The economy has come a long way since the recession of 2008 and 2009, the worst recession since the 1930s. Despite the recovery, many sectors of the economy remain sluggish and investors have been doing very well with Altria. The Big Tobacco giant has enjoyed steady growth and increasing share prices despite the reduction in smoking rates. Part of the success has been the acquisition of Green Smoke electronic cigarettes and the development of the Mark Ten ecigs.

Altria has been revamping their e-commerce web sites and along with increased prices for cigarettes the profits have remained strong. Green Smoke electronic cigarettes in particular have provided a major boon to the company. Other Big Tobacco companies have also purchased existing ecig companies but Green Smoke was the top rated ecig company according to many Green Smoke reviews posted online. Their ecigs are better according to many people. Green Smoke operated on an online model so in one fell swoop Altria acquired a leading ecig company with built in e-commerce expertise. green smoke was an online only company when it was purchased by altria

Since that time, Altria has launched the subsidiary NuMark. NuMark oversees Green Smoke as well as their own electronic cigarette creation, the Mark Ten electronic cigarette. The Mark Ten operated on a strictly retail model for its first year but now NuMark does make Mark Ten ecigs available online.

In a reversal of sorts, NuMark has announced that they will be using their massive distribution abilities to start selling Green Smoke is stores.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

It is not known what form Green Smoke electronic cigarettes will take on in retail. In a retail environment there is only so much shelf space and most vapers enjoy a wide selection of options. That is why Green Smoke has been successful, not only do they make the best cigalikes in the view of many, also they have sold 50 million products so they are obviously doing something right, but they do offer customers options. Options are a much more difficult prospect in retail.

Green Smoke ecigs phased out disposables some time ago but the Essentials kit is one of three Green Smoke e-cig starter kits that best fits the retail model. Also most retail ecig brands sell their ecig refill cartridges in packs of two where as Green Smoke Flavormax cartridges are sold in packs of five. This is a better value for customers. If Green Smoke decides to use the two-pack model it is likely that most of their customers will buy online.

green smoke will receive a large boon from its new brick and mortar locations

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes will potentially enjoy a huge benefit by being made available at the retail level and perhaps even getting a nation wide marketing push. Altria’s competitor RJ Reynolds launched the Vuse ecig a couple years back and gave it a nation wide ad campaign. The Vuse e-cigarette enjoyed a hugely successful launch. At the same time, there was no similar ad effort from Altria to promote either the Mark Ten or Green Smoke e-vapor.

We will see what happens! Will Green Smoke take over the lead in retail market share? They very well could.