Vapers, we’re pushing the limits again. Expert Vaping’s Sigelei 213w box mod review will cover all the details of this dual 18650 powered mod that can take you as high as 213 watts. The Sigelei 213 is also a full TC mod compatible with all TC coils including Ni200, Ti and stainless steel. It has a carbon fiber and zinc alloy body and will fire coils as low as 0.1 ohm coils. The firmware is upgradeable. The temperature range is from 200 F to 570 F, or, for you metric types, 100 C to 300 C. It also has some new vaping technology. let’s start with that.

Some of the new vaping technology includes a “power up” timer. This was one of the most intriguing aspects that we wanted to cover with the Sigelei 213 box mod review. What the power up timer does is allow you to pre-set a higher wattage than you typically vape at to fire the coils at a certain level for a selected amount of time. This will essentially warm up your coils fast.

The Sigelei 213 vape power mod in all black has a digital readout on the side to track all of your vaping.

As an example, it you are vaping at 80 watts, you may want to set your Sigelei 213 to fire at 110 watts for 0.6 seconds to quickly heat up the coil. After the 0.5 seconds the wattage will drop back to 80 watts or to the temp control setting that you have chose. This folks, is very cool. This is a very nice and useful addition to vaping technology.

By the way, when I was compiling notes for the Sigelei 213w box mod review, I wanted to confirm for you that the power up feature also worked when you are using your 213 mod in temp control mode. It does. So, temp control vaping controls and maintains coil temperature but the first time you fire it after it has been sitting for a while the coil will not immediately hit your temp setting. The power up mode that you personally set will indeed help you get right to your chose temp setting and maintain it.

The Sigelei vape mod kit comes in gray with a stand 510 connector port.

This is truly an attention to detail that I find impressive. Sigelei is taking some serious steps forward here to take its place among the best vape brands. Competition is driving this and its a beautiful thing. Really, the vaping community is quite sophisticated when it comes to technology and it is the little bits of attention to detail like this that capture our attention.

With the power up feature, you can amp up the vapor output. The warm up process for the coils is condensed and you get your massive vapor faster. So when you are vaping with your favorite vape tank, you will notice the difference on your first hit. This is a great idea. The firmware in the Sigelei 213 mod is obviously very sophisticated. It can also be upgraded to accommodate future vaping innovations.

Sigelei 213w Box Mod Review

Let’s get into some more details for the Sigelei 213w Box mod review. The first and most obvious feature is the appearance. The black carbon fiber and gold zinc alloy make for a beautiful combination. Appearance is always subjective by I think it looks fantastic. The buttons are stylish and the overall aesthetics stand out. Besides being attractive, the carbon fiber reduces overall weight making the Sigelei 213 a comfortable mod to hold, carry and handle.

The Sigelei 213 has an attached flap door which allows access to the battery chamber.

There are no removable side panels to access the dual 18650 ecig batteries. There is a battery door at the bottom of the Sigelei 213 vape mod. The battery port is stable and durable. I much prefer this design to removable side panels because it adds to a more solid design with less to go wrong. The enhanced durability and upgradeable software means that you can enjoy this mod for a long time. It is designed to stand the test of time.

The OLED screen displays a lot of information. The screen has terrific visibility and the amount of data displayed is very useful. It is small but aesthetically speaking it fits in well with the design.

Sigelei 213 Mod Review – Features:

  • Wattage range is from 10 watts to 213 watts
  • Voltage output range is from 1.0 V to 7.5 V
  • Will work with atomizer resistances of 0.1 ohms to 3.0 ohms
  • Compatible in variable wattage mode with Kanthal coils
  • TC mod compatible with Ni200 nickel coils
  • TC mode compatible with TI titanium coils
  • TC mode compatible with stainless steel coils
  • Advanced chipset
  • The firmware can be upgraded through the USB port
  • A total of 6 operating modes
  • Built in safety features
  • Max output of 35 Amps
  • Input voltage range of 6.4 V to 8.4 V
  • Powered by two 18650 batteries

This is a fully advanced vape mod with all the bells and whistles. It will operate all three varieties of temperature control coils and will work with standard sub ohm coils. The Sigelei 213 mod is no doubt going to be a very successful design for Sigelei. They are very aggressive this year offering a number of the best vape mods. Nice to see!

The Sigelei 213 is available in black with black trim, or black with gold trim.

The other mods Sigelei has released this year are the Sigelei Fuchai 200 watt mod and the Sigelei T150 touch screen mod. They are all unique and each have independent characteristics to appeal to different segments of the vaping community. The Fuchai is a great value choice. The T150 touch screen mod has a large touch screen and a 150 watt output. And now the advanced, high performance Sigelei 213 vape mod. These guys are really on the ball.

Our Sigelei 213 mod review evaluation resulted in very high marks across the board. Advanced vapers will love the quality and versatility. The 213 allows those of you who enjoy building your own coils to really push the envelop and go beyond 200 watts. The power up adds another layer of consistency. The durability is excellent. We give the Sigelei 213 mod a big thumbs up. Very nicely done.

Authentic Sigelei 213w Box Mod

Sigelei is a proven ecig company and the new 213 vape mod is going to be copied by counterfeiters. Make sure you get an authentic Sigelei 213 vape mod. The clones and counterfeits will look just like the real thing, box packaging and all. Of course a counterfeit will not be nearly the same quality.  Worse yet, clones are everywhere. You may see a great deal on eBay or Amazon but if the price is much lower than every other price you’ve seen, be careful. It could be a cheap counterfeit.

I bring up the counterfeiting issue a lot these days. We all too often hear from consumers who ended up with a counterfeit clone ecig. It is very disappointing when it happens. We recommend dealing with Direct Vapor because they are the no clone zone. They are an authenticated Sigelei dealer and they have a low price guarantee. The deal is if you see an authentic Sigelei 213 being sold for less elsewhere, they will match the price. On top of that, they always include free shipping and warranty protection.

If you buy your Sigelei 213 mod from somewhere else, make sure you check the authenticity by entering the code on Sigelei’s authenticity verification page.

Sigelei 213 Bundle

You can save a bit of cash when you get a Sigelei 213 bundle. The bundle comes with the 213 mod, batteries, and your choice of vape tank. The batteries are top quality eFest vape batteries. There are three tanks to choose from including the new Sigelei Moonshot tank. The Moonshot tank is a rebuildable tank atomizer or RTA. There are no prebuilt could for the Moonshot. It is designed for vapers who build their own coils.

If you prefer a tank that works with pre-built coils, you have two options. The Sense Baijiada Mermaid V2 tank uses parallel tri-coils. Yes, three coils. It is compatible with Sense Herakles Plus coils. It is a top fill tank with a 3 ml capacity and eliquid flow control.

The Sigelei 213 bundle includes choice of vape tank, warranty protection and free shipping.

The third tank choice is the Crown Subtank by Uwell. The Uwell uses a quartz glass instead of a Pyrex glass. I can be filled using the top fill feature or filled from the bottom. It has a 4ml ejuice capacity and can manage 120 watts with the 0.25 ohm coils.

The total price of the bundle is $151.85. There is an additional charge for both the Crown Uwell and the Moonshot tank. All three tanks are top-notch. The Moonshot is popular among adventurous coil builders. The Uwell is a very popular tank and has been for some time. The Sense Baijiada Mermaid V2 is new and has a lot of cool features like the tri-coil, top fill and ejuice flow control. The beauty of the bundle is that you get everything you need in one shot.

Sigelei 213 Vape Mod

The first thing I noticed about the Sigelei 213 mod was the appearance. It is a very attractive mod with an innovative carbon fiber and zinc alloy body. But as we talked about in our Sigelei 213w box mod review, it is a lot more than just good lookin’. This is a serious, high performance vape mod with an advanced, upgradeable chipset and it is built to last.

Sigelei 213 vape mod from the side has clean lines and sleek design.

The Sigelei 213 mod is going to be one of the best vape mods of 2016. The 213 wattage is going to attract a lot of vapers who like to push the limits of their vaping experience. The full range of temp control coil options is also at your disposal. The power up feature shows an attention to design detail that is most impressive.

The Sigelei 213 vape mod by itself is selling for $59.95. This is top value for what you are getting. You will get the most out of your vape tank and push your vaping to new limits. This is for advanced vapers and cloud chasers who demand supreme performance. Are you ready to kick your vaping into another gear?