Today we have got the Sigelei Snow Wolf review, or more of a preview! This is a new and innovative design from Sigelei with some very cool features that we will get to shortly. Ultimately, it is an advanced 218 watt mod capable of multiple modes of vaping and operates on three 18650 batteries. It was not long ago when vapers seldom if ever needed a vape mod that went anywhere near 200 watts. Skilled coil builders in pursuit of massive vape clouds were pretty much the only vapers who would ever have a use for a 200 watt vape mod. That is no longer the case.

Today the technology in vaping has advanced so quickly that now there are easy to use vape tanks with pre-built coils that can handle 200 Watts. Does more power and lower resistance coils really lead to more vapor? Yes it does! You can get amazing vaper with more basic mods but if you are after more, the Sigelei Snow Wolf review will be of interest to you. Every time I think that’s as much vapor as a person could possibly vape, something comes along to push things even further!  Vaping is getting wild and the Sigelei Snow Wolf is an untamed vaping beast.

The Snow Wolf 218 watt vape mod tc kit comes in blue, red and black with customizable screen protector plates.

The beauty of the three 18650 batteries is that when you are vaping at higher power settings you will get more battery life than you will get from 200 watt mods that rely on two 18650 batteries. Of course the fact that it does have three 18650 vape batteries gives the Sigelei Snow Wolf a bit more heft and girth than you might be used to but it is actually quite comfortable to hold. The body is rounded as opposed to the more traditional angular box mod styles. This is higher end but similar to the iStick 200 watt mod or the Wismec Rouleaux.

Before I forget, one thing I think is very cool about the Sigelei Snow Wolf 218 watt TC mod review is the fact that your Sigelei Snow Wolf will be unlike anyone else’s Sigelei Snow Wolf! Each and every one will be 100% unique. How you ask? Well, I’m not telling, sorry. I don’t feel like it, so there. Just kidding!

Okay, so why will your Sigelei Snow Wolf 218 watt TC mod be unique? The answer is in the design. Sigelei teamed up with USA based Global Vaping to design the Sigelei Snow Wolf and to complete the final assembly in the US. The finishing touch is a stabilized wood face with a unique and decorative design that is one of a kind, like a fingerprint. The wood patterns and coloring are different on each and every Sigelei Snow Wolf.

Sigelei Snow Wolf Review

The Sigelei Snow Wolf power mod is a 218 watt wonder in black with psychedelic rainbow swirl face plate.

Nut and bolts time for the Sigelei Snow Wolf review. This new mod from Sigelei follows the release of the Sigelei 213 vape mod which in my opinion is one of the best vape mods of 2016. Sigelei’s chipset technology has evolved to an ultra-impressive state with precision accuracy and outstanding responsiveness. You can expect a high level of performance from the Sigelei Snow Wolf.

The Sigelei Snow Wolf mod stands 93.4 mm high, or 3.7 inches. It is 51.7 mm wide, or a shade over 2 inches long and 42.4 mm thick or 1.7 inches. So it is a handful but a lot of people really like the feel of the wider, rounded mod styles. It weighs in at 160 grams or 5.6 ounces for all of you Imperialists!

The fire button, up and down buttons as well as the crystal clear OLED screen are embedded in the face of the unique wood grain face of the mod. In addition to the wood face, the rest of the mod is constructed of highly durable aluminum and zinc alloys. You can choose either a black or stainless finish.

Sigelei Snow Wolf 218 watt vape mod kit has a variety of colors and skins available including faux wood, flat red, blue, black, gray and interchangeable custom screen plates.

There are several modes of operation available with the Sigelei Snow Wolf vape mod. You can go with variable power and adjust the wattage to your preference. You can set the temperature settings for Ni, nickel, Ti, titanium, or stainless steel coils. For stainless steel coils the options are 304, 316 or 317 grades of stainless steel so yes, a lot of temperature control vaping choices. The temp range is from 200 F to 570 F or 100C to 300 C. Temp control vaping choices also include TCR, temperature coefficient of resistance, and TFR.

The Sigelei Snow Wolf 218 mod has a power output range of 10 watts up to 218 watts. The voltage output range is from 1 V up to 8 V. I have a bullet point list of all the Sigelei Snow Wolf 218 mod tech specs to sum it all up:

  • Size: 93.4 mm x 51.7 mm x 42.4mm
  • Wet Weight is 160g
  • The OLED Screen is 0.91〞
  • Construction Materials Are The Stabilized Wood Face And An Aluminum Alloy / Zinc Alloy Body
  • The Wattage Range Is From 10W To 218W
  • Temperature Control Vaping Range Is From 100℃ To 300℃ Or 200℉ To 570℉
  • Sigelei Snow Wolf Input Voltage range Is From 9.6V Up To 12.6V
  • Output Voltage Range Is From 1.0V To 8.0V
  • The Maximum Output Current Is 36 Amps
  • The Sigelei Snow Wolf Operates On Three 18650 Batteries
  • Operating Modes Are POWER / SS / TI / NI200 / TCR / TFR
  • Atomizer Resistance Range: 0.1Ω-3.0Ω
  • Coils: Kanthal/TI/NI 200/ SS(304/316/317)TCR/TFR

The Sigelei Snow Wolf 218 power mod vape has a 3-battery replaceable chamber with conveniently attached access door.

So that’s what we have so far for our Sigelei Snow Wolf 218 Watt TC mod review. In essence this is really a preview as this mod has not been released yet. You can pre-order yours now from Direct Vapor. As a huge fan of the Sigelei 213, I am definitely looking forward to getting my hands on the 218 Snow Wolf and when I do I will be updating this page.

If you have seen enough and, like me, you are a fan of Sigelei and want to get yours asap, you can do like I did and pre-order from Direct Vapor. Sigelei is having a monster year in vaping with awesome new products. The Moonshot RTA tank is a coil builder’s delight and they have released high end mods like the 213 and affordable mods like the Sigelei Fuchai. They have been bringing their A game this year that’s for sure.

The Snow Wolf 218 watt power supply vape mod by Sigelei comes in a variety of colors including red, black, blue and white and a range of changeable screen plate bases.

With Direct Vapor, I know that I will always get authentic product and I like that because I am not a fan of clones in any way, shape or form. I imagine that the unique stabilized wood face of the Sigelei 218 Snow Wolf mod will make it difficult for counterfeiters to copy, but with dozens or even hundreds of ecig factories dedicated to making cheap clones, it is a guarantee that someone will be trying to do just that and there will be cheap fakes everywhere within a month or so. (Check Sigelei product authenticity here.)

That’s really it for my Sigelei Snow Wolf review, or more accurately a preview. I will be updating this very soon as I will be getting mine any day now! I was excited to pre-order this vape mod and if you want to get in on the pre-orders by all means get yours from Direct Vapor. They have a low price guarantee, warranty protection and free shipping.