It’s happening at different locations all over the world. While smokers are switching to vapor and organizations like Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians are asserting that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking, regulators are pushing against vaping. In some extreme cases, electronic cigarette companies are not even allowed to compare their products in relation to tobacco. The effort to curtail tobacco harm is being drastically confined and vaping is under attack.

Even in China where smoking rates are extreme and where most vapor products are made, regulators are attempting to limit vaping. Current smokers are misinformed about vaping and electronic cigarettes and the products are demonized by media on a regular basis. The PR war against ecigs is having an impact as many people actually see vaping and smoking as similarly risky.

Research is proving that not only is vaping and e-cigarettes safer than smoking tobacco, they are saving lives of those who switch.

Fortunately, the science is mounting in favor of vaping. Scare studies are now being debunked on a regular basis and being exposed as data dredged malarky. For example, the notion that vaping leads to smoking, especially teen smoking, has been discredited although few in the general public are aware.

The Reason Foundation And Vaping

The Reason Foundation is a Libertarian American based think tank dedicated to non-partisan public policy research. Reason believes in individual liberty, free markets and innovation. They also understand that vaping saves lives and that smokers deserve the option. They also believe that in order for the potential benefits of vaping to be fully realized, innovation is key. The regulators around the world seem determined to stifle innovation.

In a working paper on the Vapour Revolution, authors Julian Morris and Amir Ullah Khan explore the state of smoking and the potential of vaping to save lives. The authors discuss that while there may be some concerns about vaping, stifling growth and innovation will only hurt public health outcomes for current and future tobacco smokers.

The Reason Foundation, a place for free minds and free markets, defends research that suggests that vaping is not only safer than smoking but may save lives.

The authors understand vaping and the history of innovation. In fact, they did their homework and found out that the initial innovations derived from individual vapers experimenting and enhancing devices to extract a better performance. This goes back to how the term “mod” was initially born. vapers would ‘modify’ basic cigalike devices to operate with more powerful, larger batteries to generate additional vapor. I am impressed by the depth of the research and the knowledge of the evolution of vaping that you never see from journalists covering the industry.

This deeper understanding and research led the authors to the conclusion that vapor is saving lives. We are seeing that study after study shows that vapor is 95% safer than smoke, though companies are not allowed to repeat the results and analysis of apparently scurrilous groups like those shady Royal College of Physicians!

In the end, the Reason Foundation concluded that what is needed is regulation that encourages choice and innovation. They call on the World Health Organization and its Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (the FCTC) to consider all of the new and mounting evidence and to caution against impediments to enabling a viable vapor market in their respective countries. In other words, don’t regulate vaping into obscurity. There are too many lives on the line.