We’re counting down to 2016 and that means it’s New Years resolution time. For some, this is an exciting time full of optimism for what they can accomplish in the coming year. For others, it may be a depressing reflection of what they haven’t been able to achieve in 2015. What’s the right way of looking at things? Well, most likely the objective reality is somewhere in the middle. Some of your goals were met in 2015 and others weren’t. Here’s a spoiler alert for you: it will probably be the same in 2016. But one thing you must put on your list for 2016 is making the switch to vapor and changing your future.

It’s commonly known that each year millions of smokers are going to try to stop. A New Years resolution is often involved in this attempt, especially if it comes at the beginning of the year. Maybe it’s that reflection over the last year, or the freezing cold in some parts of the country that make smokers loathe to go outside and spark up yet another cigarette. Whatever may be the case, ringing in a New Year just makes smokers think of what their life could be like without the intrusion of traditional tobacco cigarettes in their lives.

For those considering giving up smoking for the new year, rather than just giving something up, why not take something up and battle your addiction with vaping.

That part is easy for us. We can tell you what your life would be like as a vapor instead of smoker because we’ve seen that change happen to millions of people already. These are people that are rounding of 2015 with more money in their wallets, because ecigs are cheaper than the rising costs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. These are people who have put that hacking cough away for good. On a whole, these are people or are simply happier for having made that switch to vapor.

This New Years Resolution Is Doable

Unlike so many of the goals you may have set out for at the beginning of 2015 and didn’t quite reach, this one is very doable. Didn’t get that promotion this year? Well the economy hasn’t quite gotten out of the doldrums, so you were fighting an uphill battle.

Didn’t shave off those 10 extra pounds? Unlike smoking, there doesn’t seem to be a realistic alternative to that bacon cheeseburger that you find it so hard to give up. Maybe 2016 is the year you shoot for a New Years resolution that is doable.

With the help of vaping, your new year's resolution to give up cigarettes is infinitely more achievable.

In years past this might have seemed like more of a formidable goal, especially when the electronic cigarette industry was just getting off the ground. Back then it was hard to find quality products, and sometimes it was just hard to find products period. But we live in a world where vaping is on the way up and has already overtaken smoking, especially among young adults. This means you can make the switch to vapor along with everyone else, and you will find plenty of support for it. Gone are the days where it looks strange for someone to be vaping. If anything, vaping is heading for the mainstream and getting there fast.

This is why we wouldn’t be surprised to see ecigs under the tree of many smokers. Family and friends alike have probably taken notice, and if you weren’t thinking about a New Years resolution that is centered on dropping smoking like the bad habit that it is, others have been. If you did get one of these gifts, remember it comes from a place of people wanting you to live a better life, not of judgment. Along the same lines, think about the effect it will make in the lives of those you love and maybe write that New Years resolution in ink this year instead of vapor.

Switch To Vapor

The detrimental effects of smoking cigarettes or burning and inhaling material are far more dangerous than vaping created a great deal of incentive to switch to vapor.

You can reliable do that if you are choosing to switch to vapor in 2016. Even with all the vapers out there, this change can still seem big and scary to you, especially if you have been smoking for years or even decades. But that’s the thing, electronic cigarettes have made it easy for lifelong smokers to make that change.

Because these devices can give you everything you need, from the feeling of smoking to the nicotine hit your body needs and especially the flavors you crave.

This isn’t like trying to pick up nicotine gum again or the patch. It most certainly is not like trying to quit cold turkey, which indescribably difficult for most smokers.

No, this switch to vapor really doesn’t have to be very hard at all. It may require you to try a few different types of ecigs until you find the right one that works for you, but beyond that you will find it surprisingly simple. Plus, if you choose from any of the top ecig brands in our rankings, you’ll have a pretty good shot of finding your favorite ecig right away. These are companies that have been dedicated to perfecting the ecig for smokers and they have made a world of difference in the lives of many already. You could be that next notch in their belt.

Smoking isn't just a costly habit, it's carcinogenic dangers, wreak havoc on the human body, don't let smoking drag you down.

Yes, 2016 can be that year. You can put away the excuses that are holding you back and make a New Years resolution to make that switch to vapor. You can ignore all the misinformation out there and look at reports like this one that proves vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Stop thinking it can’t help you for whatever reasons you have come up with. Electronic cigarettes can help you like they have helped so many others.

As we wind down the year it is the perfect time to look around and be grateful for all that we have in our lives. Chances are that as a smoker, there is one thing that sticks out there like a sore thumb. You may have had your battles with it before, but know that this time it can be different. You can be here in a year from now and look at that New Years resolution with pride. You can do that while puffing on a quality electronic cigarette, because making the switch to vapor in 2016 is within your reach – go out and grab it!