The Wall Street Journal is reporting that retail ecig sales are slowing down. Sales numbers are still growing overall, but at a 57% rate as opposed to the triple digit growth rates of the last several years. Financial analysts are beginning to theorize that ecigs will not actually challenge cigarette sales.

The products that have seen the slowest growth, and in some cases even a reduction in sales, are the convenience store cigalikes. It was speculated that the reason that electronic cigarettes are slowing in growth is because the products are not satisfying. The article described that the nicotine from an electronic cigarette takes longer to be absorbed that nicotine from smoke. That much is true and that’s because tobacco companies put ammonia into tobacco to accelerate nicotine absorption.

According to statistics, cig-a-like vape devices sold in convenience stores have seen significant falls in sales.

The Wall Street Journal ecig article quoted several Vuse and Blu customers who were unsatisfied and had resumed or simultaneously smoked cigarettes. One user reported Vuse as “harsh”. The Journal and the consumer in question are totally unaware that Vuse has a 4.8 mg nicotine level which explains the harshness.

The best vapor products do perform at a level far beyond what Vuse and other retail ecigs are capable of delivering. There are a number of high quality electronic cigarette products available from online American ecig companies and those sales figures were not factored into the analysis reported in the Journal.

Vape shops have seen a slower growth as well. Vape shops do sell better products than convenience stores and no doubt vape shops have been hit by sales taxes, negative media and other factors. For example another factor is that people are looking for better quality eliquids as opposed to vape shop blended ejuices. Where vape shops are most vulnerable, however, is their inability to match online ecig prices of American ecig companies that are now making the best products. Once upon a time, the best vape products were imports but nowadays companies like VaporFi, Apollo and Halo are establishing the quality and performance standards.

Where Are Customers Going For Quality eCigs?

There are a variety of sources to which consumers are seeking out and purchasing quality and authentic e-cigarette products.

While the pundits look at a fraction of the picture and paint a portrait based on the limited information that they have, they are missing the real action in the ecig industry. The fact is the consumers are getting the best ecigs products at the best prices by buying online.

If the number crunchers would like to see the real indicators, they need to be looking at internet search traffic for all vapor related products. The Wall Street analysts are making their judgments based on understanding only a portion of what is truly happening. It is like judging a football game based on watching one quarter.

Had the analysts bothered to check search stats and online activity, they would have seen a dramatic increase. Vaping consumers are becoming far savvier and taking full advantage of their buying power. The trend is moving toward vaping being a majority online business. So although the growth is slowing, the Wall Street numbers are probably not accurate.

The days of 400% yearly growth may be over and there is little doubt that the fever pitch of negative and misleading vaping information being circulated by the mainstream media is having an effect. A recent Harvard survey showed that by and large the American public is being badly misinformed about electronic cigarettes.

A study by Harvard University shows that most Americans are drastically misinformed on the facts about vaping.

In spite of the fact that the biggest ecig myths have been thoroughly debunked, most media outlets still report falsehoods about electronic cigarettes on a daily basis. There is little doubt that the negative media and lies about ecigs are putting smoker’s lives at risk and slowing the growth of vaping. Despite this, millions of people are finding excellent vaping products online and putting down cigarettes.

The trend toward consumers focusing on buying ecigs online is something that many online vendors and American ecig companies have noticed. Consumers are able to access the best ecig products and avoid retail markups by buying direct. People may try a Vuse but ultimately they are going to move toward better products and those are available online.

The actual figures for online sales are not available but judging by search volumes and online interest, it is clear that consumers are simply moving less toward inferior retail products and moving toward the better quality, more satisfying electronic cigarette products that are available online.