RJ Reynolds break out vaping device the Vuse ecig was originally introduced with a big splash and a lot of hype surrounding a device produced by a household name in tobacco products. The Vuse Electronic Cigarette was originally Big Tobacco’s attempt at flexing their marketing muscles to push through the stigma of combustibles and into the vapor market.

Tobacco barons like RJ Reynolds spent billions of dollars making the Vuse Vapor system a product everyone recognized, even dumping one of the most recognized ecig brands, Blu Cigs after paying 27.4 billion to acquire their parent company Lorillard. They certainly got the world’s attention with how much money they spent just to cripple the competition (even if they already owned it). However, taking a look back at the impact this ecigarette made initially, is it still as popular as it once was, and who are the companies stealing their thunder by improving on this streamlined vaping system of convenient availability and standardized components.

The Vuse eCig — Does RJ Reynolds Have Vaping In A Vice?

Vuse vape devices were introduced to world with a glossy, professional commercial campaign, promising to revolutionize the vaping world with what they referred to as the ‘perfect puff’. Reynolds launched an onslaught of marketing that independent vape companies would not have the lobbying power to defend even if they had the budget to create competitive advertising. As a result, the Vuse cigarette rose in popularity steadily, appealing to the gas station and convenience store ecig crowd who knew they could get them conveniently and easily whenever they needed.

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best ejuice in USA

This was the fanfare by which hearalded the arrival of the Vuse ecig in stores all over the world. At the time, the Vuse ecigs release claimed to be the only nicotine vapor device with a sophisticated built in microprocessor that regulated battery function; which was at that time was and remains a lie. Well before the Vuse electronic cigarette found it’s way onto the shelves of mini marts across the country, the vaping industry had created innovative technology with sophisticated microprocessors as some of the earliest developments in regulating the most popular ecigarettes available.

According to an anonymous source that claimed to be involved in the Vuse ecig project at the time, some RJ Reynolds company insiders were making unfounded claims that the rest of the major vape brands were relying on poor quality cartridges made in China that posed a health risk to the American public. However, this too, was found to be a blatant lie cooked up by their marketing team in order to overtake and control the electronic cigarette market. While it’s true some cheap ecigs sold in gas stations are poorly made and as a result may pose dangers to users, the premium electronic cigarette brands maintain a high level of integrity and quality control that big tobacco has neither the interest, nor the honesty to hold their own products to. In fact, some of the most reputable vaping brands have been producing top quality products for over a decade without incident or specific accusation of using vape juice from China.

Within the RJ Reynolds company itself, there was clearly a lack of education about vaping or worse, a sinister plan to vilify the prominent vape companies who opposed to tobacco in general whose products have been pulling the market share away from smoking. Despite their ignorance regarding modern vaping engineering and production practices, Reynolds obviously had the resources to back its Vuse vaping product at a level that even their largest competitors could not match. According to the same anonymous source, Reynolds was attempting to corner 3% of the US vaping market share for the Vuse, a percentage that though small, would end up earning Big Tobacco billions and counting.

Vuse eCig Design — Putting Market Research Before Tech Research

There’s nothing particularly innovative or spectacular about the Vuse, its still your basic entry level cig-a-like design with the standard lithium ion rechargeable battery and flavored nicotine refill cartridges. Initially, they offered only tobacco and menthol flavors. However, to compete with the growing vapor market they have expanded their flavor options to include tropical fruit, melon, fruit and cream, and what they call ‘summer fruit’ tastes. Additionally, The Vuse price continues to fall far below the competitive ecigarette investment spectrum. In fact, the prices were so low initially it raised an immediate red flag about their quality and whether they may be outsourcing their production to China secretly.

While the Vuse Solo starter kit (pictured) was introduced in retail markets for $10.00 to $12.00 it has steadily gone up now nearing $19.00. Meanwhile, they have fazed out the larger ecig starter kit and the popular Vuse Vibe vape pen has been recalled after consumer concerns regarding overheating batteries and fire or explosion dangers which further reinforces suspicions that they were indeed using inferior materials in the production. Instead, their cornerstone vape kits like the Ciro and the Solo are being offered for $2 (plus tax and shipping costs not included) using Vuse electronic cigarette coupon codes offered on their website in an attempt to regain the public’s trust.

That said, they know users will still need replacement Vuse cartridges for the devices they own, creating built-in customer retention by design. Each Vuse cartridge comes in a pack of two for the Vuse Solo or three for the Ciro and originally sold for $6.00 and have also risen to almost $8.00 for the Solo and almost $14.00 for the Ciro, more than twice what the introductory price of the Vuse cartomizers was. It’s a trend you don’t like to see, but sadly it’s expected from a tobacco company.

To explain, with the cost of analog cigarettes steadily on the rise and the hold of tobacco on society falling, they needed to devise a way to regain control over their customers and the electronic cigarette market was an ideal source of income for them to move into. Essentially, introduce affordable products, get users acclimated to using them, then steadily increase prices once you know they are dedicated to your product and the high Vuse nicotine mg count was created by design. Sure it’s more satisfying for users making the switch to vaping, but the 1.5% Ciro and 4.8% nicotine volume of their products are engineered to keep vapers using THEIR products and their’s alone from the beginning.

History of Vuse Vapor Ecigs

At first, the Vuse was released in Colorado and Utah where, according to RJ Reynolds, they control top market share at the retail level. Their next target was Philadelphia, where tobacco sales were strongest at the time and R.J. Reynolds felt that the Vuse ecigarette was a natural fit for the market as vaping was beginning to take off there.

While the folks in Philly were greeted with Vuse signage outside their local 7-11s and gas stations, there was still plenty of competition, even on the local level. The question of the moment was whether the Vuse deserved the hype it had enjoyed through slick marketing campaigns or whether it was just another ecigarette cheap ploy in a fancier packaging that was available on every corner in America.

Great ecig starter kits
ecig starter kits

As a result, you can still expect to see signage advertising the Vuse on the side of liquor stores, and convenience mart windows all over the country, even after their popularity has waned. This is due in part to the incentive programs of large tobacco companies paying smaller retailers to keep these advertisements in their windows or effectively buying retail space on their counters to appear at the convenience of perspective customers. While bigger scale smoking advertising is largely illegal, they can still pay for the pleasure of prominent placement on a privatized level, a loophole not yet closed.

Essentially, its the reason tobacco products appear directly behind the shop employee, framing every visit to remind you to purchase their products. This isn’t by accident, they pay extra for it. Additionally, it’s common that smokers who exclusively try using those cheap vaping devices like the Vuse to make the switch give it a try, but end up simply as an occasional vaper who still smokes cigarettes or worse, eventually just goes back to tobacco as a full time habit, effectively securing big tobacco’s hold on its customers and achieving the complete opposite of what vaping represents.

How Big Tobacco is Shaping The Future of Vaping With Vuse

Consumers all across the country are still currently able find the Vuse ecig on the shelves of their local convenience stores and gas stations. Obviously, RJ Reynolds is aware of the impact that vaping has made on a society where as of 2016 15.5% of the population was still wholly committed to regularly using tobacco. However, as the vaping industry has gained a following from their former customer base, tobacco sales haven been steadily spiraling downward.

As a result, RJ Reynolds has been doing their best to ensure that their profits don’t spiral downward as a result by inserting themselves in the vaping market powered by billions of dollars generated by the sale of harmful tobacco products. Seeing the impact of big tobacco this way, their introduction to the vaping market seems far less innocent and innocuous, they are literally rolling the revenue they have amassed from selling products known to cause cancer into one that people are choosing to get away from them. It’s a vicious circle they can control the spin of and with billions being pumped into strategic marketing, they attempted to sway curious vapers toward their favor as well.

RJ Reynolds and other big tobacco companies had originally sought to crush the fledgling vaping industry when it was still in its infancy, leaving vapers no alternative than to return to their harmful cornerstone products. Clearly, that early plan for dominance failed due in part to the rise of DIY mech mods and high performance box mods which create better vapor and flavor production than any vaping devices seen up to that point. Although, their plan B of attempting to control the vaping world by hostile takeover seems to be keeping them in the game; if you can’t beat ’em from the outside, crush them from the inside .

In fact, RJ Reynolds converted a 70,000 square foot manufacturing space into a specifically dedicated Vuse ecigarette assembly facility. Consequently, the company claims that the Vuse vape device is the “only” electronic cigarette that produces satisfying flavor and vapor consistently. This is a bold claim, given the impressive quality of the best ecig brands operating today presenting serious competition using higher quality components.

A Vuse Review That Asks the Tough Questions

Expert Vaping did test the Vuse vapor system, for a concrete assessment regarding how well it performed regarding nicotine satisfaction, flavor quality, puff counts, battery life or repetitive charge times take a look at our Vuse review for details. Our ecigarette reviews are published only after extensive testing and vast amounts of practical empirical data is collected. Keep in mind, while plenty of companies may make bold claims, very few actually back them up with research and proven experience using the products they talk about or endorse.

This time around, while I tried to create a refreshed, well-rounded review of the device specifically for this article, after a few draws, I began to feel so uncomfortable I couldn’t continue for fear of feeling worse. Comparatively, this only served to reinforce our initial findings from reviewing the Vuse electronic cigarette and reassure us that our first experience held true through the evolution of their designs and technology. Honestly, it was not a pleasant experience.

However, we will apply some additional common sense to the original evaluation. The Vuse ecig was built by corporate tobacco money desperate for an entrance into the vaping market. Initially, this alone raises possible cause for concern given what we know about the harm produced by tobacco products and the harm-inducing carcinogens they freely peddle. That said, the engineers and researchers involved in the design of Vuse may be extremely capable at their jobs, but they may not possess the experience of the top vape brands who have dedicated their business solely to vaping in direct opposition to the tobacco market. Additionally, we weren’t all that impressed with the basic ecig design of the Vuse without any significant improvements in technology or performance to speak of.

The suspiciously low Vuse price instantly rang another alarm bell for those of us experienced with a range of vaping devices. Investing in research & development requires time and money, especially when it comes to a relatively new technology. Reflexively, mimicking pre-packaged products with basic components requires a nominal cost investment that allows anyone to release a product regardless of their intentions. As a result, rushed products tend to cost less, which is why cheap ecigs perform poorly in general and can sometimes pose dangers to public health as in the Vuse Vibe recall.

User Views on the Vuse eCig

While we have our own perspective on the Vuse vape device, it can be helpful to get information directly from those whose opinions matter most, vapers like you and I. Reading user vape reviews about the Vuse vapor system did not provide much helpful info. Understand, it is rare to find vape reviews that live up to our standards of integrity. While most vape reviews throw out a few compliments, discuss the product and only peripherally look at the performance right out of the packaging, to actually take the pulse of the Vuse and discover what people really thought of it, we researched comments from real people that had first hand experiences with the product.

Here’s what some of those users have said on message boards and comment sections from various sources regarding the Vuse ecig, including directly from Expert Vaping readers who requested we re-explore it:

  •  I picked up a Vuse last night and it was far too harsh and caused coughing. I think RJ Reynolds wants people to stick with cigarettes!
  • I was disappointed with the cartridges.  Some cartridges didn’t work or are defective.  When they did work they were only good for about 100 puffs. The battery seemed cheap but the cartridges got pricey when I went through them.
  • Bought the Solo (Solo is the name of a basic Vuse starter kit) and didn’t like the taste. Menthol is very menthol and when I took a pull it kind of choked me up.
  • It was nice to be able to get refills at the gas station but the battery conked out every other day. I also went through two cartridges a day. Not worth it IMO.
  • I bought two starter kits so far, both malfunctioned. Probably won’t buy a third.
  • The cartridges were so inconsistent. The puffs and flavor were all over the place. (emphasis!)
  • After a couple of recharges, the battery seemed to die out completely.
  • You have to draw with a lot of effort to get any vapor. Kind of made me cough.

Most reports also described the need for several slow primer puffs before the Vuse vape pen produced any vapor at all. When it did produce vapor it was reportedly harsh, foul tasting and inconsistent. That said, the harshness may be connected to the high nicotine content of Vuse Solo cartridges which contain 4.8% or 48 mg of nicotine. While the Ciro cartridges have considerably lower nicotine dosage, they are still much higher than most standard vape juice with nicotine. In detail, that is a very strong concentration for users trying to minimize their nicotine intake. Dosages of this nicotine level seems to make the goal of severing their attachment to the stimulant altogether seem distant if simply impossible, something tobacco companies are banking on.

Vuse Nicotine Level Is Only Available in Two Strengths

A 1.8% or 2.4% concentration satisfies man pack per day smokers. If you smoke less than that, switching to Vuse puts you at risk for strengthening your nicotine addiction. Essentially, the best ecigarette companies offer a variety of options to suit the needs of individual smokers. The ‘one size fits all’ approach of Vuse ecigs leaves much to be desired in the way of helping people remain smoke-free.

The Vuse packaging does not detail the nicotine strength on the outside. However, each model including the Ciro, Vibe and Solo have their own predetermined nicotine levels, the latter of which is almost 5 mgIn detail, this is a lot higher than we’d recommend to anyone (2.4) let alone new users. Again, we’ve tried it, the 5 mg gave me a pounding headache before I realized how high the dose was. After that, I refused to put it through any additional testing for fear of feeling worse. 

Vuse Battery Health and Charging Efficiency

Problems with cheap vape batteries are all too common, especially when it comes to devices constructed of poor materials or without extensive quality control. If you do have issues with your Vuse battery, the company advises user ahead of time that they will need to be replaced, but they claim that it should only need replacement every six months. Unfortunately, actual consumer experience would seem to indicate that the batteries need replacing more frequently than the company suggests.

As far as Vuse battery problems specifically, it may be due to poor construction, or it may be a more serious issue of malfunction as in the case of the Vibe. If you feel there is something dangerously wrong with any vape battery, the Vuse ecig included, it’s best to consult with the manufacturer before continuing to use it. You may prevent unwanted accidents or injuries due to devices or accessories not functioning properly.

There’s Something to Be Said for Convenience — Vuse Refills

In order to find some balance to offset our original Vuse reviews, we sought out the experience of the vaping community. Obviously, the most valuable asset of the Vuse is convenience, user like the fact that they can get Vuse cartridges and batteries from local retailers, some that are open 24 hours a day. Specific users actually enjoyed the Vuse nicotine content as well as the flavors and have successfully used it to reduce their tobacco intake. Honestly, in this reviewer’s opinion using any vape device is better than smoking tobacco but top quality vaping products deliver an experience that cheap ecigs cannot possibly measure up to.

Yet another criticism of the Vuse that was fairly common indicated that a lot of folks are adamant about not supporting big tobacco in choosing a path toward being smoke free and refused to even give it an opportunity. Conversely, some users trusted the Vuse product more coming from a source with brand recognition, even if it is a tobacco brand, while others were weary of a manufacturer that would gladly provide them with a product they know to be harmful.

Building A Better eCigarette

Trusted ecig brands like Juul Vapor, White Cloud, Mig Vapor, and Halo are expressly in the business of making products for vaping, not strictly the business of making money which is immediately apparent in the quality of their products. Reflexively, Vuse Vapor appears to be an electronic cigarette that is strictly geared at controlling the market share of an industry that is helping smokers leave their harmful products behind.

To contend for the title of the best electronic cigarette, there are certain primary parameters that have to be met. For example, a battery should give you at least 200 puffs, or around the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes to at least compete with your cravings, never mind the monetary cost. To explain, a battery should last at least the duration of a full deck of tobacco cigarettes, it’s a good sign that the brand has invested in up to date battery technology and quality materials. Additionally, it is a show of good faith that they actually want to see you quit smoking and switch to vaping rather than have to prowl through the night searching for a vapor alternative or just backslide into tobacco.

The Components Are Where eCigs Get Competitive

Not all lithium ion batteries are created equal. The quality of the lithium itself is crucial to the function of the battery and can help to ensure user’s safety when operating their vaping devices. Cheap lithium does not lend itself to a smooth transfer of charged particles and can be dangerously unstable. As a result, the battery has an inconsistent life and can heat improperly leading to fire or even explosion as has been documented in the past.

In addition, the internal microchip that regulates the battery is a central factor to extending battery life and creating consistent vapor. Cheap microchips or processors do not respond as naturally or accurately as the more advanced technology utilized by respected vaping brands. Paying a slightly higher premium to get started may save a lot more in the long run, including your life.

A Look At Pre Filled Vape Cartridges, Pods and Cartomizers

As mentioned, when it comes to the actual vape cartridge, pod or cartomizer, a quality product should give you somewhere in the range of 200 puffs. More than that, those puffs should be consistent in terms of flavor and vapor production from one puff to the next. It should provide the same level of satisfaction you expect and need to live a smoke free existence.

Imagine your first experience drawing vapor from a cigalike and for some reason, the first 5 or so puffs don’t produce any vapor or flavor. Suddenly, the sixth puff actually gives you tons of vapor and overpowering flavor, leading you to believe the vape cartridge was somehow clogged or obstructed. The next draw is a satisfying pull of vapor with the just right amount of smoothness and taste. As you struggle along, putting up with the inconsistency you realize, the output is beginning to thin, you can’t be near 200, and yet, the cartomizer or vape pod seems to be noticeably emptying. Then, after about 50 puffs, the flavor starts to disappear altogether. If this sounds familiar, it’s likely you’ve been vaping cheap vape devices, or at least generically made ecig cartridges produced without concern for their quality or consistency.

The performance of the ecig cartridge is governed by several factors. Firstly, the quality of the vape juice used can often determine the overall consistency. A well-blended, high quality eliquid makes all the difference in regularity of flavor and vapor production. Additionally, a range of nicotine levels is also a major indication of a product that has put serious thought into the needs of consumers before the easy money. This can help you shop for a vape cartridge that delivers precisely what you want and need from an ecigarette in every satisfying puff.

Turning Up the Heat On Coil Quality

In addition to the ejuice, a cartomizer or pod refill will also contain the heating element that produces the vapor. This heating element, or atomizer coil, needs to be made of quality, conductive materials in order to produce potent, fulfilling vapor consistently. A low quality, cheaply produced heating element will not conduct the heat nearly as well as those designed for better performance. As a result, this often leads to a staggering variation in vapor and flavor production from one puff to the next.

Basically, to be a contender for the best vape mods and ecigs according to Expert Vaping standards, a company has to address quality not simply in one aspect, but all of them. Fortunately, many of the top vape brands have done exactly that. The vaping experience that they provide is light years beyond the capabilities of the low quality products being widely offered Vuse ecigs.

Moreover, vaping technology is constantly evolving. The top ecigarette companies are pioneering the leading edge of vape innovations. The brands that have made the grade for us have all met our stringent standards and your expectations should accept nothing less.

From all outward appearances, the Vuse vape system may be better than some of the other cheap electronic cigarettes available, but that has yet to be firmly established. If you look at the top picks that we consider to be the best vaping products available, they have proven performance metrics that we make available to you in our thorough ecigarette reviews. In all, you are much better off going with a proven performer than spending the short money on a device that simply falls short.

To further enhance the case for why you should stick with a tested, trusted and satisfying vapor device, let’s look at the big picture of Vuse price comparison.

How Does The Vuse Price Measure Up To The Competition?

The price tag of the Vuse leaves no doubt that these electronic cigarettes are cheap, well, at least affordable. Cheap does not always mean it’s a poor quality product, however cheap components almost certainly do. With that in mind, many ecig companies are able to offer much better quality at competitive prices. Regardless, you have to calculate the cost of cartomizer or pod refills in addition to the initial price of your chosen vapor device, particularly because this is where they start to get expensive over time.

Remember, you have to buy cartridges to keep using them and the expense of refills should be a sizable part of your calculation when you are looking for the best value vape products. Given the comparison of cost and efficiency of the pods and cartomizers, even an affordable device can end up costing more in the long run. If you consider the cartridge performance of the Vuse as widely reported, a comparable vapor device like the Mig Vapor Trap Pod performs 300% better and is as affordable as it is customizable.

Vuse e cigarette comes with cartridge and charger

That is about a 300% better value as well because the Trap Pods themselves sell for roughly $6.50 each, hold 2ml of liquid and are good for at least five refills. Better still, you can select any nicotine salt vape juice and dosage you prefer and the vapor production is satisfying and consistent. By all accounts the Vuse cannot hold a candle (or more appropriately an ecig) to Mig Vapor products or their stellar customer service reputation.

The Vuse ecigarettes are sold online, but when you purchase them at a retail location there is no recourse for products that don’t live up to expectations from the physical point of sale. When you choose any of the brands on our tested, approved and endorsed ecig list, you are often buying these products directly from the manufacturer. As a result, this means that you have access to customer support, in many cases 24 hours a day. While customer service may not be a top priority when shopping for vaping products, it quickly becomes an issue when you’re without a working vape device.

Opposing Vuse Points — Alternatives to Vuse eCigarettes

One thing to remember is that while the top selling vape starter kits allow consumers an opportunity to buy everything they need at once and save money while doing so, if you don’t see an ecig kit that you like you can always buy and assemble the parts of your choice in components.

As an example, we look at a possible scenario where a beginner pack comes in handy. Let’s say that you just filled up, bought some cigarettes and noticed the Vuse electronic cigarette on the shelf of the gas station. You also noticed that the price was under twenty bucks and you have been wondering about giving vaping a serious chance to help kick your tobacco habit.

How to choose an e cigarette

The price of Vuse electronic cigarettes seems very low and it doesn’t seem like too pricey an investment to give vaping a try. You can get a Vuse ecig kit for roughly the same price as roughly two packs of cigarettes. Intrigued, you go home and surf the Internet with the intent of checking out Vuse vape devices. You, being very fortunate, end up reading this very article!

After doing some research, you have serious concerns about Vuse ecigarettes that may sour you from considering them as a possible first time vape device. Still, it is right there at the store you go to every day, a no hassle purchase at your local gas station and cheap too. You find an ecigarette starter kit cheap and then compare it to a few proven companies and see that the price is higher, in some cases a lot higher, but the more you read, the more you begin to understand why…

Mig Vapor

Although the Juul vs Vuse debate is one that has been raging for some time, mostly because the two are so comparable in a variety of ways, the Mig Vapor Trap Pod blows both of them out of the sky. While each delivers a satisfying dose of nicotine that is meant to satisfy a range of smokers making the switch in an easy-to-use cartridge system that is compact, discreet and fulfilling, the Trap Pod combines the best of everything providing a compact, discreet, satisfying vaping experience that allows for customization from a top quality device that is affordable. The Juul vape system does not use liquid nicotine the way most entry level electronic cigarettes do. Instead, they pioneered a form called nicotine salt which is much closer to the natural state found on tobacco leaves and the Trap Pod is able to use both forms which is valuable when shopping for the perfect vape juice.

As a result, the Trap Pod ecig delivers consistently tasty doses of flavored nicotine vape juice without the harsh throat hit of the Vuse or the limitations of the Juul. Their vape pod system simply snaps into place to refill the flavor and nicotine you need on the go. We haven’t gotten to the best part, although the other two are available almost as widely and accessibly as traditional tobacco products(which already raises red flags), the Trap Pod is fully refillable which means you can source your vape juice from your own preferred brand and flavor ensuring you aren’t left searching for proprietary products that can be expensive and don’t last as long.

Mig Vapor’s Trap Pod is the perfect marriage of convenience, top quality ecigarettes and satisfying nicotine in any tasty flavor and nicotine level you want, but with the knowledge that you aren’t filling the coffers of big tobacco, you’re helping to sustain the future of vaping! Replacement pods are incredibly affordable, convenient to use and refill and the Trap Pod vape pen consistently delivers over 200 puffs per full cartridge by design. In fact, it’s specifically engineered to outperform both the Juul battery life and the pods. Charging it is simple, you simply plug in the power device with their USB charger and slide in a refilled pod, that’s it.

Mig Vapor Trap Pod with two replacement pods on a wooden table with the Mig Vapor logo and a woodland scene in the background

Why To Trust Mig Vapor With Your Nicotine Needs

As it has become as much a part of modern society as hired cars, vaping has enjoyed a certain amount of prominence and the endorsement of influencers. In this way, this independent vape brand has certainly carved out a reputation for itself among the most popular vape brands operating in the market today. Additionally, Mig Vapor is well known for offering the best customer service across the board and that transparency and accessibility is what has secured their name as the most trusted vape brand in the world.

All this is without mentioning that they make a range of devices for every purpose, their Mig 21 vape starter kit is offered with everything you need including vape juice to leave tobacco in your rearview. Part of why the Trap Pod has been so incredibly successful has to do with the simplicity of the system by design combined with the unbelievable affordability as a Juul alternative. Essentially, they took the narrow options offered by Juul and expanded the possibilities of their nic salt device while adding their own tech upgrades to help you get past the overwhelming options of other vaping devices and complicated equipment and directly to a smoke free future almost immediately.

Former smokers have found immense success with the Trap Pod, in many cases eventually preferring it to smoking as their lungs begin to clear. Another invaluable asset to many new vapers is the ability to be discreet about vaping. Though smoking is widely demonized and frowned upon, many users aren’t looking for devices that immediately expose them as vapers either. The Trap Pod pen is brilliant in this way, hiding in plain sight, it looks more like a USB thumb drive than anything related to vaping and users love this aspect of it’s elegant design.

Mig Vapor products have consistently grown in popularity as more former smokers have made the switch. It’s quickly growing to become one of the most commonly used electronic cigarettes in the country and for good reason. Like most nicotine salt optimized ecigarettes, the Trap Pod is designed with smokers in mind, while still offering liquid customization not seen by the competition. If that doesn’t give you the confidence to try it, you’re missing out.

Halo Cigs

Let’s take a look at Halo Cigs. Halo makes excellent quality ecigarettes. Halo also features USA made eliquid that is perfectly blended with USP grade ingredients. The Halo Triton starter kit costs $40.00. The Triton kit is well worth it and you wouldn’t regret buying it but we understand that you may be reluctant. So you think to yourself, “Halo Cigs is probably better quality but I just want try vaping and get an idea what it’s all about, maybe I’ll upgrade later on if I like it. Meanwhile, I get to see what it is like for a lot less if I try Vuse”.

Here’s the thing. The vaping will not be the same. In fact, it probably won’t even be in the same ballpark. Halo Cigs will provide a vaping experience that will really represent what vaping can be, namely an experience that satisfies to such an extent that it just might be a real alternative. You will also be able to choose from 5 colors, over 35 different flavors and 5 different nicotine levels so you can really customize your vaping to suit you.

Here’s what you do. Understand, an electronic cigarette is basically a battery. In most cases it is a rechargeable battery. The cartomizer is a one-piece cartridge containing the atomizer, which is the heating element, and the ejuice. This cartridge screws onto the battery and then you puff on it like you would a regular cigarette. A vape tank is basically a cartomizer that you manually fill with the vape juice of your choice. Honestly, it is really simple when you break it all down.

Halo triton vaping starter kit to quit smoking

Halo Triton Kit Comparison

With that understanding, you can buy basic components. Keeping with Halo Cigs as our example, you can buy a Halo Triton battery for $13.99 or a variable voltage version for $22.oo. That is a powerful 1300 mAh battery, nothing the Vuse ecig has to offer can compare.

Then, you can buy a mini wall charger for $4.99 and a Halo vape tank for $6.50. As mentioned, when it comes to choosing a flavor and nicotine level, you have a huge range of options. If you do the actual math Halo provides you with 175 different options for e-juice alone. Vuse doesn’t get anywhere near that. One bottle of Halo Premium Eliquid, which is made in the USA with the best available ingredients, costs only $7.99 and each single bottle is the equivalent of 20 Vuse cartridges at roughly the same price.

In total you can buy all of this Halo Cigs gear for $33.50. To buy the equivalent in Vuse products you will spend well over $170.oo. Suddenly, the cost of a proven performer is incredibly more affordable and well within your grasp. Not to mention, customizable flavor and nicotine strength of your choice, not just what was on the shelf at the gas station.

If you really want to stick with a  cig-a-like model, the Halo G6 Starter Kit costs $35.00. The G6 also deserves a place on the ballot for the best electronic cigarette. Our Halo G6 review explains everything in detail along with the video review where you can see for yourself. To buy the individual components of the Halo G6 you will spend only $19.00 before vape juice.

The Benefits of Vape Juice Options

As mentioned, if you choose an customizable ecig you will also have a massive amount of flavor and nicotine options to pick from. Choosing a nicotine option is very important, especially for new users. Buying Vuse from your local store you will not be able to choose your nicotine level and your flavor options will be limited. Specifically, tobacco, menthol and a few fruit and spice flavors at a set nicotine level are all that Vuse has to offer.

One common theme that we hear from people that have switched to vaping is the fact that after a while, the taste of tobacco loses all luster. Once vapers enjoy the variety of other flavors, they rarely go back to the taste of tobacco and the mere thought of a cigarette becomes repulsive. More than half of people that switch to vaping prefer flavors completely unrelated to tobacco. There is a decent chance that at some point you will no longer want to be limited to tobacco and menthol flavors.

Get What You Need To Keep Vaping When You Need It

It may seem more convenient to simply buy vaping products in the same manner that you buy cigarettes but the truth is, it is more convenient and discreet to have everything shipped to your mailbox. That said, Vuse has expanded it’s sales options to offer them online, shipped directly to your door. However, keep in mind that Halo Cigs along with the other important vape brands that we recommend, are fast shippers. If you order Halo products now they will probably be on your doorstep within a few days at the most. We can’t speak for Vuse, but reliable delivery of vaping supplies is necessary to your success making the switch.

The moral of the story is that you can certainly do better than the Vuse, infinitely better than plunking your money back into the pockets of big tobacco. In fact, much better if you go with a top-notch ecigarette brand. The initial investment may be a bit more, but the long-term costs will be much more affordable than low-functioning gas station ecigs like the Vuse.

There is no reason to feel compelled to try vaping based on what the big tobacco companies put in front of you at a convenience store. Shop, research and buy an electronic cigarette on YOUR terms, not Big Tobacco’s.

To give you a couple of other potential options, let’s take a look at Mig Vapor and White Cloud.

Mig Vapor

Mig Vapor is a perennial contender for some of the best portable vaporizers and electronic cigarettes year after year. Take a moment to read our ecigarette review content to get a better idea regarding the details of what they offer. Expert Vaping measured the battery life and cartridge life over an extended period and the results were impressively astounding.

Their line of incredibly simple yet powerful vape starter kits are the ideal upgrade for beginners chasing the vapor dream. Our reigning favorites include the Bug Mini kit, the Morpheus Vape Mod Kit and the Neo Sub-Ohm Mod Kit. Each is equipped with built-in rechargeable high-drain batteries to keep you vaping for extended periods before needs a boost of power.

The Bug Mini Vape Mod kit is a compact sub ohm vape pen fitted with a replaceable 1100 mAh rechargeable battery. It’s top-filling 2 ml vape tank is the perfect size for mobile vaping, and comes with a magnetic, color-matched cap to protect the mouthpiece when the device is in a pocket or bag. A stainless steel 0.8 ohm kanthal coil delivers rich, delicious vapor with every puff of this little fireplug.

The Mig Vapor e-cigarette starter kit comes with two devices, a spare cartomizer tip, charging units in USB and wall plug, a container of designer e-juice and a simple, black leather carrying case for safe storage.

Both the Morpheus and Neo sub ohm kits are similarly priced, comparably functional and each comes standard with a matching sub ohm vape tank. Each mod kit includes a 0.2 and 0.4-ohm coils that will satisfy vapers who favor big vapor or poignant flavor. Both mods are capable of generating up to 100 watts of active vaping power depending on the coil fixed to the tank.

To speak a little about the differences between these two vape mod starter kits, the Morpheus is fitted with a 3000 mAh internal, replaceable battery, while the Neo has a 4500 mAh replaceable unit. The Morpheus tank has a 3ml capacity which is a good size for on-the-go vaping. However, the Neo dwarfs that amount with a 4ml vape juice tank. Obviously, the Morpheus is a bit more compact with a streamlined tube design, while the Neo has the very classic box mod setup.

Brilliantly, Mig Vapor’s genius is in their ability to deliver a robust, satisfying vape experience from simple, easy-to-use ecigs and mods. While these units may appear complicated, they are no more complex than any other entry level device. To explain, the biggest difference is that their components and functions are modular.

Essentially, users get an advanced vapor output with beginner aptitude. This not only helps to acclimate them to the feeling and ritual of vapor but allows them to explore the possibilities of advanced function without being overwhelmed with confusing concepts.

Compared with the Vuse, there is an unbelievable potential for customization and performance. While they require a seemingly steep investment initially, in the long run they are an incredible value by comparison. Check out Mig Vapor’s product line and see what they have to offer for yourself.

White Cloud Cigarettes

White Cloud Cigarettes is an American innovator that has to be included in any conversation about the best ecigarette. Notably, White Cloud moved their entire cartridge production operation to the USA some years back. Voted as one of Tampa’s top employers, the company demonstrates that how the vaping industry has helped toward making the USA a country that once again builds things.

White Cloud electronic cigarettes are simply fantastic to use. Their high-end battery life is second to none. White Cloud’s proprietary “Clear Draw” technology makes their cartridges about the smoothest that you will find. Drawing on a White Cloud ecigarette is effortless. The vape cartridges are long-lasting and come in more than 20 different flavors with 6 different nicotine level options.

Again, we have all of the specifics available for you in our White Cloud review and related videos. We recommend the Cirrus 3X Starter Kit which sells for $89.99. Once again for the purposes of of an ecigarette comparison with Vuse, we will be looking at the Cirrus 2 Starter Kit.

The Cirrus 2 Starter Kit comes with 2 batteries, a USB charger, and a pack of 5 cartridges. The cost is $39.95. The equivalent in Vuse products would cost $32.00 to $36.00. In terms of cost these products are not too far apart, but performance wise, that’s another story.

White cloud cirrus 2 e cigarette kit

White Cloud cartomizers last for 350 – 400 puffs. That is the same as almost 2 packs of cigarettes for each single cartridge. You can buy a 5 pack of cartridges for $15.95 each. That’s about $3.25 per cartridge which is an outstanding value. Visit White Cloud eCigarettes and check it out. Look at the ecig starter kits and cartridge flavors.

Checking The Rear Vuse — Conclusions About Big Tobacco’s eCigarette

Ultimately, the choice is yours. You’ve got a lot of options. You don’t have to buy the ecigs that Big Tobacco wants you to buy off of store shelves. Make a clear choice on your own terms.

The companies that we recommend are also consistent performers with flavors that are pleasing to your taste buds and satisfying vapor without being harsh or overwhelming. Our staff and readers also contribute ecigarette reviews where you can get honest ratings based on input from people that have first hand experience with the brands in question.

The number one reason that you should stick to one of the reputable brands is that you want a smoking alternative that works. That’s why we are all in this. That’s why our ecig reviews are so in-depth and so stringent. We cannot compromise our integrity and neither should you.

The problem with a brand like Vuse Vapor is that an unsuspecting individual may try it and think that vaping is not for them. They may also be led to an unfortunate conclusion that vaping is really unsatisfying and does not work at all.

Vaping with the best ecigarettes that suit your specific needs makes a world of difference. It can be not only a game changer, but a life changer. The ability to find a product you love and stick with it is yours, but we believe in the vaping and a smoke free future for everyone.