Expert Vaping recently had the opportunity to speak with a Safe Cig company insider about the recent happenings at the company. This was a rare opportunity as information about the situation taking place at The Safe Cig has been controlled by Seminole and the video they released talking about their new “partnership”.

We too watched the video and were left with questions. So Seminole is partnered with Safe Cig and will be using Safe Cig technology in their line-up of ecigs… but is The Safe Cig coming back and what does this partnership mean for Safe Cig customers?… This is probably the burning question in everyone’s mind.

Though it was one of the first to be introduced to the American public, the Safe Cig is dead.

We had a chat with a former Safe Cig employee who contacted us via the website to give us this breaking news and information…

The Safe Cig Is Dead

The Safe Cig source that we spoke with confirmed to us that the website and brand is officially dead. He told Expert Vaping, “Safe Cig unfortunately is out of business and won’t be back“. Well, that answers that…. but yet, there still remains many questions that are left unanswered as to what happened. Hopefully more of these answers will come to light as this story develops.

Safe Cig unfortunately is out of business and won’t be back

The Seminole brand health e-cigarette was introduced to replace the regular smoker's pack a day habit.

Seminole is The New Safe Cig

If you’ve seen the latest video release from The Safe Cig’s YouTube Channel or read Expert Vaping’s ECig News, you’d know by now that Seminole Ecigs have partnered with them. How that all plays out is a different story. We now know that The Safe Cig is not coming back. We also know that Seminole Ecigs have acquired access to their technology and will be using it in all of their ecigarette products. The contact within Safe Cig that we spoke to stated…

Seminole Unconquered brand is where customers can get refills for Safe Cig products

The Seminole Unconquered brand is exactly the same as Safe Cig except they don’t have all the same flavors

You don’t have to be a mathematician to do the math here and make the equation balance. If the Safe Cig is not coming back and Seminole now uses all of their technology… then it’s safe to assume that Seminole Ecigs are the new Safe Cig, only with different branding and different flavors. Right?

With early pioneers like Safe Cig leaving the spotlight, what happens next is up to those developing new technology.

What This Means For Safe Cig Customers

The Safe Cig is not coming back. This means that you won’t be able to purchase more cartomizers… like… ever! Oh nooooooos! — But hang on…. you can still use that soon-to-be-vintage hardware you still own!

If you are a current Safe Cig customer and own their batteries and chargers, no worries as Seminole has you covered with compatible cartomizers and a whole new line-up of new flavors for you to try. The down side is, if you don’t like those flavors, there’s not much you can do other than to switch to another brand.

Many companies are jumping into the fray to rescue abandoned Safe Cig consumers and are offering free starter kits so current customers can easily get started with another company virtually free of charge.

In summary of this story the Safe Cig has had it's time.

Summary—Where Do We Vape From Here?

For those of you customers out there looking to just start buying from the new owner Seminole, please be aware that Expert Vaping has not tested any of the Seminole products at the time this report was written. Feel free to view our electronic cigarette review but please realize at this time we are not sending any traffic to the Seminole website via direct links until we review their new specific product and give our visitors accurate information so they’re armed before they make a buying decision.

The good news is, we have been contacted by Seminole and are working with them to see if we’d like to review their product. If you would like to see Expert Vaping review the Seminole Tribe’s electronic cigarettes, please visit the contact us page and drop us line and let us know!