A Philip Morris ecigarette that allows you to pay as you puff and track your useage! What do you think?

While trying to figure out what is the best electronic cigarette for you, there must have been many ecig brands and functionalities to go through. But this new Philip Morris ecigarette now in development is probably nothing like what you have seen or even thought about.

Sure, it has e-liquid and a battery like all e-cigs do, but this time it brings a new concept to the table that is strangely functional: a puff as you go feature.

Smart Electronic Cigarettes?

Companies are beginning to introduce smart e-cigs that can be customized with bluetooth technology or USB firmware upgrades.

The proposed “smart” electronic cigarette isn’t entirely revolutionary. The idea of an e-cig that can track your usage and connect via wifi or Bluetooth is not only not new, there are already some ecig companies that put out such a model.

Philip Morris adds a twist in their patent which lets you buy daily or weekly smoking time that would let you activate and use the e-cig.

This could serve the purpose of saving the end user some money, especially with those of us on a tight budget, but it could also do more because of its psychological pressure.

Switching to e-cigarettes typically saves the end user a ton of money, because, frankly, e-liquid (either on its own or in a cartridge) is a lot less expensive than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

They are cheaper at their base, but also because they aren’t currently subject to the same heavy tobacco tax levied on traditional cigarettes. The idea here isn’t necessarily to only spare your wallet, but also to make you cognizant of how much you spend and consequently how much you use your e-cigarette.

This measure of control over how much you “vape” on your e-cig could go a long way in you reaching your long-term goal, whatever that may be.

While the product is still only in sketch form, a patent was filed for the new Philip Morris ecigarette and the company appears to be at least somewhat serious. We bet they would like their ecig to be the answer to the commonly asked “what is the best electronic cigarette” question, whether it be this one or a different idea.

Philip Morris And The Evapor Business

Philip Morris and their parent company Altria own one of the largest, best selling e-cigarette companies Green Smoke.

When you are Philip Morris and you have loads of cash to spend along with a dwindling customer base, you have to throw what you have behind concepts that could keep the company afloat down the line. They are well aware that the future is the evapor business.

The way the new Philip Morris ecigarette can use the “smart” potential of their proposed product is clever in its own right.

As we mentioned, the idea is that consumers can buy smoking time for which to use their own e-cigarette. It is explained succinctly within this ecig news article in The Atlantic.

According to an Article published in The Atlantic, Philip Morris is trying to create an online e-cig that tracks users and charges them according to usage.

The author writes “For example, the user buys daily or weekly or monthly smoking time from the Internet application supported on the PC, or the user obtains smoking time credits based on cigarettes and other smoking articles bought via the Internet application.” This would obviously be a big step in moving e-cigarette technology closer to that of other high tech products.

If TVs, Refrigerators, and even houses can be “smart” then why can’t your ecig do the same?

Maybe the question shouldn’t be why can’t they, but rather should they. In the same article, the author points out “when you connect some previously dumb object to the Internet, it can be both hacked, and you can be tracked.” With your new smart e-cig tracking your use, habits, and even health, would you want to risk any of that data getting out there?

Critics have been asking why would big tobacco companies enter the e-cig market if not to control it the same way they do with cigarettes.

For some, it is the price to pay for technology and moving forward to stay in this modern world. But for others, the price of privacy and potential bad intent by those who hacked your information is way too much of a price to pay.

It is only part of a much larger conversation about technology and where it is going, but for us here at Expert Vaping the ecigarette aspect matters most. For now we’ll have to wait for one of these smart ecigs to get out there and be popular enough to see how people really feel about it. In the meantime we’ll keep looking at sketches and wondering to ourselves what the future holds for the electronic cigarette revolution.