To try nicotine free vape is easy, simply choose one of the copious available flavors of zero strength e-juices on the market and give it a try. They are available in similar PG / VG blends, and can be used in exactly the same vaping devices. In additon, users report that the flavors taste significantly better with zero strength vape juices.

Part of this is certainly due to the taste buds not being dulled by the alkaloidal additive, which some report has a distinct pepper-like kick to it. However, the main advantage of vaping 0mg e-juice is the freedom.  First, and most importantly, the freedom from the cycle of addiction and withdrawal.

However, there is additionally the freedom to enjoy vaping for its own sake without feeling like you have to. In other words, vaping evolves from a choice you make to give up tobacco, to a choice whether to vape because you simply enjoy it and not because you need to. With that in mind, does getting to 0% mean that it’s an entirely safe pastime?

Giving up nicotine may enhance the flavors of food

Nicotine Free Vape Effects

What was once a continuous search for a simulated act of harm, at least suddenly becomes a pleasant experience. In fact, it can change the way taste buds function. While many former smokers report enhanced flavor of their food after quitting, this may be a result of the effects of nicotine on the tongue.

Essentially, giving up the nicotine in your vapor has the potential to enhance the flavors you’ve already been enjoying. Removing nicotine from your juice effectively turns your flavor volume up to eleven. You have the possibility to taste infinitely more than the suggestion of a familiar food or drink but recreating it in a delicious cloud of vapor.

Although it may seem like a reason for concern coughing after quitting could be a good sign of your lungs cleaning of harmful deposits

Healthier Throat

Nicotine content is the primary cause of what smokers making the switch frequently refer to as throat hits. Essentially, a throat hit is the sensation of nicotine vapor as it interacts with the esophagus. In detail, this feeling is in essence, an irritant tingling a part of your body that happens to simulate an aspect of smoking tobacco due to the existence of nicotine.

When you remove nicotine from your vapor that constant irritation to the esophagus is no longer present in the experience. As a result, this means fewer sore throats and less coughing due to repetitive exposure to high doses of nicotine. The heat from the vapor will still cause some slight aggravation to the lining of the throat, but this is minimal when compared to the alternative.

The effects of switching to zero nicotine vape can seem like a drastic change, almost as strange as the first time trying an e-cig. However, the benefits far outweigh the attributes you may potentially miss when they’re gone. After all, for many vapers the end goal of vaping was to permanently remove their attachment to nicotine from their lives all together.

Moving to nicotine free vape is the next step in living a life without any vices. Vapers Who continuously use non nicotine vape are able to pick up their e-cigs when they want to without ever feeling like they can’t be without it.