Big Tobacco player R.J Reynolds has released a commercial for their own e-cigarette called the Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette system. The newest family member has been introduced to R.J Reynolds products, and they’re planning on running a nationwide advertising campaign for it.

The Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette System comes with spare e-cigarette cartridges.

This shouldn’t come as much surprise since we’ve all been watching e-cigarettes grow for the past few years. Up until last year competitor Blu Cigs was a privately held company, but they were subsequently bought by the Lorillard Inc. tobacco company for $135 million (April 2012).

Winston-Salem & Camel tobacco company, R.J Reynolds says “this new electronic cigarette promises to offer vapers unsatisfied with the products available on the market today the ‘perfect puff.’ The Vuse e-cig is  available exclusively to Colorado, until R.J. Reynolds decides to go national. No info on it’s national release date has been given yet, due to the competitive market.

Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette Announcement

We’re a little skeptical of such a strong proclamation, as there are a few e-cigarette companies that have been in the electronic cigarette industry for years, some since 2007. With R.J Reynolds being so new to the industry, it’ll be interesting to see how well all of this plays out. Broad claims such as “VUSE is powered by Smart Technology which is designed to monitor and regulate the power, heat and cartridge performance to ensure a perfect puff first time, every time” are doubtfully true. There are bigger, more veteran, players in the market today that still can’t seem to get every aspect of their devices perfect.

We can’t say too much here at Expert Vaping since are not in possession of the  yet to be released Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette System. However, by looking at the images that have been released, it’s clear that the folks behind Vuse have given a great deal of thought to the product’s presentation, looks, and packaging. Hopefully they put as much effort into the actual e-cigarette components.

Did someone say V-Liquid instead of E-Liquid?

The Vuse Vibe c-cig system comes with a replaceable pre-filled tank.

Along with announcing their Vuse e-cigarette, R.J Reynolds made it known that they’ll have their own line of liquid nicotine, what they call “V-liquid.” They’re starting to get fancy with this e-cig stuff now, aren’t they? The V-liquid is essentially e-liquid but with a V in front of it. Hopefully with all of the commotion coming from the Vuse release, the e-liquids that accompany it are decently flavored.

Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette – Lets Talk Prices

The Vuse e-cig will consist of two kits. R.J Reynolds states that there will be a single rechargeable e-cig kit called “VUSE Solo” and a starter kit called “VUSE System.” We’ve outlined them below.

Vuse Solo: $10

  • 1 Rechargeable battery,
  • 1 Cartridge and 1 usb charger
  • Vuse Solo can be purchased in Tobacco Flavor, or Menthol

Vuse System: $30

  • 1 rechargeable battery
  • 3 cartridges;  two tobacco and one menthol
  • 1 Usb charger
  • 1 AC adapter
  • 1 Carrying case

The Vuse Solo digital vapor cigarette kit in menthol is one of the easiest more accessible e-cigs on the market.

So now that we’ve got prices floating around, everything sounds cheap doesn’t it? From a distance, if you’re not familiar with e-cigarettes, then yes…it looks cheap. On the other hand, where is the second battery? There are typically two batteries that come with an e-cigarette starter kit. Guess what? You have to buy the other battery. Since their Vuse Solo goes for only $10, you could just buy one of those and get an extra cartridge as well as an extra USB charger, but then you just spent $40 and some pocket change for tax.

All of these prices could change by the time the Vuse product goes out onto the market but, for what it sells for only $30, we’re not sure that this product is very high quality, or even worthy of praise. In the e-cig industry, you get what you pay for and thus – I personally don’t expect this product to do well, but we won’t really know until it is officially released. For now though….until the Vuse products are on shelves across America, all we can do is take a look at this commercial, and wait for it to arrive.

As of October 2014, Vuse Vapor is now available in all 50 states although not in every retail location. It will take a little more time until the entire distribution network is filled but it will happen..

If Vuse caught your attention and made you decide to put down your tobacco cigarettes and give electronic cigarettes a try that is great! It is important to remember however, when it comes to electronic cigarettes you have a lot of options.

Take advantage of your consumer power and consider those options and make the best choice for yourself. We highly recommend that you read our recent article that compares the Vuse ecig to other top leading e-cigarette brands.

Here are a few reputable vape brands we recommend: