The Nicotek Metro Electronic Cigarette brand is a younger e-cigarette company out there trying to make a name for itself amid a growing jungle of other e-cigarette brands all touting that they have the “most vapor” or are the “#1 rated electronic cigarette brand”. How do you differentiate your branding and identity in a sea of hundreds of electronic cigarette companies? Our Nicotek Metro Platinum kit review attempts to clarify why this e-cig rises above the rest.

There are three slices of the pie. Go cheap and pick up those consumers who are willing to try the product, go premium and pick up those who are serious about vaping, or go middle of the road and try to pick up consumers from both ends of the spectrum.

It seems that Nicotek Metro has opted for the path of least resistance by pricing their lower end kits so that in order to get one, you”ll only have to give up a couple of Big Mac meals and a coffee to score one.

Being that Nicotek Metro is lower-priced AND offered in many retail locations such as gas stations and convenience stores, the team at Expert Vaping figured we’d check it out to let consumers know whether to pick one up or to avoid a few more Meal Deals at Mickey D’s in order to set their sights higher.

We ordered a Nicotek Metro Platinum e-cigarette starter kit and picked up a Recharge (PCC) Pack as well.

Nicotek Metro Platinum Kit: What You Get

the nicotek metro kit is priced very low and can be found at gas stations and convenience stores

Priced at $49.99, Nicotek’s Platinum Metro Platinum Kit comes packed with

(2) Rechargeable Batteries

(5) 1.8% Traditional Hybrid Cartridges

(5) 1.2% Traditional Hybrid Cartridges

(1) USB Battery Charger

(1) Mini Car Charger

(1) Mini Wall Charger

(1) Deluxe Tin Carrying Case

Nicotek Metro Platinum Kit Battery And Charging Performance

the nicotek batteries only last for around 75 puffs and have a painful 5 hour recharge time

We tested the Nicotek Metro eCig batteries for over a week, puffing and puffing, trying one cartomizer after the next. We found time after time that any one of the 4 batteries we received would only last for a maximum of 75 to 125 puffs. Even though the price of the kits are very affordable, we find this to be an unacceptable level. It just gets annoying having to change batteries so often.

On to the charger. We figured since battery life was lacking maybe they were just low capacity batteries and that they would just charge up really quick. If so, the recharge pack would come in handy and we could just quickly charge up some batteries as needed. Not so. We’d put the batteries on the charger and they would take an average of 5 hours to charge after being fully depleted.

Five hours of charging an e-cigarette battery that only lasts for an average of 100 puffs serves only to raise the level of frustration. This may work for a very causal vaper, but it’s simply not a functional situation for a person who relies on a product to vape all throughout the day.

Nicotek Metro PCC Recharge Pack

We tried out the recharge pack, but to be honest, not extensively. After trying the basic product out for so long, we felt we could not recommend Nicotek Metro to our website visitors. At this point the Metro ecig brand is just not high enough quality to represent the industry and we’re concerned that many who try it may just feel e-cigarettes do not work and throw the baby out with the bath water.

Refill Cartridge Performance

the metro cartridges are tough to open and their flavor tends to drop off after only 15 puffs

The Nicotek Metro e-cigarette cartridges required way too much effort to break into as they are wrapped tightly in a hard plastic wrap. With the Nicotek Metro Platinum kit you get (5) 1.8% and (5) 1.2% ecig cartridges but we really did not notice any difference in the nicotine satisfaction. When you load up a new e-cigarette cartomizer on a fresh battery, you actually get decent vapor, it’s just that it doesn’t last very long… maybe 10-15 puffs and the vapor really starts to drop off.

Nicotine satisfaction is there, but it’s hard to determine just how potent it is because you just keep trying to take long drags off of it to get enough vapor. It makes the user unsure if they are actually getting enough intake to even get the nicotine.

Cartomizer life is hard to determine. We tried quite a few Metro ecig cartridges and the best we could come up with was about 50 puffs maximum for even decent vapor and 100 puffs maximum for any type of nicotine satisfaction. We had to change batteries on each cart and with a full battery it seemed to dry the cartridges out quicker. Often resulting in a nasty burnt taste.

Shipping and Customer Service Performance

nicotek does ship at a normal pace and their customer service is great to work with

Shipping took 4- 5 days for our Nicotek Metro Platinum Kit to arrive via USPS Priority Mail. They offer several shipping options. USPS Priority Mail, USPS First Class Mail, and several UPS options – both have tracking.

When we contacted Nicotek Metro, they were extremely nice and the customer service was excellent. They were more than willing to work with us to get us the information we needed to do a review.

Review Wrap-Up

though nicotek as a company is a pleasure to work with their products are substandard and not recommend at this time

Overall, this was a hard ecig review to do. When surfing the Nicotek Metro Electronic Cigarette website, we found Nicotek Metro to be a very different company. They are very open and transparent and even have a “meet the team” section that is quite endearing.

Nicotek Metro is a company who has a lot of really great people working there, but their products are not high enough quality at this point for us to give them our Expert Vaping stamp of approval. We are giving a shout out to Nicotek Metro to take the necessary steps that will bring their products to the next level. It’s the investment in quality that consumers will respond to.

Please take a look at our in-depth video review for a good look at the product contents, live commentary, and a demo of the vapor production. We have also star-rated the qualities of the product with an overall rating as well. Be sure to read the consumer ecig reviews for Nicotek Metro to get an idea of what their current or past customers think of the company and their experience, oh and feel free to leave your own review as well.

Happy Vaping!