When Sigelei came out with the 100 Watt box mod, it quickly developed into a wildly popular ecig mod that drew rave reviews from the vaping community, particularly from those who enjoy building their own atomizers. The new Sigelei 100W Plus review features the same powerful function as the original Sigelei 100 W as well as some key improvements.

The original Sigelei 100 Watt box mod, as popular as it is, did draw criticism for not having a spring loaded center pin meaning that each rebuildable atomizer would demand that the pin be manually adjusted. There were also those who felt that the corners of the original version were too sharp. Well, Sigelei has responded.

The Sigelei 100 watt Plus power mod is available in silver and black.

The new Sigelei 100W Plus now features a spring loaded center pin at the center of the 510 threading. That way you make sure that you have constant contact with your atomizer. Previously, on the Sigelei 100 W, you would have to adjust the center pin. The new self-adjusting feature marks a very nice upgrade.

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Another upgrade are the rounded corners on the Sigelei 100W Plus. The original had hard corners, which is fine, but the rounded corners give it a nicer, softer feel. The function is the same as the original and overall the biggest thing is the improved, spring loaded center pin that will really make a difference and make the experience of using the Sigelei 100W Plus that much better..

There is one more very cool upgrade that I have to mention. Box mods have screws on the side that you remove to change the batteries. The screws were just a fact of life that you had to live with. Well, not anymore.

The Sigelei 100W Plus has a fantastic new feature. Instead of a using screws it has a magnetic side panel. That means no ugly screws! To take the side off and access the batteries, simply pry the side loose and you are in. When you are ready to put the side back on, pop it in place and the magnets hold it beautifully.

Sigelei 100W Plus Box Mod

The Sigelei Plus 100w power mod comes in a very classy case.

What is the Sigelei 100W Plus box mod? It is a very powerful ecig! As the name alludes to, it is a variable wattage mod capable of a 100 Watt output.

If you are vaping on a Kanger SubTank or an Aspire Atlantis sub ohm tank, you are never going to use 100 Watts to get massive vapor. Some of the .3 ohm atomizers do well at 70 to 80 watts but even then they still produce very well at 50.

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On the other hand, if you are building your own atomizer with a higher atomizer resistance you may want the huge 100 Watt power output offered by the Sigelei 100W Plus. Ultimately, 100 Watts gives you a huge peer reservoir to do with as you please.

High power output mods are usually for the advanced users and vaping aficionados. It takes some knowledge and experience to safely build and use your own atomizer deck.

If you prefer high end ecig tanks, however, the Sigelei 100 W Plus will get the best out of your tanks at lower wattages.

So, while the Sigelei 100 Watt does serve high resistance RDAs it will also perform very well for any 510 threaded tank. Just make sure to set the wattage appropriately.

The Sigelei 100 watt Plus power mod comes standard with a digital screen reading Ohms, volts, wattage and power.

The Sigelei 100 W Plus is made of aluminum alloy. It stands about 4 inches high, a bit over 2 inches wide and just shy of an inch thick. It is just the right size to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The rounded edges make it more comfortable to hold than the original Sigelei 100W. The new Plus version also comes with a silicone cover which feels comfortable to hold and protects the finish of your Sigelei 100W Plus.

The power for the Sigelei 100W Plus comes from two 18650 batteries. Detaching the cover and installing the batteries is easy thanks to the thin ribbon that allows you to pop the 18650 batteries out easily. Sometimes it’s the simplest little things that make the biggest difference.

Sigelei 100 W Plus Review

The battery chamber on the Sigelei Plus 100 watt power mod has an easily accessible magnetic closure.

The Sigelei 100W Plus really is user friendly. Once you put in your 18650 batteries you can recharge them within the unit itself thanks to a USB charging port.

That means that you don’t have to buy a separate battery charger which is a plus.

While the batteries do charge perfectly in the unit, I do recommend changing battery positions on occasion.

You can choose from two color options. There is a classic black and a gold color. The Plus version also sports two decorative stripes on the side of the unit.

There are three buttons on the Sigelei 100W Plus. There is the main power / fire button and to smaller up and down buttons to adjust the wattage.

To turn the Sigelei 100 on, push the power button five times rapidly. The digital screen shows you the wattage setting. By the way, the digital screen on the Sigelei 100 W Plus is brighter and easier to read than on the original.

Adjusting the wattage is simply a matter of using the up and down buttons. You can set it anywhere from 10 Watts all the way up to 100 Watts. Just a note, there is also a variable voltage option that allows you to set the output anywhere from 1.5 V up to 7 V.

Sigelei's 100 watt Plus power mod comes in silver and black with classic wave designs etched into them.

The ranges of atomizer resistances that you can use run the gamut from 0.15 ohms up to 3.0 ohms. The Sigelei 100 W Plus has an ohm meter so you can choose the ideal power setting for your atomizer.

This box mod has a lot of versatility. It will suit the vaping needs of everyone from advanced vapers to casual vapers who just want to get the most out of their favorite ecig tank. If you are looking for a simpler, more modestly priced ecig kit, visit our ecig reviews and take a look at the leading ecigs, many of which offer complete starter kits for the $50 range. If you want to really get into vaping, the Sigelei 100W Plus may be for you.

The vapor that the Sigelei 100 W Plus generates is outstanding. You can use any 510 threaded ecig tank or your own custom build, of course, and the consistent power output is so smooth. The battery life is phenomenal. With so much power in the palm of your hand, it ould not be surprising to find that you could go days between charges.

There is nothing really bad to say about the Sigelei 100W Plus. The only negative thing that I can say is that most vapers will never need 100 Watts. The other side of that coin is that you can use a lower wattage setting and just enjoy the technology, the remarkably consistent and reliable output, which translates into consistent vapor, and enjoy the incredible battery life.

Just think, if you use the Siegelei 100 Plus at 20 W with your sub ohm tank, the battery could potentially last for days and days between charges.

Sigelei's 100 watt Plus mod is a simple, sleek design with the perfect amount of functional preference for those moving from pre-set mods to programmable units.

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The Sigelei 100 Watt Plus is no longer available.

Panda has a large selection of advanced ecig products and accessories. They are a great group of people to deal with and their prices are always competitive.

If you are thinking of a box mod, you may also want to check out another 100 watt mod from an independent American brand check out the VaporFi Vox 100 watt with temp control capability. The Vox II comes in a complete kit with batteries and tank included.