We have been getting this question a lot lately. What is a refillable e-cig that looks like a cigarette? Basically people want to know if there is a cigalike cartridge, often called a cartomizer, that can be manually refilled with the e-liquid of their choice. Well there are refillable electronic cigarette cartridges that can be refilled and a couple of them in particular are pretty bleeping good.

Most ecig refill cartridges are pre-filled and when you exhaust the e-juice you throw the cartridge away and put on a new one. Two minor issues with that. One, pre-filled cartridges are available in only so many flavor options. Two, it’s kind of a waste to throw it away after one use. You can get more mileage out of a cartridge, and more option, by using a refillable e-cigarette cartridge with your cigalike.

Itemized diagram of how a cartomizer functions with accompanied descriptions of what each part does.

There may be a lot of vapers out there who read this and ask “why would anyone want a cigalike when you could have a powerful, diverse mod capable of massive vapor production?” I understand the question but we also have to understand that many people do not want a complex mod and are not necessarily looking for massive vapor.

Obviously, if you are no longer using cigalikes at all then this information won’t apply to you. But, even mod users might want to consider a cigalike electronic cigarette as a back-up or for travel. The two-piece cigalike design remains the easiest and most convenient type of electronic cigarette to use.

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Refillable E-cig Cartomizers

Before we get all the way into refillable e-cig cartomizers, let’s go back and do a little electronic cigarette 101. A cigalike is a cigarette style ecig that looks like a cigarette. Many people like to start out with a cigalike to mimic their habit. The other thing about a cigalike is how easy to use they are. Simply attach a cartridge to a battery and thats it. There is no mess and no fuss.

E-cig refill cartridges are sometimes called cartomizers because they are a combination of a cartridge and an atomizer. The idea behind the design of the cartomizer was to make vaping easy and accessible. It was and remains a terrific design for many vapers. Green Smoke has sold more than 50 million of these products so you know that many people still want the basic cigalike design. Refillable e-cigs are are still easy to use but require a bit more work.

green smoke e cigarettes has sold over 50 million cartomizers

A refillable e-cig does take a bit more involvement. You will have to remove the top cap of the cigalike refill cartridge then drip in about 1 ml of e-liquid. You should always take a few basic safety precautions when refilling an ecigarette. You don’t want to get ejuice on your skin but if you do, and you probably will, you will want to wash your hands afterward because you can absorb nicotine through the skin.

When vaping with a refillable e-cig that uses cartomizers, you will not get a very good performance with a think VG eliquid. You will want an eliquid that has more PG than VG or a 50/50 blend. You can learn more about e-liquid and e-juice here.

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Benefits Of Using Refillable Cartomizers

So why bother with a refillable electronic cigarette? The main benefits of using refillable cartomizers are choice and value. With pre-filled cartomizer you will only have so many choices. Most companies offer between five to ten electronic cigarette cartridge flavors. Conversely, there are tens of thousands of e-liquid flavors out there. Variety is the spice of life and refillable cartomizers allow you to enjoy virtually any 50/50 or PG eliquid with your cigalike.

The other benefit of using a refillable e-cigarette cartridge is that you will get more value. A full cartomizer contains about 1 ml of e-juice. A 15 ml bottle of e-liquid costs about $10 and a 30 ml bottle is under $20. So doing the math a 30 ml bottle of ejuice will provide the same amount of vaping as 30 refill cartridges for a fraction of the cost. You can use a blank cartomizer about 8 times before you have to throw it away.

Halo G6 Blank Cartomizers

Halo was one of the first American vape brands and remains, in our opinion, one of the best. They have no big tobacco connection, they are all about vaping. In fact, they are at the forefront of fighting for your right to be smoke free with vapor. The Halo G6 is one of the best cigalikes on the market bar none. It is certainly far superior to anything being sold behind the counter of gas stations and convenience stores.

If you ever write to Expert Vaping you will probably be talking to Lacey. Well it so happens that Lacey switched with the Halo G6 years ago and she still uses it today and she has no intention of even trying anything else! The Halo G6 is one of the top electronic cigarettes for beginners. There are a lot of us at Expert Vaping who still enjoy cigalikes so you are not alone. Oh and yes, Lacey does use the refillable cartridges from Halo and they work fantastically well. Feel free to contact us and ask her all about it.

Halo G6 blank refill cartomizer bases in white, gray and blue.

Halo Cigs offers blank cartomizers that you can refill with any appropriate e-juice. By the way, halo has some of the best e-liquid on the planet, just saying! Everyone agrees with that, not breaking any big news there. Anyway, Refillable G6 ecig cartridges come in 10 different colors and a five pack sells for $6.99. Each one can be used up to 8 times so this will give you the mileage of 40 pre-filled cartomizers.

Halo G6 Ecig

When you go to the Halo Cigs website using the link below, check out the G6 starter kit. It costs only $35 and comes with 5 pre-filled cartridges. You will also see all of the G6 accessories which includes the blank G6 refillable e-cig as well as a mini tank that can be attached to the G6 ecig battery.

Halo G6 e-cig kit including cartomizer, chargers, and refill cartridges in a sleek black box.

When you buy the blank G6 cartridges, or the mini tank if you want, you will also need some e-juice. When you by Halo e-juice you will see two options presented, standard or high VG. Make sure to pick the STANDARD e-juice to use with refillable electronic cigarette cartridges that work with the G6.

Use Halo coupon code Expert Vaping5 to save 5% off of your purchase.

Mig Vapor Refillable E-Cig

The Mig Vapor refillable e-cig is first on our list for a very compelling reason. New and better technology. For the most part, the vaporizing technology in a cigalike has changed very little in the last few years. Most of the industry has focussed their attention of building bigger and bigger mods. While Mig Vapor has developed some powerful sub ohm mods like the Morpheus, they are also the company that has pushed the bar forward for cigalikes, too.

Mig Vapor has invested in the R&D required to take cigalike cartridges to the next level. They worked with Kangertech to improve the atomizer performance and how it vaporizes stored e-liquid. They now offer cutting edge refillable e-cig cartridge technology that no one else has.

Mig Vapor blank refillable cartridges in red.

In addition to Mig Vapor’s refillable e-cig technology for cigalikes, they alos have the incredibly popular Mig 21 Clear Fusion tanks which are also refillable and will work on Mig Vapor cigarette style ecigarettes. When you go to the Mig Vapor website, and we will have the link below, you will see a number of cigarette style kit options starting at under $30.

Mig Vapor Blank Refills

Mig Vapor blank refills come in packs of five and sell for only $9.35. You can choose from among four colors. Another bonus here is that the Mig Vapor blank refill cartomizers are compatible with an KR808 cigalike battery. So there is a pretty good chance that these will work with your current cigalike battery.

Amber e-liquid being poured and dripped into an empty refillable e-cig cartridge with new cotton or poly material inside.

You can also buy a tool to make removing the top cap from the cartridge very easy. Cartridges have an atomizer resistance of 2.5 ohms which is ideal for cigalike batteries that fire at 4.2 volts. Mig Vapor recommends that you can re-use the cartridges four times.

If you are looking for a refillable e-cig that will work with a cigarette style design, Mig Vapor has both the blank cartomizers and the Clear Fusion. You will be able to see all of these choices on the Mig Vapor website when you select “Electronic Cigarettes” and then you will see the cigarette style kits as well as the Mig 21 kits.