Vuse Vapor is the pride and joy of RJ Vapor, a subsidiary of tobacco giant RJ Reynolds. The Vuse electronic cigarette has proven to be a very successful retail cigalike. In fact, it now has 33% of the retail market share. Of course it has a monstrous advantage being able to access RJ Reynolds massive distribution network, As a result of said distribution, Vuse is available in over 100,000 retail locations.

That 33% number does not indicate the entire evapor market, rather that number reflects retail sales from convenience stores, drug stores etc. Basically it refers to the sales at the same places that sell cigarettes. This is only a partial reflection of the ecig industry as a whole. So when Vuse Vapor claims that the Vuse is the top selling ecig in the country that claim is impossible to prove. The best electronic cigarettes products are offered and sold online. Obviously, online vendors are able tooffer prices that retail stores and vape shops can’t compete with.

There is promise built-in to the Vuse e-cig brand with the possibility of job creation in response to growing demand.

The sales figures for Vuse ecigs keep climbing and there is little doubt that vaping is the future. RJ Reynolds is more committed than ever to the future of the Vuse ecig brand. Chief executive and President Susan Cameron is very pleased with the success of Vuse Vapor. Vuse was using a contracted manufacturer but is now ready to move all Vuse Vapor production to its home base in Winston-Salem, NC.

This will add 200 permanent jobs and Reynolds anticipates that Vuse Vapor will create more jobs in the future. “As the vapor category continues to develop, we need to make sure our manufacturing operations are efficient and cost-effective in meeting anticipated demand,” Cameron said. “We look forward to what the future holds for Vuse.”

Cameron referred to moving fast and furious in a “transformed” industry. Transformed is a description that fits. Electronic cigarettes are perhaps the most transformative product in history. Tobacco is essentially being replaced by an electronic device. Is Vuse going to be a big part of the transformation? Well, lets just say it is not in our list of the best ecigarettes but it sure is widely available and heavily promoted.

Vuse Vapor

Though the Vuse e-cig looks and functions similarly to most of it's competitors, it doesn't list the nicotine content on the device or the packaging which is a massive 48mg, 4 times the amount contained in most e-liquids.

Vuse Vapor was launched with a lot of hype and an expensive national TV campaign. The design of the Vuse ecig is a standard cigalike style but with an innovative twist and click cartridge attachment.

We previously tested the twist and click feature for durability and it performed very well. It is a very solid design.

The problem with the Vuse is that the nicotine content is too high. The 4.8 mg nicotine level is literally off the charts for a vaping product.

If you’re trying to quit smoking, Vuse could make your nicotine addiction worse and make your nicotine withdrawal symptoms much more difficult to manage.

Vuse does not disclose the nicotine content on the packaging and that is problematic for anyone who wants to seriously address a cigarette smoking addiction. You need to be made aware of how much nicotine that you will be ingesting. This is very short sighted on the part of Vuse and should be addressed if Reynolds honestly wants to be a part of the transformation their president realizes is happening.

While tobacco giant RJ Reynolds is relatively new to the e-cigarette industry, they have made big bounds with their Vuse vape products.

Vuse is intent on increasing flavor options but the number of flavor options that they are offering pales in comparison to the options provided by leading ecig brands. RJ Reynolds and their RJ Vapor subsidiary are still new to electronic cigarettes and very much in a neophyte stage of development and understanding. In terms of business expertise, power and distribution, RJ Vapor is capable of making inroads but their lack of understanding of vaping is their major hold-back at this point.

Vuse Vapor must also overcome the PR problem of being a Big Tobacco ecig. Vapers do not have a positive view of Big Tobacco and with so many vaping options on the market there is a grass roots sentiment that encourages smokers to not support tobacco companies who are selling ecigarettes. The vaping industry is just getting started and with regulations looming no one is sure what is going to happen next.