What a time to be alive, truly. In an exceedingly strange series of events, Simpsons voice actor Harry Shearer tweeted a video of what appears to be Sean Hannity vaping.

Not only vaping however, but vaping on a short break during his live talk show.  It is a confusingly hypnotizing video with a few questions that can be asked after watching it. So, Does Sean Hannity Vape?

Harry Shearer Breaks the News on Twitter

Harry Shearer, the voice of the Simpsons characters and Spinal Tap fame posted the video to his personal Twitter account. This is kind of confusing in itself, as this appears to be the only place that the video has been posted. This begs the questions; why and how? The only thing that I can think of is that Harry Shearer somehow got ahold of the clip through his Simpsons connections. Since Fox distributes both The Simpsons and Hannity, that might not be much of a stretch.

Harry Shearer Tweeted Early This Week That Sean Hannity Was Vaping On His Show

Hannity’s Comments

For what it is worth, Sean Hannity did respond via Twitter as well. “Lol. It’s NOT real. NJoy has advertised on my radio show. I don’t smoke cigars anymore.” Now this makes almost 0 sense all things considered. First of all, if this is not a real video it is one of the most impressive fakes I have ever seen. I do  not know why Harry Shearer of all people would go through the effort of making a video clip of Sean Hannity doing something as innocuous as vaping.

A Video of Sean Hannity Vaping Leaked This Week and We Have it

Second of all, the comment he makes about not smoking cigars anymore is not really relevant. It’s pretty clear in the video that he is smoking an ecig. My thought is that perhaps he thought it was a doctored photo of him smoking an ecig. But that does not really make sense either since he then mentions NJoy in the Tweet as well. Njoy has advertised on his radio program before, so obviously the relationship is there.

Closing Thoughts

As I said above, this is a relatively innocuous thing. It’s 2017 and vaping is pretty common. So why is this simple video so enthralling? Maybe because it shows a relative humanity to a far right news correspondent. It’s a rather silly sight to behold. Conservative Sean Hannity methodically doing an angry dragon after taking a puff off of a vape. It is like seeing a shooting star, or something else equally strange.

Check Out The Leaked Video!

As for the Tweets, who knows? Perhaps Sean Hannity thought that Harry Shearer thought that he was smoking a cigar? Who knows, but I sincerely doubt that the video is fake. Perhaps I just want to live in a world where this goofy 40 second clip is real. I think I just want to live in a world where Sean Hannity vaping is the most controversial thing on the news. So Does Sean Hannity Vape? I am inclined to say yes, but at the very least I hope so.