Should you buy Blu e-cigs online or in retail stores? How can an enormous company such as Lorillard who owns Blu e-cigs get behind such a seemingly low budget, low quality e-cigarette?

To put it simply – Yes, if you’re a very light smoker. If you are a heavy smoker, however, I would stay away. Blu e-cigarette starter kits are becoming really popular through Blu Cigs TV advertising, and their 100,000+ retailers nationwide (through gas stations, small tobacco shops, etc.). With all the extra attention directed at Blu these days, your curiosity may warrant more than a simple answer. Here’s my personal take…

The decision to buy Blu brand e-cigs is a personal preference but their popularity and sales figures are a good indication that they are among the most trusted.

Should You Buy Blu E-Cigs At All?

The Charlotte, North Carolina based e-cigarette company Blu e-cigs takes an approach that a lot of other e-cigarette companies don’t. Blu Cigs is out of the office being social in the real world, while other e-cig brands are focusing more on online sales. Not to say none of the other companies do it, but Blu is more pro-active when it comes to it.

Blu is pretty much running around trying to get the most 1st time users hooked on a low budget mediocre e-cig and call it good enough. Then again, what e-cig company isn’t doing that? PLENTY! There are many better alternative e-cigarettes to Blu. Needless to say, some Blu customers stay, some run, and others are stuck because they don’t have the money to afford a new, higher quality e-cigarette. We’re customers to the e-cig industry just like you, we hear ya.

The Blu Plus rechargeable e-cigarette kit comes in its own case with the feel and size of a normal pack of cigarettes.

Personal Opinion About Blu Cigs

The e-cigarette Blu offers certainly isn’t the highest grade/quality that you can get. Of course that isn’t the impression you would get through their massive advertising campaigns. There they like to put the spotlight on how many “loyal” customers they have. That isn’t unique to Blu Cigs, I mean every company wants to make everyone believe that they’re the best, and we have to believe that in their own eyes they are. The eyes of consumers aren’t as rose-colored, and there they find Blu e-cigarettes simply aren’t up to snuff. The reviews that consumers have been leaving for Blu show that the product doesn’t live up to its expectations. As a reviewer myself, I’m somewhat pragmatic about the situation. Like I said in the very beginning, if you are a very light smoker, Blu might be for you, if you’re a heavy smoker it is not.

With the live chat feature installed on our website, we’ve had so many visitors come to us and ask “I’m currently a Blu customer, what would you recommend as an upgrade?” Guess what? If you had purchased the right e-cigarette, and/or did your research prior… you wouldn’t have to upgrade. This is how Blu really snags their customers; most of them had previously never touched an e-cigarette or even heard of one.

The Pro+ e-cigarette from Blu is a simple rechargeable upgrade from the single-use cigs.

I believe that there are individuals who will find the Blu e-cigs flavors appealing to the eye, just as the e-cigarette itself as whole can be, but for many customers the real life experience of the product does not match the company’s marketing hype. Read the Blu Cigs Consumer Reviews. The vapor claims that Blu touts all over their packaging, are very far from accurate and the flavors are far from consistent.  For some this may be enough, and if you’re happy with your Blu e-cig and it does a good job satisfying you – then we applaud its performance!

Why So Weary Of Blue E-Cigs?

This blog stems from Blu recently contracting with a local Marathon gas station that’s just shy of a block away from my home. I walked into the gas station one morning with my daughter to get some coffee before taking her to the bus stop. After getting my coffee, and while at checkout, I noticed Blu had an enormous stand right there before me. I’m a friendly local and go there all the time for my coffee, so the lady from across the counter knowingly greeted me with her hands pointing at the Blu set up, “I’ll bet this doesn’t make you very happy!” I nodded…

The Blu e-cigarette gained notoriety and popularity as the e-cig with the glowing blue tip.

Personal Conclusion

My personal answer per whether you should buy a Blu e-cig, is no, unless you’re a very light smoker.  Most of us want the throat kick that tobacco cigarettes gave us. Blu can’t match that to the masses just yet. They are in dire need of some improvements to their product, and in the meantime their marketing arm needs to stop inflating the product features of what they currently put out on the rack. Conclusion: Read Blu’s Consumer Reviews!

If you’re not happy with your Blu, Green Smoke offers an e-cig Trade-In which is probably the best thing that has happened since sliced cheese (*cheese lover*). Trade in any e-cigarette and they’ll send you some Green Smoke goodies! Alright… I’m done running everyone around in circles. Go do some research, and read some reviews 🙂 Thanks for listening