It’s almost Christmas Eve and you find yourself running low on supplies, are you thinking about online vape stores? Probably not. You are probably frantically looking for the car keys so you can zoom over to your local vape shop and get what you need right away. That type of thinking isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s just a little dated. I know, saying anything having do with ecigs is dated sounds kind of funny because of how young the industry is, but it’s the approach to online shopping that is dated.

Everyone likes to be able to go in and physically pick up what they are about to buy before they buy it. There is something very natural about placing that packaged box in your hand, turning it over, and making a decision. But ignoring the convenience of online vape stores will actually hurt you in the long run. You can get online vape juice, for instance, at a much better price than you can at your local vape shop. But that’s just one example, because you really are able to get almost anything you normally buy at a physical location at a better price via online vape stores.

Online vape stores are sometimes more reliable than brick and mortar locations with no knowledge of their e-liquid origins.

Sometimes people just get too hung up with what they think the buying experience is going to be like online and go into default mode. That would be, let me check out what Bob’s Vapes or Joe’s Juices has in stock today. Once you are there, you’re probably going to bite the bullet and get something, even if it isn’t exactly what you want. What you may tell yourself is that at least the stuff you are buying now is more reliable than what you would find online.

Online Vape Stores Just As Reliable

But that’s where you would be wrong. Online vape stores are just as reliable if not more so than your local vape shop. If you purchase from any of the vape brands we recommend, you can rest assured knowing you are getting a quality product. Whether it’s ecig juice, batteries, atomizers, cartridges, or really whatever you can think of, you know that they have all passed quality control before being shipped out to you. In fact, it’s likely that they will more rigorous standards than your local vape shop due to the sheer volume that is going through their warehouses.

When shopping for vape products it's important to buy products from reliable online retailers in order to protect yourself from dangerous products.

Online vape stores are also reliable in getting you your products on time. That is the advantage of vape shops or any physical store location, that you can get what you need right away. Except that vape shops can also run out of stock, or simply have a smaller selection. If you don’t live in a decent sized city, you may have to drive pretty far just to get to one in the first place. This is where online shopping racks up the win. You can sit in front of your computer and compare dozens of companies, finding online vape juice or ecig products in general is easy. And there are so many options to choose from within each of those companies.

With high-speed shipping, you won’t wait very long to get your products at all. Companies like Green Smoke offer free shipping and nearly everyone will be able to overnight you products if you are really in a pinch (that costs extra of course, but at least it’s available). Online vape stores really give you the flexibility of buying what you want when you want it. Plus you can read all the consumer reviews you want to help you make a decision on what to go with, instead of a salesperson that may be thinking about his commission.

Online Vape Shops For Imported Vape Products

Direct Vapor offers online consumers the largest selection of e-cig products at the guaranteed lowest prices.

While we at Expert Vaping tend to focus a lot on American ecigs companies, many of the most popular ecig products are the imported brands like Kangertech, Aspire, Smok, eLeaf and many more.

There are a couple of reasons that we feel strongly about the US ecig brands. One, we test them and know them and the quality is the best. Now, if you ask a vape shop owner they may disagree but they are wrong. The American brands are innovative and producing very high quality products.

Another advantage of buying a US brand is the opportunity to buy direct and deal with an American company including American customer service representatives. Now, a lot of long-term vapers will accuse US brands of simply rebranding and yes some do. But when they rebrand they are choosing the best products and not marking up prices. As a prime example the Halo Reactor is like the eLeaf 50 watt but is offered at a lower price with a stringer warranty from Halo. In other cases, the US companies submit innovative designs that are improvements over the imprted products.

The US brands do not have as high a profit margin as the imported brands so it is harder to find them in retail locations. With all of this said, there are certainly some very high quality imports. Products like the Sigelei, Kangertech and Aspire devices are among the best.

Shopping online frequently offers better quality products at a lower price due to competition, you get a higher quality of e-juice for less money.

When buying imported vape products online, you have to be very careful. There is a ton of fakes and counterfeits out there. Number one, do not buy from Amazon or eBay. Most of those sellers are Alibaba wantrepreneurs who have no idea if they are buying authentic or not. Cross Amazon and eBay off your list. Think about this, there are 600 ecig factories in China and most of them, hundreds of them, have one purpose and that is to knock off the leading ecig products. The market is flooded with fake Aspires, Snow Wolfs, Kanger tanks and more. It is a serious problem.

If you like the imported vape products, and we at Expert Vaping like a ot of them too, just make sure that you buy online from a reputable vendor. The best choice by far is Direct Vapor. Direct Vapor is a no clone zone, they know what they are doing and you will always get 100% authentic products and the best proces guarnateed and always free delivery.

Online Vape Juice A Better Value

What it really comes down to is that buying online vape juice is just a better value for your money. That isn’t a knock on vape shops or that their owners are greedy and want to rip you off. It’s just that they aren’t able to match the prices of online vape stores due to the business model of having a physical store location.

It isn’t an easy thing, and unfortunately customers end up having to pay for that too. If there is added value in buying from a vape shop then maybe you are willing to pay for that.

Not only is there a better chance you receive genuine products, but consumers tend to receive a better value by buying things online.

But often that isn’t the case. Some vape shop experiences will be great, while others not as much. Some will have lots of high quality stuff in stock, while others just won’t. You don’t really know what you are getting before you walk in the door of one, especially if you aren’t a regular customer of theirs. With online vape shops it is really simple and straightforward. They’ll almost always have what you want and you can still get great customer service via email or live chat functions of company websites.

Maybe this doesn’t help you right now as you are still shuffling for your keys and trying to figure out if there is a vape shop open near you. Once you get to that point, you’ll need to run out and get something to hold you over. The idea is to get into the habit of frequenting online vape shops so that you can order ahead of time and save some money. Most of them have auto-order setups so that you really won’t ever run out of what you need, it will just get there to you on time and when you need it. There are many reasons why you should make 2016 the year of online vape shops. For now, make sure you have enough to get you through Christmas. Then check out one of our top ranked brands and start saving for next year’s presents.

Happy Vaping!