The Right To Be Smoke Free is a vaping advocacy group comprised of several vaping companies as well as regional advocacy groups. Together, they have formed a national coalition. Some of the companies involved in this fight for your vaping rights are NicQuid, Cosmic Fog, Vapor Shark and of course Mt Baker Vapor. All of the companies involved are small independent companies as opposed to big businesses.

How is this fight going to play out? It will be in court. There are several lawsuits around the country and potentially more to come. The Right To Be Smoke Free coalition lawsuit is in full swing and in the following interview, you will hear about the details and what is truly at stake. In this interview, Azim, the attorney representing the vaping community (follow Azim at @ecigattorney) discusses aspects of the law suit. Right To Be Smoke Free is accepting additional plaintiffs so if you are a vape company or vape shop owner, you may want to get involved.

Right To Be Smoke Free Has Vaper’s Interests In Mind

This is a great interview. One of my favorite parts is where Tristan and Azim talk about the vaping industry. Vaping truly emerged out of the biggest recession that the US has experienced since the 1930s. At a time when opportunities were scarce, the entrepreneurial spirit of many Americans was recharged thanks to vaping. In one fell swoop, entrepreneurs could help people avoid cigarettes while at the same time building a business and creating new jobs. That’s who the FDA is crushing, small business.

You have the CDPH and other special interests using words like “Big Vape” to put an evil spin on who is involved in the industry. There are no billion dollar companies, it is a coalition of small business under attack from special interests. That’s the reality. It is job creating entrepreneurs under attack. That is the reality. It is the lives of millions of smokers being totally discounted. That is the reality.

This is not going to be an easy fight. Considering smoking kills 480,000 Americans a year, it is clearly a fight that we cannot afford to lose.