Plenty has been written about the possible second hand vapor side effects. This second hand vapor, if you will, is a central argument for those who are dead set on implementing ecig bans. These bans have been popping up in way too many places and you almost always here people likening them to traditional tobacco cigarettes. If I shouldn’t have to submit myself to secondhand smoke, why do I have to risk any seconf hand vapor side effects? Is breathing in vapor bad?

Hey, it’s a legitimate argument on the face of things. Nobody should be exposed to things that are harmful to them, but that’s when the arguments over the supposed vape side effects come in. There are very real vaping side effects that can be caused when one first starts making the switch to electronic cigarettes, but secondhand intake is never in the conversation really. It’s vapor that dissipates quickly, so why would it? At least that’s the stance that us vapers are very comfortable with. Why can’t people wrap that around their heads?

There's plenty of evidence that second hand smoke is harmful to others, but what about second hand vapor, could those innocent clouds have more to them than meets the eye?

Well, it’s usually the fear of the unknown that causes anyone to be so quickly against something they know very little about. If that’s the case, then this latest study should go a long way in quieting the qualms of those worried about breathing in vapor. The breakthrough study on indoor aerosol covered ecig vaper and was run jointly by a highly regarded university in Lithuania and a major Swiss laboratory. What they essentially found is that the idea of second hand vapor side effects was unlikely, as ecig vapor dissipates within seconds. That’s just a way to say what we already knew; ecig vapor isn’t bothering anyone!

Second Hand Vapor Side Effects Imagined

The evidence suggests that any symptoms or long term effects felt from second hand vaping is likely imagined or psychosomatic.

It’s great to have another study back up what we knew intuitively about so-called second hand vapor side effects and how little they are based in reality. As Dr. Grant O’Connell explained, “This study shows that e-cigarettes – similar to other consumer aerosol-based products – release liquid primary particles into the air that disappear extremely quickly.”

It sounds like if you actually wanted to breathe in vapor you could have to stand directly in front of someone vaping and try to take in that vapor before it disappears.

If you don’t do so within a couple seconds, it’s too late!

Now we do have to point out that Dr. O’Connell is Vice President of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, Fontem Ventures. If you haven’t heard the name Fontem Ventures, they’re who technically owns Blu because they are a subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco. Yes, all that wheeling and dealing ecig companies saw Blu change hands again when it got dumped almost two years ago as part of the RJ Reynolds and Lorillard merger.

So O’Connell basically works for Blu, but that doesn’t mean this study doesn’t shed some light on second hand vapor side effects. As Dr. O’Connell detailed, the study, “tells us how fundamentally different exhaled e-cigarette particles are compared to those emitted by smoking conventional cigarettes, the latter of which are reported to linger in the air for long periods of time. By contrast, no accumulation of particles was registered in the room following e-cigarette use.” That’s no small thing to know and hopefully it calms the unfounded fears of a public who still doesn’t have enough knowledge about electronic cigarettes.

Fontem Ventures, a leader in e-cigarettes with their highly popular Blu brand e-cig, is also the owner of Imperial Tobacco, one of the largest manufacturers in the world.

We’re putting this out to you because it should be another tool you can use to calm down those around you. All of this bad press the ecigs get adds up, and unfortunately there will be more of it to come. Like this ridiculous regurgitated claim that ecigs are ten times more cancerous than traditional tobacco cigarettes without any evidence given. It also puts out there, yet again, that formaldehyde claim that has been repudiated numerous times. These types of pieces get a person to read, which makes advertisers money. That’s why it keeps happening, to our great chagrin.

It makes the public scared of secon hand vapor when there is absolutely no reason to be. So it’s up to you, the vaper or the potential vaper, to get the word out on second hand vapor side effects. Make sure you stand up for vaping at every corner and in every conversation when it comes up. In the long term, it will make a difference and it will help shape this still forming perception of electronic cigarettes. We’re here to help, and we’ll keep giving you the low down every chance we get.

Latest Info – Is Vaping Bad For You?

The difference between the lungs of a habitual smoker and someone who vapes are drastically different, but that doesn't necessarily answer the question as to whether or not vaping is harmful.

Is vaping bad for you? While we talk about second hand vapor side effects it really brings us back to the original qiestion about vaping. We had some more news last week. Yes, Public Health England has completed a massive 111 page study and found conclusively that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking.

Now, the prestigious Royal College Of Physicians in the UK, who to this point had been reluctant to recommend vaping, now recognize the growing body of science and are recommending that smokers switch to vaping. The Royal College of Physicians recognizes that vaping is safer than smoking and electronic cigarettes represent the best chance we have had to erradicate smoking.

Read more about whether or not vaping is bad for you here.