the Sigelei T150 review. You can see the USB port in the side of the mod but it does not work as a pass through. You can charge your 18650 vape batteries but no pass through vaping. Not a big deal but something I wanted to mention. Next, the battery door.

The battery door on the Sigelei T150 mod pops off nicely but is nice and secure when in use. In doing some testing for the Sigelei T150 mod review, I attached and replaced the battery door at least 70 times to see if I could cause any wear or loosening and I could not. The durability is strong. This is a Sigelei mod and is solid all around. There are no rattles or low quality concerns. The 510 connection has airflow channels which is great news for those of us who like to use a number of different vape tanks.

The Sigelei T150 mod is very responsive and powerful. The fire button is a nice size and very solid. When you press the fire button looking for vapor the result is instantaneous. There is no lag and the atomizer produces instant vapor. I really liked the performance. This is not a gimmick, this is an excellent mod. The readings are very accurate as the technology is precise.

Sigelei T150 Review Summary

I saved the grossest part for last. I have sweaty hands but hey, it is my singular imperfection. I know some people with two or even three imperfections. Anyway. So, I had a concern that my sweaty palms might affect the touch screen. It was never a problem. The Sigelei T150 is comfortable to hold and I simply always held it with the screen in the open away from my palm.

The Sigelei T150 temperature control touch screen vape mod kit allows the user set their own preferences at the tip of a finger.

So I had all of these concerns before doing the Sigelei T150 review and they were put to rest. A touch screen vape mod is a great idea and serves many useful purposes. Of course the vaping is also excellent and that is what counts most. This is a powerful, responsive mod that is very well designed, comfortable and durable.

That’s the end! The Sigelei T150 mod will make an excellent addition to your vape gear. Outstanding performance and a new touch screen design that looks amazing and vapes beautifully.