Are you looking for a non nicotine vape juice or maybe you know someone who wants to cut down their nicotine intake. You are not alone. A nicotine free vape products are an option that many of the most popular ecig companies offer. Choosing the right vape juice or device for your personal needs is a decision that requires some research, luckily, we did most of the work for you.

While a lot of people find contentment with vaping, comfortable with the knowledge that they aren’t doing the same level of harm to their bodies that combustion does. There is a rising group of vapers whose ultimate goal is to break free of both tobacco and nicotine completely. Although they have already reduced the harm caused by tobacco ravaging their bodies, they want to be completely liberated from the hold of nicotine as well. This noble mission to shed their nicotine addiction altogether isn’t an easy one on its own, but with the aid of products like nicotine free vape juice, the process of finding the ultimate freedom is just on the horizon and Expert Vaping is here to help.

At Expert Vaping we like to think we provide a bit more than just the number one source for the most trusted vape reviews on the web. While we’re proud to be your source for vape news, ecigarette advice, and the best vape deals, promotions and more, it’s equally important that the vaping community find value within these pages from information that’s relevant to their lives. As a result, we try to provide useful information that vapers can apply to their journey through the world of vaping and experience the benefits that we ourselves value.

With that in mind, if we recommend a to vape brand, we hope you feel you can trust that we have tested it extensively and would not endorse a product we wouldn’t be overjoyed to use ourselves. Our standards for quality are unyielding and incredibly high, which is why we provide our users with comprehensive reviews rather than outright recommendations. When we find true value and utility in a popular vape mod or ecigarette starter kit, it’s tough to stop talking about it simply because we’re impressed, which doesn’t happen often.

Discovering the Best Nicotine Free Vape Devices and eLiquids

Even if you plan on vaping without nicotine, you still need a top tier vaping device, ecigarette or vape pen that is capable of producing fulfilling vapor to ease the transition of kicking your attachment. In addition, it helps to focus on vape brands that utilize high quality ingredients and already have positive reviews to reinforce their promises. This way, you’ll be prepared for the effects and flavor changes to your vapor without nicotine which can be significant as you may initially feel like something is missing, because it is, the nicotine!

Without nicotine some vape juice can have altered flavor and vapor production depending on how it’s produced, even if it’s an ejuice brand or flavor you have extensive experience with in the past. The bottom line is that even if you plan on eliminating nicotine from your life totally, which is a worthy goal for many, it’s crucial not to make any compromises on the quality of the product. Every brand that we will discuss sources their ingredients from origins of the highest quality to bring you a premium nicotine free vape that is sure to help ease your transition to living without the stimulant.

The range of cigarette strange to nicotine content ranges from no nicotine to a whopping 36mg.

How To Find A Quality Non Nicotine Vape Product

If you are currently looking for a nicotine free vape juice or if you have your sights set on eventually working your way down to vaping without nicotine there are a few important things to keep in mind on your search. Firstly, you can find non nicotine ecigarettes and vape juice. A majority of the best ecigs and vape mods do offer a zero nicotine option right from the first puff. This means if you want to try taking in your vapor nicotine free you can start there and it will be like going cold turkey while having vaping as a tool to help you transition.

That said, be wary of electronic cigarettes and vape pens with singular or limited nicotine options to start with, it will be difficult to change your level without having to invest in an entirely new vape starter kit or pod mod system. Make sure that the zero nicotine option is at least available before you make an investment.

Second, if your goal is to work your way down to non nicotine ecigs, we want you to know we believe in you, many of us at Expert Vaping, particularly the cloud chasers on our staff love nicotine free vape juice and value it for the cloud density without the addition of the stimulant. If you can live without it, you can pump out some impressively dense vapor!

Third, while electronic cigarettes do give you the ability to control your nicotine intake, it is especially important that you choose the right nicotine levels to begin with. For example, if you are a relatively light smoker and you choose a strong nicotine option from the first puff, then you could actually make your nicotine addiction worse, as many users are finding with the Juul ecig which only offers one, dauntingly high dosage for all their pods. It’s best to find out which nicotine level is right for you before jumping right in to vaping. We have plenty of useful articles and resources to help you find a starting range, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we’re always glad to point people in the right direction to help them get started vaping with a positive experience that highlights all that making the switch has to offer.

If you are ready to step down to non nicotine vape immediately, you should prepare yourself for a different vaping experience than you’ve experienced thus far. The sensation you get won’t be quite the same, even with an advanced vape mod or ecig starter kit. To use an analogy, it could be as drastic as the feeling of switching from regular coffee to decaf. Prepare yourself, there will likely be an adjustment period in which your body becomes acclimated to living without nicotine.

Is there any difference between no nicotine vape and traditional vaping with nicotine? Short answer is yes, physiologically, biologically, depending how long you smoked cigarettes, how high your vape juice with nicotine dosage was, there will be a visible difference beyond just the flavor and vapor production. In fact, chances are you will notice a significant difference initially, that feeling like you forgot to lock your front door, or left the oven on, something will feel off, underserved and lacking.

Obviously, the throat hit will not be as strong and the nicotine euphoria will be completely absent. In addition, there is a strong potential that you might experience some level of nicotine withdrawal.

Symptoms of nicotine withdrawal can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Increase in appetite
  • Feelings of restlessness or frustration

These symptoms don’t necessarily pose any significant health risks alone, however, be aware that you may experience some of them and potentially let your family know what you are trying to do in case they become concerned about your change in mood or behavior. That said, don’t be discouraged! These symptoms are natural and they will pass as your body adjusts to existing without the need for nicotine.

Scientific experts have measured how many mg of nicotine is in a cigarette and additionally they know how much of that your body actually absorbs. Bioavailability of nicotine in a smoker’s system is measurable in a smoker’s blood in a system called nanogram. While it surely will not be easy to reduce that level of nicotine to zero, you can do it and the achievement you take away from it has infinite value towards your quality of life.

One way to minimize the symptoms is to gradually reduce your nicotine consumption over time by “stepping down”. The best way to do this is a slow reduction incrementally decreasing the nicotine level of your vape juice, pods and cartridges. Many of the best vape brands offer a range of nicotine options that allow you to do exactly that by design, knowing that the possibility of giving up nicotine entirely is the ultimate goal of many beginning vapers.

Vaping Without Nicotine

Many vapers, having successfully made the switch from tobacco cigarettes, are ready for the second frontier of their will to escape nicotine addiction altogether. Getting to the point where you can use electronic cigarettes without nicotine is a journey that you need to prepare for.

First thing we must note is that when you buy an ecigarette from a gas station, you may not even know the nicotine content. Some very popular brands, like the Vuse or Juul pen actually have sky-high nicotine levels of 48 and 59 mg per milliliter! Other popular brands, like Mark Ten, have only one option so there is no way to reduce on any type of gradient.

To begin your journey into ridding your life of nicotine dependence from tobacco cigarettes or vaping itself it will be helpful to select one of the top ecigarettes that allow you step down. While there are plenty of nicotine free cigarettes available, they still require combustion and many have their own tar byproducts even without any tobacco. Investing in the right equipment that is able to vaporize the non nicotine vape juice of your choosing and preferred flavor.

Understand, the best electronic cigarettes available offer a consistently satisfying experience in every puff, there is no drop off of flavor or vapor production, this way when you switch to nicotine free vape, you hardly notice any performance differences. This is a critical factor because vaping low quality ecigarettes may mean that your nicotine intake will vary from every draw, effectively throwing off the system of stepping down as the dosage wavers wildly and you find yourself chain vaping just to fill your cravings. It ends up being a massive stumbling block when you’re making a concerned effort to reduce your intake of nicotine.

You need consistency and reliability to give you a stable platform to help you gradually wean yourself away from its hold on your body. The best vape starter kits do offer consistency, but not all of them offer a non-nicotine electronic cigarette. In fact, the Juul only offers a single, excessively strong nicotine dosage with no options for stepping down at all. Deciding which ecig is right for you requires a bit of trial and error for most of us. However, don’t worry, Expert Vaping has done a ton of homework on your behalf to help you get started towards being nicotine free without the hassle of buying products you don’t know anything about first hand.

Our Favorite eCigs With No Nicotine Vape Capability

Mig Vapor Trap Pod with two replacement pods on a wooden table with the Mig Vapor logo and a woodland scene in the background

Mig Vapor

While there has been a lot of buzz about nicotine salt devices that deliver high dosages of nicotine without harsh throat hits aimed at former cigarette smokers looking to switch to a nicotine free option, the most popular devices only offer a singularly massive dose. However, in response to the growing popularity of these compact ecigs, the most trusted vape brand in the industry Mig Vapor created a pod mod system that allows users to not only effectively experience the benefits of nic salts, but to use their own preferred vape juice in the refillable pods as well. Enter the Trap Pod, a discreet stealthy, handheld vape pen with replaceable pods that users can refill with whatever eliquid they choose.

Although many users enjoy the simplicity and narrow field of choice offered by devices like the Juul pen, they quickly realize that once they begin with an excessive dosage of nicotine there is no way for them to step down without purchasing a completely new device or ecig starter kit that allows them to reach their no nicotine vape goal. That said, the Trap Pod drastically improves on this kind of pod vape system by offering replaceable, refillable pod vape cartridges that are good for between five and eight full cycles of vaping.

Mig Vapor’s nicotine salt stealth vape pen is about the most affordable compact device available at roughly half the cost of the competition and because you refill it with your own preferred ejuice, you save infinitely more money just by using it. Each Trap Pod itself has an internally build coil and wick system and they are unbelievably affordable. For the cost of two gas station ecigs, you get over five times the value in one investment, which is impressive.

We cannot say enough great things about the Trap Pod, it was as if all our hopes and dreams were fulfilled by the release of a single, affordable device. It’s true we all love our advanced vape mods and drippers, there are just some situations and moments when even we want something subtle and discreet to take on the go without carrying a bunch of heavy equipment. The ability to simply slide this little vape device into a pocket or have it disappear into the palm of your hand is so valuable for those of us who know the struggle of constantly having a big heavy multiple vape battery mod in tow.

Their nicotine levels offered not including nic salts are offered in:

  • 24 mg of nicotine
  • 18 mg of nicotine
  • 12 mg of nicotine
  • 6 mg of nicotine
  • 3 mg of nicotine
  • 1.5 mg of nicotine
  • 0 mg of nicotine

If you’re looking for the best electronic cigarette to start your non nicotine journey, you honestly can’t do much better than the Trap Pod, despite it’s name, it’s about the most liberating vape pen we’ve used so far. Get yours direct from the Mig Vapor website.

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The V2 Cigs EX e-cigarette series comes in a variety of colors and flavors for a convenient discrete solution to vaping.

V2 Cigs

With one of the most popular cigalike devices available, V2 Cigs has been a consistent provider of popular vaping products. In fact, they became one of the largest online retailers for electronic cigarettes almost overnight even though they offer a limited number of devices.

The V2 Cigs EX Series electronic cigarette gained traction with its premiere battery technology promising longer durations of vaping and cartridges that last over 200 puffs. To achieve consistency, they took advantage of industry innovations in vaping technology and applied it to their cutting edge platform of products. In this way, they have been able to use the groundbreaking discoveries of other companies and offer them in a sleek package appropriate for all levels of users.

With that in mind, the reason we wanted to include V2 in this particular article is because of the zero nicotine level available for all of their products. In addition, they offer a range of tasty flavors specifically for their entry level ecigs and cartomizers which can be key to helping users get started and remain smoke free initially. Having a choice between a range of tobacco and menthol flavors can help users acclimate with familiar tastes that ease their transition from tobacco cigarettes on their way to no nicotine.

Check out Our V2 Standard Kit ecig review for all of the details about the performance and functions offered by their popular products. While the price point tends to be on the higher end of what’s available compared to competition, the convenience of ordering all your materials from a single retailer is something new vapers value. Additionally, the satisfaction their products provide secure V2 Cigs’ place among the best ecig brands.

The nicotine levels of their cartomizers and vape juice that are available include:

  • 24 mg of nicotine
  • 18 mg of nicotine
  • 12 mg of nicotine
  • 6 mg of nicotine
  • 0 mg of nicotine

Classic cartomizers only cost about $2.00 each, which is fairly affordable. Just for being a member of the Expert Vaping community we offer verified V2 Coupons to help you save 10% off of your entire order.

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In addition, if you are looking for a unit that can replace multiple devices, V2 offers a handheld vaporizer for weed, wax and vape juice that we included in our best dry herb and wax vaporizers list that has a lot of people talking. This innovative V2 product actually vaporizes eliquid, dry herbs as well as waxes and oils. As a multi-functional vaping device, the V2 Pro Series 7 utilizes different cartridges that attach magnetically and automatically sets temperatures for each mode of vaping.

The basic tank will vaporize ejuice just like an advanced vape mod will with adjustable voltage and temperature and the dry herb cartridge is essentially an oven that heats the herbs to higher temperatures to extract cannabis essence without burning. Also, many people enjoy vaping herbs like raspberry leaves, sage, lemon balm and more. Worth mentioning, the wax and oil cartridge is also used by people who are looking to avoid nicotine. Each cartridge easily drops in and is released with the push of a button ejecting the vape cartridge being used. If you’re interested in learning more about it, check out our Pro Series 7 review.

While they aren’t the best electronic cigarette available, they are certainly better than any other random ecigarette you will find on the shelf or counter of a convenience store. Notably, V2 seems to be constantly working to improve their existing vape products. Check out our V2 Reviews section for more V2 related product reviews.

Nicotine Free E-Juice

If you already have an ecig and are just looking for the best premium vape juice with a non nicotine vape option, you have an impressive array of options available to you, especially since the popularity of cloud chasing produced a range of products without nicotine and max VG vape juice made specifically producing the densest vapor possible.  We have narrowed down the field so that you can concentrate on choosing from the best of the best.

The Vaporfi American made product line offers massive value at affordable prices.


VaporFi electronic cigarettes has an extensive range of flavor options. In fact, they may just have a flavor for everyone. There are tobacco flavors, fruit flavors, menthol flavors and more. Additionally, you can even make your own custom flavor combinations. In all, there are 30,000 plus different possible flavor combinations possible using their vape juice builder.

They are well known for offering consistently powerful and satisfying vape mods able to vaporize the full range of vape juice and nicotine levels. Specifically, the VaporFi V Grip TC mod is among the most popular of their affordable and easy to use box mods. It’s a true workhorse proven to produce outstanding vapor while remaining incredibly durable. VaporFi also has a huge number of standard and sub ohm vape tanks to pair with their battery mods. As an American company that has something for everyone from beginners to advanced vapers, their popularity and influence over the vaping industry is no surprise. If you’re interested in seeing what other vape hardware they provide check out our VaporFi reviews section to find the perfect device for you.

VaporFi eliquid is impressive in both flavor and vapor production to say the least. Every recipe is registered with the FDA and manufactured in VaporFi’s state of the art, safe laboratory facility. Their vape juice is both diacetyl or acetoin free and they even provide independent lab reports to verify the purity and quality of their ejuices.

Most importantly, they also have a nicotine free vape juice option available in all of their outstanding flavors. So for no nicotine vaping, VaporFi has you covered. Here is a list of all the available nicotine levels:

  • 24 mg of nicotine
  • 18 mg of nicotine
  • 11 mg of nicotine
  • 6 mg of nicotine
  • 0 mg of nicotine

These strengths are ideally staggered to help you create a set program of gradually decreasing your nicotine consumption as smoothly and comfortably as possible. All the flavors are excellent and the ingredients are of an impressively high quality. If you are interested in non nicotine ecigs, VaporFi ejuice is certainly an excellent option for starting out. Made in the USA and sourcing only premium quality ingredients, you can be sure your eliquid is produced with integrity and safety as their first priority.

It is well known that vaping without nicotine in a sub ohm mod or dripper produces the biggest clouds, by ordering VaporFi’s high VG eliquid you have the opportunity to experience the most dense vapor production possible while retaining that intensely satisfying flavor. It really is some of the best vape juice on the market and a sure way to enjoy a no nicotine vape. If you decide to go with their products, check out our VaporFi Coupons section before you purchase so you can save some money.

Halo e-liquids are a high VG, American made rush of nuanced flavors including Madagascar Sunrise, Sugar Twist, Subzero, Twisted Turnover, Fusion and Toasted Reserve.

Halo Cigs

Ladies and gentlemen, Halo Cigs Premium Eliquid is an absolute show stopper. Halo Cigs utilizes the highest grade ingredients to produce vape juice that really hits the spot. The laboratory production process meets all FEMA and FDA standards for safety and sanitation which is key to ensuring the products you are putting in your body aren’t full of contaminants.

Of course the FDA has yet to officially approve any eliquid but the lab standards and individual ingredients used are FDA approved. It can be confusing, I know, but know that Halo is doing their due diligence to keep users as safe as possible regarding regulations and standards of food grade products.

Essentially, Halo Cigs premium ejuice is top quality and the production process eliminates any potential impurities which is already outstanding, but there’s more. Halo Cigs vaping hardware matches the same incredible quality of their vape juices. If you haven’t considered purchasing a Halo Cigs vape starter kit yet, check out our Halo Cigs vape reviews section to see which one might be best for you.

Satisfied vaping depends largely on consistency, and consistency depends on an evenly blended eliquid. With Halo ejuice, each puff packs the same flavorful punch as the one before, good to the last drop. The integrity of their vape juice is simply astounding and the flavors are exceptional.

Halo Cigs currently offers 23 different flavors and the following nicotine options:

  • X High Nicotine – 24 mg
  • High Nicotine – 18 mg
  • Medium Nicotine – 12 mg
  • Mild Nicotine – 6 mg
  • Low Nicotine – 3 mg
  • No Nicotine – 0 mg

Halo Cigs provides the opportunity for you to buy nicotine free eliquid right now or work your way down gradually.

Additionally, check out our exclusive Halo Cigs Coupons if you’d like to see what kind of savings are presently available.

Get twenty percent off the full line of Apollo vape products.

Apollo eCigs

Apollo eCigs has developed their own eliquid laboratory where they ensure the highest standards for quality control at every step of the manufacturing process.

With their own vape juice lab at their immediate disposal, Apollo has the ability to be incredibly creative with their eliquid recipes and flavor options. In addition, they also offer there own vape hardware as well as a full range of products made by other vendors, so if you’d like to match their ejuice with an advanced box mod or electronic cigarette starter kit for best results, you can check out our Apollo eCig Reviews section to see which of their products might be right for you.

Apollo’s chemists do not have to concoct a formula and send it out to a professional lab for development. They can create it themselves and work to perfect each eliquid recipe right in their own controlled facility. Their professional laboratory team is comprised of trained chemists who are also vaping aficionados and it shows!

If you have read our Apollo ecigarette reviews, you know that Apollo ecigs are among the best vape pens and devices on the market. Their ejuice, including their nicotine free vape juice, is  among the best you can find.

Apollo offers a seemingly endless range of vape flavors and 6 nicotine levels, including 0 nicotine. The levels available are:

  • 24 mg of nicotine
  • 18 mg of nicotine
  • 12 mg of nicotine
  • 6 mg of nicotine
  • 3 mg of nicotine
  • 0 mg of nicotine

You can actually buy a 10ml bottle of Apollo e-cig liquid for only $4.95. Better yet, a 30 ml bottle is currently available for $16.95. Once you get to non nicotine vaping, the flavor and vapor will remain. Apollo is truly a top quality vape brand.

In addition, you can get the Apollo Challenger Starter Kit for only $39.95. For a beginner electronic cigarette starter kit, it’s an incredible value from the first puff. Also, if you’re interested in nicotine salts or the Juul vape starter kit, the PHIX ecig designed by MLV may interest you for an affordable small ecigarette.

Use our Apollo coupon code Expert Vaping to save 20% off of your entire Apollo order! Or visit our Apollo eCigs Coupons section for presently available offers that might help you save even more If your goal is to ultimately be able to use an electronic cigarette without nicotine, Apollo can help you get there.

Click Here To Visit The Apollo eCigs Website or you can visit our Apollo eCigs Vape News Section if you’d like to hear about what the company itself has been up to recently.

The Cirrus II starter kit from White cloud comes with two e-cigs, 5 ClearDraw cartridges and two USB charging options.

White Cloud Cigarettes

If you want more flavor options then you might want to consider White Cloud. Based in Tampa, Florida, White Cloud ecig features outstanding performance. For vaping purists, White Cloud cigarettes has no connection to Big Tobacco and is a prime example of how an emerging corporation can make a direct effort to create more American jobs. In fact, they are regarded as a top employer in Tampa bringing new careers to a part of Florida with growing industry.

As to the actual performance of White Cloud products, you will be immediately impressed at the flavor and vapor output of their compact devices even if you’re among the most demanding vapers. In detail, the Cirrus 3X battery is one of the longest lasting vape batteries that you will find. To explain, this battery will give you up to between 550 and 650 puffs per charge.

White Cloud vape cartridges themselves are equally impressive in their performance duration. You can expect to get 350 to 400 puffs from each individual cartomizer. The vape juice in the cartridges are very smooth and consistent throughout every vaping session. If you enjoy having access to a broad variety of tastes, there are plenty of different flavors to choose from.

To get a head start on your journey to no nicotine vaping, White Cloud ecigs offers you 6 different nicotine levels. The strongest nicotine level is very strong, so if you are an average to light smoker, we recommend that you start with “Full Flavor”. In fact, White Cloud provides a guide to help you choose the right level for you.

Here is a break down of White Cloud Cigarettes nicotine options:

  • XX Double Extra Strength – 54 mg of nicotine WOW!
  • X Extra Strength – 36 mg of nicotine
  • F Full Strength – 24 mg of nicotine
  • L Light Strength – 16 mg of nicotine
  • UL Ultra Light 8 mg of nicotine
  • NF Nicotine Free 0 mg of nicotine

If your goal is to gradually wind down your overall nicotine consumption, White Cloud has the options to allow you to do so in a transitional step down method that will allow you to accomplish your goal as easily and painlessly as possible.

Refill cartridges cost less than $2.00 each for their Clear Draw refills. If you are interested in an electronic cigarette beginner kit, we recommend the Cirrus 3x Starter Kit, the battery performance is leading the industry.

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The South Beach Smoke comprehensive e-cigarette kit comes with two devices ten filter cartridges and two USB charging options.

South Beach Smoke

Another fantastic option that offers incredible value and outstanding performance is South Beach Smoke. The battery life will surprise you and the cartomizers are very smooth.

There is no hissing and the consistency and flavors are very good. Considering that South Beach is a branch of VaporFi, we should not be surprised by the time an investment that has obviously gone into creating a top quality ecigarette brand.

South Beach SuperMax batteries will give you a massive 300 to 400 puffs. Not to mention the short version of the battery will give you 200 to 300 puffs.

The cartomizers feature outstanding flavor and last for 175 to 225 puffs. The flavor tapers off slightly as the puff count increases but the vapor is still satisfying.

There are 16 flavors to choose from and the following nicotine levels:

  • Bold – 24 mg of nicotine
  • Full Flavored – 16 mg of nicotine
  • Light – 12 mg of nicotine
  • Ultra Light – 6 mg of nicotine
  • No Nicotine – 0 mg of nicotine

Cartridges cost about $2.50 each depending on the quantity that you buy. The more you buy, the more you save.

Click Here To Visit The South Beach Smoke Website

There you have it. We wish you all the best on your journey toward vaping without nicotine!