A 20 year old Orange Coast College student is recovering from burns after an ecig that he was carrying in his pocket exploded into flames. He was skateboarding on campus when suddenly he realized that his clothes were on fire. A quick thinking friend put out the flames with a t-shirt. Paramedics took the man to a burn center where he was treated for 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

In this case the fire damage was too extensive to be able to determine what kind of battery was involved and or what type of ecig. We can only speculate but the odds are good that the type of ecig was either a clone or a low quality product. The quality of the ecig that you choose is important. There are no standards set and many manufacturers  are less than scrupulous. That’s why Expert Vaping exists, to help people avoid low quality ecigarettes.

Exploded vape batteries leave mostly shrapnel and scrap metal in their wake.

Anytime an e-cig blows up there is always a hysteria. There are now even law firms looking for cases to sue when an e-cig blows up. We in the vaping community are all too aware of the media lust for any chance to cover vaping and ecigs as negatively as possible. But the other side of the coin here is that some ecig batteries can be volatile and it is worth taking precautions.

Mishandling batteries

Captain Chris Coates of the Costa Mesa Fire Department said that how we carry an ecig is an issue. Coates said “Those batteries, if they come in contact with either metal, copper, keys for example or coins, if you have those in your pocket, that’s what’s causing the issue.”

Coates urged that vape batteries need to be stored separately from each other and not to carry them in pockets with other metallic objects like keys or coins. Those metals can react with the batteries and cause serious problems. He also recommends not leaving ecig batteries on a charger unattended.

The Costa Mesa Fire Department answered a call that turned out to be burns due to an exploding vape battery that was likely improperly produced and insulated.

Vape batteries can be very powerful and store a lot of energy. Obviously some are better and more stable than others. The quality manufacturers stand out and those are the ones that we recommend. The other side of that coin is that there are 600 ecig factories in China and many are producing low quality, less stable clones or are simply making junk.

So be careful and take precautions. Lithium ion batteries are known to be volatile and we have seen a number of incidents with hoverboards and laptops as well. Stick to quality and don’t carry your vape in your pocket next to your keys and coins. Look for the best quality vape products and e-liquids from leading American brands.