Taking your fate out of the hands of tobacco addiction and putting it back in your own hands is not easy but the benefits are amazing and every cigarette you avoid is a victory. We have put together a quitting smoking timeline and we think that you will find the facts to be both surprising and encouraging.

It is a very common experience to get a few weeks into a new year and already many of our best intended resolutions have already fallen by the way side. For millions of people around the world their pledge to quit smoking in this year has already faltered. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t quit quitting. Start again, now.

There are a lot of tools out there to help you quit smoking. Seeking help is a brave step and one well worth taking.

American Cancer Society’s quitting smoking resources

American Heart Association’s quit smoking resources

Lung Association quit smoking support

National Cancer Institute quit smoking hotline: 1-877-448-7848

Canadian Cancer Society quitting smoking support line: 1-877-513-5333

Smoke Free United Kingdom

Quit Now Australia

For those of you that have quit, either through using e-cigarettes, cold turkey, patches or whatever means necessary … congratulations! You are well on your way to a new lease on life, literally.

Using e-cigarettes to quit smoking has worked for many people. E-cigs have a lot of opponents with a vested interest in their failure although they are gaining more and more allies as time progresses and common sense begins to prevail. Many early e-cig studies by paid experts have been discredited while the majority of the data compiled has indicated that e-cigarettes are an ally in the fight to end smoking.

Surveys have shown that a majority of practicing physicians actually recommend e-cigs to their patients. The American Heart Association and Cancer Society, once staunch opponents of e-cigs, have now softened their stance as they have come to realize that substituting 3 non-carcinogenic, pharmaceutical and food grade compounds for 7000 toxic chemicals is a no brainer.

At the end of the day, you have all of the options. Whatever you decide to do to get away from tobacco will be worth the effort. You have a lot to gain!

Quit Smoking Timeline

Have you quit yet? Are you thinking about quitting smoking or at least switching to e-cigs? Yes, there will be cravings and it will not be easy but every day that you stay away from tobacco is a huge victory for you and your health.

Minutes After Quitting Smoking

What is the best way to quit smoking

Once you decide that tobacco has got to go, the benefits start rolling in very shortly after. For example, if you have your last cigarette and then sit down to watch an episode of Hawaii Five 0 (its a great show by the way) – by the time the second series of commercials comes on you are already benefiting from quitting.

Yep, just 20 minutes after your last cigarette your heart rate will start heading back toward normal levels. 20 minutes in and you are already healthier. It happens that fast.

Hours After Quitting Smoking

A couple or three hours after last lighting up you will probably find that your cravings are really starting to kick up a fuss. You may even begin to feel anxious and wonder how you are going to last. Keep calm! Really. If you are making the switch to ecigs then you may want to try vapor as an alternative. Just understand that those cravings and anxiety are a normal part of the process.

blood pressure hours after having a cigarette

We’ve talked about the hard part but now the news gets really good. Within mere hours of your last smoke your blood pressure, along with your heart rate, are reduced and will be at normal or near normal levels. The body is completely amazing, you have to admit. You may even experience improved circulation in the extremities. Yup, your toesies may feel warmer. Just hours after quitting and you can already count the victories.

12 Hours After You Quit Smoking

When you burn something, you get carbon monoxide. At higher concentrations, carbon monoxide is toxic. CO toxicity causes a laundry list of health issues. It is particularly bad for your body’s ability to move oxygen, which is crucial to health. When you smoke, you suck a lot of this chemical into your body. That’s not good.

Here’s what is good. 12 hours after you stubbed out or stomped on your last cigarette, your body is dumping carbon monoxide garbage from your body and your blood oxygen level will pretty much be back to normal. In just 12 hours your body is already becoming a more oxygen rich, cleaner environment. 12 hours later, and you are a much healthier person already.

what to expect after quitting smoking

This is why you should never be discouraged. If you quit smoking for 12 hours you have accomplished something. If you have a relapse, don’t be discouraged, you have still gained from quitting, even for 12 hours. All you have to do is quit again. Quit as many times as it takes and always remember you are victorious with each passing moment.

12 Hours After You Quit Smoking

We all know that smokers are at much greater risk of having a heart attack. The experts have pegged the odds at about a 70% greater risk. That’s a universal truth that all smokers accept. Many smokers dread the future knowing that smoking will probably catch up to them at some point. You know, take heart smokers because it does not have to be that way. This is truly amazing.

what happens a day after quitting smoking

It does not matter if you have been smoking for four weeks or four decades …. one day, 24 hours, after smoking your last cigarette your risk of heart attack begins to decrease. I mean, how amazing is that? One day and your health risks have already been cut. How much that risk goes down is obviously variable but, your risk does go down. This is phenomenal news.

12 Hours After You Quit Smoking

two days after I quit smoking

Years of smoking has deadened your nerve endings and limited your senses. You may think you like coffee or the smell of fresh cut grass but the truth of the matter is that your ability to experience taste and smell sensations is limited. Your vitality and ‘joie de vivre’ are not what they could be. When you decide to ditch tobacco, all of that changes.

Two days after your last taste of tobacco, your nerve ending regenerate. It is a mini-miracle and the result, for you, is a more vibrant world with richer smells and tastes. You have probably heard about how when you quit smoking you can suddenly taste your food, well that’s the boat you are in after just two days.

3 Days After Quitting Cigarettes

No one said that this would be easy. Three days after finishing your last cigarette the last of the nicotine will be flushed from your body. Your cravings will be strong. Even with a nicotine replacement such as an e-cig or patch, it can be tough. There may be headaches and aggravation.

This is where your support structure counts. Let your family, friends and colleagues know that you are quitting smoking and they will be on your side, even if you have moments of grumpiness. Take your mind off of your craving.

Vaping may help and using the best e-cigs may make a difference. Don’t buy a low quality e-cig from some gas station, it is bound to leave you unsatisfied and grumpier. Make sure you are buying a quality e-cigarette.

72 hours after my last cigarette

If you are using another form of nicotine replacement, it is equally important that you do your homework.

The bottom line, however, is that you need to focus on the fact that you have not smoked for three days. That is an awesome thing! You are doing amazingly well at this point. Your health is better and you are on a bright path.

Take your mind off of your craving. Treat yourself! Think about how healthy you are getting. get out, move around and feel good about what you have done.

3 Weeks After Quitting Smoking

Withing a few weeks of quitting smoking there is a whole lot going on and it is all good. At the two week mark, the nicotine cravings should be down to a crawl if not gone altogether. If you are vaping, you may want to consider reducing your nicotine if your goal is non-nicotine vaping at some point.

Habit formation is generally about a three week process and not smoking cigarettes is starting to become your new normal.

three weeks after I quit smoking

Also within this time frame, your body continues to regenerate. The tiny air sacs in your lungs should be more clear and your circulation will be vastly improved. You will notice huge differences. You should feel less winded. You should feel better period.

You really need to take a bow at this point. You are well on your way. Enjoy the resurgence of your health, go for a run! You are going to be able to do a lot of things that you could not do as a smoker.

30 Days To Nine Months After Quitting Tobacco

lungs healthier after you stop smoking

For the next several months after you quit smoking, your lungs will be getting rid of a bunch of mucus. Vapers report having the same experience. What is going on is the regeneration of your lungs.

The air sacs shed themselves of mucus and begin operating as designed. The transfer of oxygen becomes a smoother process and your lungs feel better. You will notice the difference because you will be breathing easier. Much easier than you have in a long time.

One Year After You Quit Smoking Cigarettes

If you keep quitting and never give up there will come a day when you will look back over an entire smoke free year. If you keep trying it will happen. After you have not smoked for a year you need to take a moment and think about that. After all, you have achieved something incredible.

One year after your last smelly, toxic cigarette you have cut your risk of heart disease in half. In half. That is not a misprint, this is true data. One year and you have already put yourself on a path where the future is a lot brighter and a lot less limited.

stopped smoking after a year

You have also saved about $2,000! It would be perfectly appropriate to treat yourself! How about a vacation, someplace warm. Lay on a hammock in the shade and just enjoy.

If you have achieved this by vaping ecigs, you have probably saved $1,500 over the last year. Celebrate, you deserve it!

Five Years After You Quit Smoking

Five years after you stop smoking cigarettes, after that last burnt smell is extinguished, you basically get a do over. Your risk factors will have decreases so dramatically that your risk of stoke, for example, is almost the same as that of someone that has never smoked in their lives.

what happens 5 years after you quit smoking

Every year that you quit smoking, your own timeline grows to be more expansive and more inclusive. Not only do you increase your chance of living longer but you will be able to do so much more with your life. Tobacco risk factors will no longer hold you back from your possibility. You take over your fate from tobacco.

The future is yours. You did it! You can do it!