Your right to vape is coming under attack from all corners. The misinformation and manipulated data is always leading headlines and misleading the public about vaping. We see it all the time! Recently, the headlines were screaming about diacetyl and popcorn lung. In all the hubbub the mainstream media never reported that tobacco cigarettes have hundreds of times more diacetyl than ejuice. They could care less about facts, not when a scary headline will increase readership and revenue.

The fact is that many eliquids do contain diacetyl but it is easy to avoid. Many of the best ejuice makers offer diactyl free eliquid which eliminates any risk of popcorn lung. Of course, the media never talks about this either. They have no clue what they are talking about.

Popcorn lung is a condition caused by repeated vaping of e-liquid that contain the chemical additive diacetyl.

The constant misinformation being perpetuated by established special interests is having an unfortunate impact. A recent Harvard vaping survey study showed that most Americans are misinformed about ecigs. This despite the fact that the CDC’s own data shows that vaping is having a positive impact on smoking rates. In all of this, your right to vape is at risk.

Duncan Hunter Fights For Vapers Not Big Tobacco

The regulations that may be about to be imposed on the vaping industry could potentially be disastrous for the majority of vape shops and ecig brands. The majority of lawmakers traditionally side with established special interests and that spells bad news. But, there are some lawmakers who are on the side of vaping.

According to a Harvard University study of vaping the condition called popcorn lung is cause by the chemical additive diacetyl.

Rep Duncan Hunter of California recently published a piece in The Hill where he staunchly defended vaping. In fact, Rep Hunter is himself a vaper. He described that during his military career, including three combat tours, he would smoke cigarettes or even chew tobacco. Now, he opts to vape.

Rep. Duncan says he vapes because he does not want to smoke and he knows vaping is not smoking. He says he vapes because it might save his life. That is the reason that we all support vaping and that is the reason that we applaud Rep. Hunter Duncan.

While most politicians play the go along to get along game, it is reassuring to know that there are still some politicians in Washington who are willing to make a stand and fight for what is right. Rep Hunter has made his feelings clear to house leadership and he will continue to fight for the truth about vaping.

California Rep Duncan Hunter not only endorses vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking he's a vaper himself.

The FDA should wise up.  And if their true goal is to reduce cigarette use, then imposing a prohibition of sorts on e-cigarettes is senseless.  Then again, maybe the FDA is counting on a surge in lighter sales to account for the cost—personal and financial—of their ill-conceived regulation.

The fact is that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. To attack vaping will only serve the purpose of encouraging continued smoking.