Discovering you can try nicotine free vape cartridges can change the road ahead for many vapers. Finding e-liquid with no nicotine is a prospect that crosses the mind of most vapers eventually. When you begin to feel that you’re ready to quit nicotine forever and being nicotine dependent, zero nicotine cartridges and eJuices are the way to go.

There are so many YouTube testimonials that can be found of individuals who are ranting and raving about how they quit smoking completely by using an electronic cigarette and gradually working their way down in milligrams of nicotine towards the goal of zero. In response, big eCig brands have created a range of prefilled e-cig cartridges and nicotine free vape juice options to help users step their way down to total freedom.

Even electronic cigarette companies such as South Beach Smoke are offering zero nicotine options for their kits and cartridge refills.

People who start vaping with the intention of becoming 100% nicotine free are able to continuously lower their nicotine intake over time until they reach the final level of zero nicotine cartridges or 0mg nicotine dosage.

Buying electronic cigarettes without nicotine is fairly simple once you understand your preferences and acclimate to vaping. Many users pick up their first eCig with the ultimate goal to quit nicotine completely from the first puff. Some of them are able to work towards this goal gradually and actually achieve independence from nicotine. However, others find vaping without nicotine a high bar to reach, many argue they enjoyed smoking too much to break free from the stimulant completely even after quitting smoking.

I personally happen to be one of those individuals that will argue that I enjoy smoking and find no reason to lower my intake…however I know I eventually will. – Ray (Team Expert Vaping)

Once you’ve decided to try nicotine free vape or eCigarette cartridges, having the right equipment helps, but the discipline is yours to uphold. You may have support from friends and family, but ultimately its up to you to stay smoke and nicotine free. That said, speaking from personal experience, give it a month, a strong, solid month and it’s likely you will lose that insane craving for cigarettes without nicotine to hold you back.  In fact, studies say nicotine is fully cleansed from your system in three days, after that it’s mostly the ritual that remains. It’s all about maintaining your strength of will and commitment to vaping without nicotine.

Everything has positives and negatives, e-cigarettes are no exception.

The Beauty Of Electronic Cigarettes Without Nicotine

Buying an electronic cigarette without nicotine or using non nicotine vape juice has it’s pro’s and it’s cons like anything. We explore the cons first, because in all reality – there are fewer cons than pros.


  • Nicotine withdrawal symptoms – each user will experience different effects of breaking the hold of the stimulant
  • Decrease in throat hit – nicotine is a contributing factor along with PG to creating the throat hit users experience


  • You’re still fulfilling the hand to mouth ritual and sensation associated with smoking or vaping
  • The vapor production is just as plentiful as it was prior – possibly more so dependent on the nicotine free vape juice you use, many vaper prefer low or no Nic e-liquid for bigger cloud production
  • You will still have a satisfying vapor experience that provides fulfilling lung hits
  • Most companies offer non nicotine flavors in the same varieties to make the 0mg nicotine conversion almost seamless.

What’s truly important is that being able to lower your nicotine intake be made a simple process with an attainable goal. The reasons for giving up nicotine are clear, but getting there is the tough part. When you begin your search for where to buy eCig cartridges with zero nicotine you should be aware of a few things beforehand regarding your options and some details that can affect your overall success.

The most popular reason people are taking up vaping is as a tool to quit smoking.

Prefilled eCig Cartridges Without Nicotine Vs. Non Nicotine Vape Juice

Non nicotine vape juice ingredients are essentially the same as regular e-juice just without the stimulant included in the mixture. Prefilled e-cig cartridges or cartomizers without nicotine are made specifically for e-cigarettes that are produced by the masses for a broader audience, and they’ve been tested for quality by a range of expert review panels before being marketed and sold to the public. So when you purchase nicotine free vape cartridges from a highly reputable e-cig brand you can be sure there is a universal fit to the battery you use due to millions of other customers and vapers buying these products as well.

Buying quality flavored nicotine free e-liquids can be an overwhelming task with so many eJuice companies offering similar products. Most non-nicotine vape juices lose their throat hit, while other zero nicotine vapes can lose their flavors or generally taste bad. This can be especially true for non nicotine eJuice made outside of the United States. To make the process of finding the best non nicotine e-juice flavors a less frustrating task for you, we tested out some of the top vape juice companies that we feel are producing outstanding quality vape without nicotine:

Pre-filled Cartridges – Top Nicotine Free Vape Cartridge Brands

  • White Cloud
  • Green Smoke
  • Halo Cigs
  • Apollo eCigs
  • V2 Cigs

E-liquid Without Nicotine – Our Top Picks

  • Mig Vapor
  • Vaporfi
  • V2 Cigs
  • Halo Cigs
  • Black Note

Halo Purity offers many flavors of their American made e-liquid with zero nicotine.

Going with either or any of the above non nicotine vape brands with help you get the best quality eLiquid that performs as wonderfully without the stimulant. Just make sure that if you’re going to buy e-liquid that you’re using refillable tanks or cartridges.

Experiencing the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal while using nicotine free vape will vary in variety, magnitude and intensity depending on your experience and how big the steps you’re taking in a single change of nicotine dosage. Although some users adapt easily, others may require more than a few days to clear it from their system, but don’t give up, it will happen. Being able to use electronic cigarettes without nicotine is unbelievably helpful for clearing it’s hold on your life. There’s just something about seeing the vapor, and the hand to mouth ritual that reminds you enough of smoking to fulfill the need without the notably harmful results of smoking specifically. Hopefully this article is helpful in taking the next step to living a life of vaping without nicotine, and gives you an idea of what to look forward to from nicotine free vape sensations and effects. Good luck out there, it’s worth it!